Webcam Model Millionaires

I’ve been telling people for ages that being a webcam model can be a seriously lucrative career choice — and I mean SERIOUSLY LUCRATIVE. For the most part, people don’t seem to believe it when they hear that a cam girl can make five figures per month (and even become a millionaire over time), so it’s time to go over what is known about the top earning performers in the webcam modeling business, and just how much money they’re bringing in every month. It turns out, this has been reported on by mainstream news organizations, and the numbers will probably pop your eyeballs, so buckle up.

Can webcam models become millionaires?First of all, we need to clarify something important. While it IS possible to make five figures per month ($10,000 and over) in webcam modeling, it’s a lot easier to make that happen on certain cam sites. In all of my experience, I know that these types of incomes are more likely for webcam models at sites like Chaturbate and MyFreeCams. While it’s possible to do these kinds of numbers at other cam sites, it’s much easier at these two. Why? Because it seems that the “free cams” style of site attracts more of the “big spender” type viewers — and these are precisely the members who make huge camming incomes possible. Chaturbate and MFC are the two biggest free cams sites out there right now.

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So, what has the press reported on the matter of webcam models and their incomes? Well, this is actually a topic that has garnered a fair bit of attention from mainstream news sites. The New York Times has published several articles on the business, and it has revealed some webcam models can make upwards of $400 per night. That’s pretty good money, especially when you’re working from home, but that’s not even the half of it. published an article where they quoted a camming industry insider as claiming that the top camgirls at MyFreeCams earn between $75,000 and $100,000 per MONTH! The biggest models at Chaturbate are known to do similarly huge numbers per month, as well.


Millions From Webcam Modeling Alone?

Can a webcam model become a millionaire on this kind of income? Well, if you’re making $100,000 per month, and you keep camming for 2 or 3 years, then you better believe it. After taxes, it would take a camgirl about that long to pass a million dollars earned free and clear. Now, expenses are obviously not calculated, but with some decent investing, it’s pretty clear that a few years as a cam model doing webcam work would be enough to get yourself into the millionaires club.

Top webcam modelsI should mention that back in 2015, there was a really revealing error on the MyFreeCams site that accidentally made public the amount of tokens that the top 250 webcam models there had made in previous months. The eye-popping figures that were mentioned in the CNBC article were confirmed by this data glitch, and we learned that the entire top 100 models all make 5 figures per month. We also learned that there were several cam girls on MFC who’ve been camming at the site for years, and they each made MILLIONS of dollars in tokens over that period of time.

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While MFC is still a great cam site for models to make huge incomes, Chaturbate has recently emerged as a top incubator for superstar cam girls (and cam guys, actually). Brittany Benz (her screen name is “ButteryBubbleButt”) is one of Chaturbate’s newest star models, and observing the activity in her chat room on any given night will quickly confirm that she’s making a ridiculous amount of money there. She sometimes gets over 12,000 viewers in her room, and the tokens tend to rain down on the girl like crazy. She even has a big spender regular who bought her like two or three cars! If she stays in the webcam modeling game long-term, this girl is going to be a millionaire, no doubt about it.


How To Be a Top Webcam Model

So, you might be wondering how exactly you might go about launching yourself to the level of a millionaire cam model. Well, in my view, it’s all about consistency and long-term commitment. If you watch the superstar models for a while, you’ll notice that most of them take their job really seriously, and they push themselves. They go on cam every day and are super engaging with their viewers and fans. They tend to be “married to the cam,” as I like to say. Broadcasting every day at around the same time is something almost all of them have in common, and they broadcast a lot.

After a while of demonstrating this level of dedication, members start to “stick” to you and they begin tipping quite a lot. When you attract a few big spender “whales,” that’s when the true mega bucks really start pouring in. Some of these guys will drop tip bombs of like 50,000 tokens in one shot. They’re not buying anything with those massive tips, they just want to show the webcam model and her audience that they’re “top dog” in the room. Tipping can be extremely competitive, especially in the rooms of the top models. So, actually, the cam girl getting tipped is basically just sitting there and receiving a large sum of money, without having to do anything in return. Yep, that’s what being a top webcam model can get you!

Basically, the top 3 tips I would give any camgirl trying to get to this level are the following:

  • Cam Consistently – Broadcast every day (or most days of the week) and be on cam at around the same time of day. This will allow your fans to find you easily so that you can cultivate plenty of regulars, which generally tip very well.
  • Chat With Your Best Tippers Offsite – If you have regulars who have supported you by tipping really well, you need to give them special treatment and access to your life. Chat with them on apps like Skype, and even text with them during off-cam time. Some top webcam models have frequent phone conversations with their highest tippers. Regulars love this type of thing, and it fortifies your bond with them, which then leads to bigger tips and gifts.
  • Network and Collab With Top Models – This is a really great way to boost your webcam modeling performance, and it’s really underutilized by the vast majority of cam models. If you can get chummy with girls who are already at the top of the camming game, you can do shows together (called a “collab”), which will introduce you to their legions of fans and big spender regulars. Some of those deep-pocketed fans will stick to you, and your ascent up the cam girl ladder will be much, much easier. A great way to socialize with top models is to attend adult industry conventions like the AVN Expo and Exxxotica.

I’ll conclude this post by asserting that yes, indeed, it is possible to become a millionaire as a webcam model. Like any other path to wealth, it requires commitment and persistence, but it’s totally doable and the known facts definitely prove that. If you want to get started on your path to webcam modeling stardom, I would recommend you register as a model at Chaturbate here, then follow my tips for new Chaturbate broadcasters here to start getting some serious money rolling in.

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