Webcam Models That Play Politics

Well, given that more people are now interested in US politics than have been in a very long time (due to a certain Twitterholic president), I think we need to talk about how some webcam models use political discussions to stir up controversy and get lots of attention for themselves. After all, one of the biggest frustrations for cam girls is lack of activity and conversation in their chat rooms, so it’s time to explore exactly how to employ politics to create energetic rooms and draw even the shyest cam viewers into vigorous chat debates.

Is Donald Trump Good for Camgirls?Donald Trump is certainly one of the most controversial political figures in the history of American politics — I don’t think very many people would disagree with that. The fact that such an intense personality is in the White House right now, means that sparking an interesting and engaging debate in a chat room is easier than ever for most webcam models.

Believe me, if you can get people arguing in your chat about something super controversial, it will attract eyeballs to your room. And, of course, lots of eyeballs is the mother’s milk of camming. So, clearly, Trump can be the key to really igniting your room convo in a major way. Let me give you an example of exactly how one particular cam girl used Donald Trump to get so much attention, she actually got it covered by the mainstream press.

If you don’t know who Maggie Nickels is, you should pay attention, because she’s one of the cleverest webcam models to come along in a VERY long time. This MFC girl just knows how to push people’s buttons, and it usually results in her getting tons of attention and massive tips to go with it. In early 2016, during the height of the presidential nomination race, Maggie Nickels (whose screen name on MyFreeCams is “WhoreNickels”) had a mock debate where she played Donald Trump, and another model played Hillary Clinton. It was totally off the wall. She even used makeup to create an orange skin tone on her face – LOL.

As you can imagine, a LOT of viewers showed up in her room to watch this “debate.” It was hilarious, from what people have told me (I didn’t actually see it live, just heard about it from friends after). This was really what put Maggie on the map — she totally blew up after that show. She didn’t stop there, by the way. She later did controversial shows about police brutality and other sensitive issues. I have to say, when it comes to using current events and political controversy, there is simply no other webcam model who can do it better than WhoreNickels. Check her out on MyFreeCams when you can, and watch her in action to learn how she does what she does. It’s really something.

Using controversy to get attention as a webcam model.

Chaturbate has seen its share of cam girls taking advantage of the Trump presidency, as well. There were a couple girls, a few months back, who dressed up a life-size sex doll as Donald Trump and did various sexual things to it for tips. I’m pretty sure they got their room count over 1,000 viewers, and this was a brand new account. On Chaturbate, there are even more opportunities to use controversy to get attention, since they allow men, couples, and transsexuals. There have been couples, for example, that have dressed up as Trump and Hillary, then had sex for tokens in public shows. Again, the room counts went through the roof and lots of tokens changed hands.

Cam girls on Chaturbate and MyFreeCams honestly have more room to maneuver when it comes to political stunts, because these cam sites tend to be more tolerant of this sort of thing. I would think it would be substantially more difficult to get away with it on sites like Streamate or LiveJasmin, plus those sites aren’t really structured in a way that would be compatible with this type of thing. But there is another platform you can use to exploit political controversy and make huge bank doing it — Snapchat.

Using Politics in CammingAny cam girl who doesn’t know what Snapchat is would have to be compared to a fashionista who never heard of Louis Vuitton. Snapchat has become such a total cash cow for so many webcam models, it’s basically our God, at this point. When you have a premium Snapchat account, you need to plan interesting and novel content for it to spur subscriptions. What better way to do that than to use political themes to create interest? I know camgirls who have done stuff on their premium Snapchats that would make Maggie Nickels blush, let me tell you. If you’ve got a Trump mask, a Hillary mask, or maybe just an American flag bikini, I bet you could come up with something really provocative.

Always remember that getting attention with controversy will often involve causing some of your viewers to take offense, and that will certainly happen if you use political issues and figures. Don’t think you can easily just beat up on president Trump in your chatroom without getting some major blowback from viewers. Believe it or not, there ARE Trump supporters out there in the camming world. But a smart cam girl knows how to go just far enough to get some eyeballs on her without ticking viewers off so bad that she generates lots of complaints that could potentially jeopardize her cam model account. The key is to experiment!

So yeah, while I certainly did not vote for Donald Trump, I damn well appreciate how good he has been for savvy cam girls willing to stir things up for more viewers. The man is a political hurricane, so put him to good use in your chatroom while he’s still president!!