Webcam Modeling Work is Degrading?

So, some people who learn about my career choice to work as a webcam model tend to react in very judgmental ways, and that kind of ticks me off. The world is changing quite fast, and these attitudes are not going to be sticking around for much longer — I know that. But it still irks me that certain people can be this simple minded, to be honest. Webcam modeling work is a truly great way for somebody like me to make a very good living, without having to break my back while I’m at it. In this post, I’m going to lay out exactly why I believe that becoming a cam girl is probably the wisest thing I’ve ever chosen to do.

Webcam modeling is definitely not degrading.Would you like fries with that? If you had to say that a hundred times every day, would you feel like you were making a valuable contribution to society? Would you feel that you were making an “honest living” in a way you could feel good about? Would you lay your head down on your pillow every night and say to yourself “Boy, I really feel good about all those cheeseburger orders I handled today…I feel so fulfilled!” Yeah, no. I wouldn’t either.

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You see, “degrading” is in the eye of the beholder, and the way I happen to behold things, flipping burgers, waiting tables, cleaning toilets, answering obnoxious customer support calls, and restocking cheese puffs on a grocery store shelf are not my idea of “meaningful” work. The hard fact is that, for most young people just getting started, doing that kind of work is pretty much the only option because they have no education or skills that would allow them to get better employment. Well, it’s not the only option, thankfully, but it might be the only option that wouldn’t offend the puritan dolts that stare down their noses at webcam modeling.

I chose to say goodbye to all that menial labor precisely because I was sick and tired of being “degraded.” I felt like a slave or worker bee, going to work every day just so that I could make other people rich. There’s nothing particularly attractive about that, and after a while, it makes you feel horrible.

Slowly you come to realize that you are being exploited, plain and simple. Every burger you flip, every toilet you clean is just one more degrading act that you exchange for a tiny bit of money from your masters…only so that you can quickly run out and need to go right back to the pit of misery to “earn” more. You’re on an endless treadmill of degradation that will never let up until YOU make it stop.

Webcam Model Work is Sex Work, Yes – So What?

The judgmental set will insist that any work that involves sexuality is “dirty” or “wrong” in some way, and to that I say “Kiss my PHAT, juicy, moneymaking caboose!!” Yeah, I’m not having it. Why is sex wrong and dirty, oh madam church lady from Hell?

Might it be because you subscribe to an ancient system of morals that dictates women should be barefoot and pregnant flipping pancakes in the kitchen? Is it because you’re afraid that a webcam model will seduce your hubby and make him lose interest in your dusty old cooch? Maybe it’s just that you don’t like the fact that attractive young women can make great money as cam girls, while that was, ummm, never an option for you?

Most of the time, judgmentalism is based in ignorance, jealousy, backwardsness, or all of the above. It’s really that simple, no need to look any further. When you run into one of these people who judge you for doing webcam work, just remember that. Their opinion is less than worthless because it’s based in caca reasoning. Let it run right off your back as you count your money!

Can you become a millionaire in Webcam Modeling?

Being a cam girl has allowed me to not only make a great income, but it has taught me an awful LOT about business. I realize now that, even long after my looks have gone down the toilet, I will be able to make an awesome living as a digital marketer. I’ve learned how to sell, how to cultivate clients, how to build a brand, and I’ve even learned a tremendous amount about technical stuff like putting up websites. All of this happened due to my foray into webcam modeling, and I’m now prepared to go much further in life because of it. And trust me, I’m no genius, I’m just determined not to be a slave.

Is Webcam Girl Money Really Better Than McDonald’s Money?

Okay, so when I worked at a fast food joint back in my teens, I was “earning” maybe a grand a month. I was working hard flipping those burgers, taking orders, tolerating sexist comments all while making peanuts (oh yeah, I didn’t actually take home a grand per month because they automatically withheld a good chunk for taxes). This was not ideal employment, by any means, no matter how “dignified” the churchlady from Hell judges it to be.

As a cam girl, I can tell you that my income is currently way, way above that burger-flipping money. To boot, I’m my own boss and decide exactly when I work and when I don’t. I’m completely free to set my own schedule, so I actually enjoy the freedom to control how my day goes. If I want to cam in the morning instead of the evening, I’ll do that. If I feel like just doing Snapchat model stuff and editing some videos, I’ll do that. If I feel like I just want a day off, I’ll take it. I don’t have to report to anyone, and no one is in a position to tell me I’ve got to do squat. I’m the bosslady, and there’s nothing like that feeling in the whole world!

Cam Girl BossladySo, clearly, the churchladies of the world can go eat an unwashed Hush vibe. I could care less about what they think of my profession, and I don’t regret, in the least bit, the decision I made to become a webcam girl. If you want to get into webcam modeling yourself, you’re definitely on the right site. I try to share as many camming tips and tricks as I can on this blog, and everything I talk about is well-tested.

While I do most of my camming at MyFreeCams, I recommend that newbies start their cam girl careers at Chaturbate, which is a great place to begin for several different reasons. One of those reasons, by the way, is that Chaturbate is currently the largest cam site in terms of traffic right now (as recently reported by SimilarWeb). New cam girls can literally get seen by lots and lots of potential tippers there, even when they’re brand new.

You’ll need to learn the basics before you start doing webcam work, though, so be sure to go over my quick-start guide to cam girl work here. I get into a lot more depth in other parts of the blog, so don’t be shy about looking around — there are tons of juicy money-making nuggets here!

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