Webcam Jobs Vs Normal Jobs

I had a friend of mine recently tell me that I was really making a big mistake trying to build a career as a webcam girl, and that it was going to be harder and harder to break into the “real job” world the longer I kept camming. This comment of hers really ticked me off, because it displayed a phenomenal ignorance of how webcam modeling works, what it is, and the potential it has to produce a great income for you over the long-run. Webcam jobs are so far superior to normal jobs, I just can’t even. But I’m going to take the opportunity here to illuminate people who might think like my misguided friend, and reveal exactly why being a cam girl is a great and wise career choice.

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First, let’s deal with the simple fact that traditional employment is generally heading towards a brick wall at warp speed, and when the impact finally happens not too long from now, it’s not likely to be pretty. Recent news articles have mentioned that analysts believe up to a third of all current jobs in the economy will disappear in the next 20 years due to automation. Yep, working at Walmart or at McDonalds is very soon not going to be an option, as robots quickly takeover those positions and push people right onto the unemployment line. If you have a webcam girl job, however, odds are you’re not going to be replaced by some glassy-eyed sexbot anytime soon.

Webcam Jobs are better?

And it’s not just lower-end work that’s going to be automated in the coming years, it’s plenty of white-collar positions too. Experts are even saying that primary care doctors may be out of work in the next two decades due to artificial intelligence systems that can diagnose patients right through a smartphone or tablet! Again, though, if you’re a cam girl, artificial intelligence is not likely to present much of a threat, at least not soon.

Webcam jobs also beat out normal jobs because there’s no boss breathing over your neck all the time. I mean, think about it, would you rather be able to decided when you work, for how long, and from where? Would you prefer to have the freedom to make your own decisions on what specifically you’re going to do on a given day to make money? If I get out of bed one morning, for example, and feel totally not up to going on cam, I can easily just shift gears and make it a video production day, or maybe go heavy on my Snapchat marketing. I can honestly control my workday and how I proceed through it because I work for myself, and no one can tell me what to do. That kind of liberty is something that you can’t even put a dollar value on. Webcam girl jobs offer much more than just money, they offer a lifestyle that normal careers just can’t deliver.


Web Chat Jobs Are About More Than Just Sex

If you think being a cam model is only about turning people on and getting people off, well then you don’t know much about the camming profession. My job is more about human companionship and friendship than it is about flashing my boobs or sticking stuff in my whatever. My regulars love talking to me, hanging out with me on cam, and just being with me in a virtual environment. That’s why they tip me, not because they want to blow loads. 90% of my camming income is from these types of viewers, so sex is actually just a side aspect of it. There’s nothing demeaning or “dirty” about being a cam girl and webcam work, and anyway, even if it WERE all about sex, that would be totally fine too, because there’s nothing wrong with that. So, no, working a normal job does not place anyone “above” camgirls on some sort of ancient moral scale.

Webcam girl jobs are multi-faceted

And web chat jobs actually require a great deal of people skills, so it’s not the kind of job that just anybody can do. A lot of people like to say, “Oh, well, sure you make a ton of money…so would I if decided to take my clothes off on the internet.” IGNORANCE!! Sure, try to manage relationships with 10 different regulars, remember all their birthdays, make them feel appreciated 24/7, and give them a great experience every time you have a show together, and then MAYBE you could make great money. Most “normal” girls would absolutely never make it in a webcam job — you have to like talking to people AND be cool with expressing sexuality!!


Cam Girl Money is Just Frankly Much Better

Finally, the biggest reason that webcam jobs are far preferable to normal ones is that the money is just fantastically better. After you get through your newbie phase, and if you apply good advice from experienced pros, you can make way more than you can make from most normal jobs. Yes, being a lawyer, or working for Google or something like that can get you a great income too, but you have to go to college for that, and college costs massive amounts of money and time. The barrier to entry in the cam model field is ridiculously low (all you need to start up with webcam work is a laptop and a cam). You just need to read up online to learn what to do, then fire-up your webcam and get to it. Most new webcam girls will learn as they go, making more and more as the weeks roll by. The biggest roadblock to success in camming, frankly, is giving up too early.

Well, I hope this helps you to understand a few things about working a webcam girl job, and why it’s probably one of the best ways to earn a living right now. We make good money, and we’re not about to be replaced by some terminator sexbot. In 50 years, that might not be the case, but 50 years is a long-ass time…and plenty of time to make a ton of BENJAMINS!

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Aria <3 XOXOXO