Why I Started a Webcam Model Blog

Webcam Model Blog - Why I started one.
So, I wanted to explain why I decided to start a webcam modeling blog. I’m not a terrific writer, so blogging isn’t something that I thought I would ever do, but when I saw just how many new cam girls were having trouble finding good information about being a webcam model in this day and age, I knew I had to contribute in some way. The camming industry has been really good to me, and I feel like I got lucky because my life situation when I started in the business was exactly what I needed it to be in order to push me to succeed. I literally would have flopped royally at webcam modeling if I had started at just about any other time in my life. Here’s why.

Okay, when I started as a webcam model, I sucked so bad at it that I’m surprised they didn’t put a picture of me next to the word “failure” in the dictionary. I just didn’t know what I was doing, and I probably made a complete ass of myself the first few weeks I was camming. Now, like I said above, if I had started webcam modeling at any other time in my life, I would have failed because I would have quit right after the first week. No way in the world would I have continued with those silent chat rooms and those regular nights of NO tips whatsoever. But because my life was essentially crashing down around me at the time, something inside me just screamed at me to keep going.

I mean, I had nothing to lose. My boyfriend and I were having serious relationship troubles and I was terrified of a breakup, mostly because I was so dependent on him financially. We had drifted apart, and I wasn’t feeling the same way for him, so it was pretty clear the relationship was coming to an end. My mom was breathing down my neck about a lot of stuff, and I had previously failed miserably at a waiting job I had a couple months before I started camming. As a result of all the stress I was under, my grades at school were dropping and I was in danger of losing tuition assistance. I was basically so amazingly screwed, okay? I mean, you have no idea.

Then, when I heard about webcam modeling, I really thought I might be able to get something going as a cam girl and start making good money. It was perfect for me because my piece of crappola Hyundai from like the year 1912 had broken down for the seventh time and I had no funds to get it fixed, so I couldn’t easily commute to a job. I really needed a way to make real money from home, and being a webcam model sure looked like the best way to do that. People were saying you could make sooo much money, and I was skeptical, but open minded enough to give it a shot.

Cam girls need good advice.So, I registered my webcam model account and got busy broadcasting with my crappy laptop cam that made me look like a pixelated video game character from the 80’s hiding in some dark corner (my lighting sucked, and I did my first camming session from inside my closet). To make matters worse, I literally said NOTHING the entire hour and a half I was on cam. There were viewers telling me to get naked, there were others telling me they wanted to marry me, and then there were others telling me that this was the worst epically horrible cam show they’d ever seen in all their time surfing cam sites. I didn’t know what to make of any of it, so I just kept my mouth shut and looked on like a deer in the headlights.

Finally, after like an hour of this online torture, somebody tipped me 10 tokens and told me to go buy a new webcam. 10 tokens isn’t enough to buy a gumball. I logged off that night with a whopping 10 freaking tokens in my account, and I just wanted to be hit by a meteor. I remember calling my girlfriend afterwards and just balling on the phone with her. I told her I would never amount to anything, I was boring, I was a complete failure. You can imagine. I think I said something about not wanting to ever hear the word “webcam” again in my life. I was just majorly bummed.

But, for some reason, I kept going. I just kept thinking about all the other crap that was happening in my life, and I kept thinking “You know what? Camming is better than all of that fantastic shittery.” And it was. When I thought about it, I realized that it was kind of therapeutic to go on cam and just sit there in front of all those strangers. Nobody knew who I was, nobody would judge my failure of a life, and I would often get compliments about my face, or my boobs, or my ass that would make me feel really good for a while. So I decided that even if I wasn’t making a dime (and I almost literally wasn’t), I was just going to continue being a webcam model because it essentially became an escape for me that I desperately needed.

But I still needed to make money too, so I was constantly on the lookout for any good cam girl advice that might be out there. I read a ton of blogs and followed established cam models on Twitter to try to figure them out and reverse engineer their success. I watched them when they went on cam to try to see what they were doing right. I tried some of the things they were doing, and just mostly failed at it. I found a great camming guide eventually, which helped me begin the process of creating an actual stable business as a cam girl, but it would still be a few months before I got the hang of everything and really started to make good money.

But I DID eventually do it! After lots of effort, I managed finally to produce an income I could support myself on, and let me tell you, it felt GREAT. I knew I had really accomplished something significant, and I needed the self-esteem boost. Looking back on it now, I realize that I do have a lot to be proud of, but I also realize that I just would never have stuck with it if my life hadn’t been so completely and perfectly shitty at the time of my entrance into webcam modeling.

THAT is why I started this webcam model blog. Because I want to be able to share what I have learned with the many new cam girls that are experiencing exactly what I went through. Maybe their lives are different, and they will choose to quit instead of sticking it out. Maybe they will conclude they’re not cut out for camming? Well, if I could make it through that newbie phase, ANYONE can, trust me! No, all they need is the right advice and guidance. Hopefully I can do my part through this blog to help them get that!

This post is waaay too long, and I’ve got to get to the gym, but whatevs, keep reading my blog!! LOL