What Do Cam Girls Do, Exactly?

A friend of mine’s cousin has been thinking a lot about becoming a cam girl, recently, so she’s been peppering me with questions about what it’s actually like being a webcam model. Like, what exactly do we do on a day-to-day basis. According to a lot of cam site trolls we run into out there, we cam girls have it really easy, just sitting around at home in front of the webcam waiting to be tipped or taken private. Well, that’s not accurate at all — on-cam time is only a fraction of the work we put into our camming business.

What do cam girls do?

As soon as I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is grab my Iphone and do some morning snaps for my public Snapchat account. Being active on social media apps is critical to my strategy because it helps me build friendly relations with my fans and keeps me in front of their often wandering eyes. Snapchat is my favorite social app because it seems to be way more effective than other platforms at building that crucial bond with viewers that will ultimately lead them to becoming paying customers. So, yeah, I snap my groggy face, complain about how crappy my sleep was, cuddle with my dog on camera, or just show them what I’m having for breakfast that day. I just keep it real, and fun, and interesting.

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After breakfast, I head straight for my laptop and start emailing my big tipper whales. They love to have long email exchanges, talking about life, career issues, and often sex. It can be really fun to pen-pal with them this way, as I’ve learned that the bigger tippers, for whatever reason, are the most interesting people in my fandom. You won’t believe some of the stuff they like to talk about. I actually look forward to this part of my day the most, and it’s a really good “whale maintenance” tactic because it builds strong friendships with those who will reward you most, if you’re a cam girl.

When that’s done, I go to the gym for my daily workout with a couple other cam girl friends of mine and whip out my Iphone for lots more snaps. I noticed a while ago that workout snaps are some of my most popular, so I really let ’em have it. I snap pics of myself on the treadmill, in the locker room, and I have friends snap me doing squats (very popular!). Snapchat is great for this type of thing and, again, it really brings your fans into your life and daily routine, so it helps cultivate future tippers and buyers of content.

When I get home, it’s time to go cam, and that means I need to begin my preparations. I setup my camming room with whichever props and decorations I’ve decided to go with that day. I try to keep things fresh and interesting, so I might setup multicolor lights in the background one day, Star Wars posters another day, and even My Little Pony decorations the next. I’m all over the place where themes are concerned, and I’ve noticed that my viewers like it when I change things up. After I get my room setup properly, I go take care of my personal prep. I do all my hygiene stuff, shower, and put my face on. Then, lots more snaps and social media posts to promote my camming session. After about 2 hours, I’m finally ready to go online. It used to take me at least 3 hours to prep when I was new, but I’ve gotten more efficient with experience. LOL

I’ll usually spend about 3 or 4 hours on cam each day, and depending on what tippers want, I’ll either be doing naked jumping jacks, doing public oil shows, or taking my 10-inch dildo in places I probably shouldn’t mention. A day on cam can vary so dramatically, I never know what to expect when I sit my ass down and begin a session. Some will be loaded with chatty viewers and tipping members, and some sessions will be dull and boring without much going on. Most will be a mix of the two. One of the first lessons I had to get cemented into my head when I was becoming a cam girl was not to take bad days personally. It’s natural for a camgirl to have a bad day and think it’s due to her not being interesting or hot enough. Not true at all — one day can totally suck ass, while the next day can totally rock the house. You need to keep at it and see how you do OVER TIME to get an accurate sense of how things are going.

Cam girl cleanup

After my camming session, it’s CLEANUP TIME. Depending on what kind of activity went on during the sesh, I may need to become a mega-maid for an hour. One time, I had to vacuum my whole cam room because a guy wanted to do a “sploshing” private show with 3 different boxes of cereal. Another time, I got baby oil EVERYWHERE and needed to go to ridiculous lengths to get it out of my cute little sofa I use in my camming room. I mean, cleanup can really be a pain, if you’re not careful.

When all that is finished, it’s time to get back on social media and DM with my regulars, email some more of my whales, and usually do some content editing to get pics and videos ready to publish. I also shoot videos like every other day, or at least once every three days.

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So, what do cam girls do besides camming? A WHOLE LOT. Preparation and “regular maintenance” is probably MOST of my job, so the time I spend on cam is actually a small portion of my workday. I had a viewer tell me once that I wasn’t working hard enough, since I only showed up on cam for about 4 hours per day. I just basically erupted into a laughing fit and said “ummm, maybe you’re right.” LMFAO.

Those of you just starting out shouldn’t get the impression that you need to do all the things I’ve described here right out of the gate. Newbie cam girls should gradually work up to this level of effort. Your first objective should be to go on cam for at least a couple hours per day consistently. Don’t worry so much about keeping it interesting, or having cool games to play in your chatroom, or doing raffles, or any of that stuff. Just show up every day, make friends, and build your brand. After a while, you’ll be ready to start leveling up and going farther than you ever thought you could!

Aria <3 XOXOXO