Webcam Model Advice For Beginners

Webcam Model Advice For New Cam GirlsI really love webcam modeling. And I don’t just mean it’s a job that I don’t hate. I’m saying it’s actually fun, at least most days, and I enjoy doing it. I can honestly say that when I get up, I’m usually looking forward to getting to work as a cam girl. I mean, it’s a total orgy of positivity in my chatroom. Everyone’s always happy to see me, and the first thing that happens when I show up is I get showered in compliments about how good I look. Oh, and questions about how I’m feeling or how I’m doing, from people who actually care and WANT to know. I won’t lie, that’s pretty awesome to experience.

This post will clarify a LOT of issues newbies to camming may encounter. If you want to be a webcam model, it’s a total MUST READ.


Showing up to the “office” like that is one of the reasons I recommend being a webcam model to any girl who isn’t afraid of a camera, or who’s at least willing to come out of her shell. Once you try it, you’re probably going to like it. Seriously, when I run into girls who regret giving webcam modeling a try, it’s never because they didn’t enjoy the work itself, it’s that they didn’t like how little money they made.

And the reason for that is always the same: they didn’t know what in the hell they were doing. This part is important. Because there are only a few ways to do this job right, and about a million ways to get it wrong. But the stuff you actually NEED to do is soooo simple, and when you do it, you end up practically writing your own paychecks. So let’s talk about what it takes to be a webcam model.

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Webcam Model Regulars – Why You Need Some Early On

We’ll get the most important part out of the way first: you live and die by your regulars. They literally are that important. If you don’t like that, or you don’t accept that it’s true, or you have pretty much any other problem with it under the sun that keeps you from living it, webcam modeling isn’t where you wanna work. I’m not trying to be harsh, I just need you to get this part. Because no regulars means no money, no money means sad cam girl, and sad cam girl means cam girl who says fuck this and goes bye-bye. You see what I’m saying? We good on all that? Perfect.

Now here’s the good news: getting regulars isn’t really all that hard. It more or less happens naturally over time. I mean, you can’t just sit there like a dead fish and wait for strangers to fall in love with you. But if you have a decent webcam model attitude, it’ll happen.

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Be friendly. Smile. Talk to people who come in. Put some music on, and groove to it. You do this every time you’re online, and at least a few of the guys who play with the revolving door in and out of your channel are gonna think to themselves, “Hey, I like that girl! I’m gonna come back and check her out again next time.”

Of course, that only helps if they can actually FIND you next time, which brings us to the next important point of webcam modeling: consistency. Don’t get me wrong, a flexible schedule, and no asshole boss enforcing an inflexible schedule, are definitely some of the high points of working as a webcam model. But that really just means you get to decide what the schedule is going to look like. You still need to stick to it (which I guess makes YOU the asshole boss…sorry), and it’s usually even a good idea to post it on your camming profile so your fans can see it.

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Being consistent in your performance times is REALLY important, because that’s how guys who see you once and want to see you twice, can become guys who actually HAVE seen you twice. If you’re there today but not tomorrow, and your schedule said you would be, guys looking for you are going to be disappointed. Even worse, potential regulars will lose their potential, and never become regulars. You ESPECIALLY want to be on top of this during your first few weeks as a webcam model, because that’s when it’s most important to build up your regulars.

Believe me, if you don’t start making good money during your first few weeks as a webcam model, it becomes EXTREMELY difficult to stay with it. Getting some regulars early-on is the way to get money flowing during that critical period.


The More Webcam Models on Cam Together, The Better

Beyond getting people to come back, one awesome way to boost your popularity early on is to perform with another webcam model who already has a nice following. Her fans will then get to see you, and you guessed it, that leads to some of them becoming YOUR fans too. I’ve seen this strategy take a struggling newbie and rocket her to massive success in just a couple of weeks. It’s huge, and doing it is basically webcam modeling 101. One of the biggest reasons new cam girls fail is because they never bothered to take this class.

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Getting another cam girl to do this with you isn’t as hard as you’re probably thinking it is. I mean, her fans aren’t going to LEAVE her for you, they just might start watching you too. So she isn’t actually giving you anything, just sharing. The thing is, the guys who like watching her perform by herself, will probably LOVE watching her perform with another girl (this goes for you too, by the way), and they’ll not only tip you, but they’ll tip her even more than they usually do. So it’s win-win.

You set this up by finding cam girls on Twitter, which shouldn’t be too hard since most webcam models use social media to promote themselves (that’s something else to remember!). Obviously you’re not gonna message a stranger and be all like, “Hey! Wanna get naked and dance around my bedroom with me??”, so just start by introducing yourself. Tell her you’re just getting started, you want to be friends, and you’d love any tips she might have for you.

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After you’ve been talking to her for a little while, like maybe a week or two, you could bring up the possibility of performing together. It won’t be a crazy idea to her, since again, this is what you do in the industry. And of course, you can always just ask a girlfriend of yours to come do it, and share the tips with her. It won’t increase your exposure, but it will still excite the audience. Generally speaking, the more models on cam together in a camming session, the more viewers show up and the bigger the room count.

You’ll probably want to use Chaturbate as your cam site. It has the highest traffic, it’s pretty easy to get the hang of it, and it attracts whales (rich customers) like crazy. In fact, I know a lot of girls who use it to find sugar daddies for online-only arrangements, which is also something I do myself. Chaturbate also has a really supportive, friendly community of models, so you’re very likely to be welcome as a new girl trying to learn the ropes.

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This is pretty important, because being surrounded by a bunch of stuck-up girls who think they’re above you is a great way to sap your energy and make you want to quit. Quitting is something you should NEVER do in this business, because if you’re in a position to be a cam girl, pretty much all you need to do is get it right to make very good money. Stick with it, and don’t give up. You’ve got this!

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