Using Masks While Camming

A lot of newbie cam girls often want to know about the best way to disguise their faces during cam shows, and while I’ve never felt it necessary to hide my face when broadcasting, I can certainly understand why models new to the industry would be concerned about that. There are a few ways you can go about keeping your viewers from seeing your face, but there are also some things you’ll need to know before you attempt to use masks, costumes, or try to keep only your body below the chin visible to the cam.

Cam girl wearing a mask.

First of all, different cam sites will have different policies on using disguises and keeping your face off cam, so you’ll need to review the terms of the site you cam at before making any decision on what to do. Chaturbate, for instance, generally allows cam models to use masks (like the ones in that movie “Eyes Wide Shut” — I totally dig that flick!), but they need you to first take a picture with your mask on while holding your photo identification card. The reason for this is that they need to be able to confirm that the model on cam at any given time is the same model that has been “age-verified” by them. If you’re wearing a mask all the time, and they don’t know what you look like with that mask on, they have no way to know it’s really you. This policy is intended to prevent underage minors from broadcasting as models on Chaturbate.

It’s also not allowed to keep your face permanently off-cam at Chaturbate, for the same reason. You’ll need to show your face, from time to time, so that Chaturbate admins can know that it’s you broadcasting, and not a non-verified person. While a lot of cam girls at other sites use this tactic of basically showing only their bodies on cam, it won’t fly for very long at Chaturbate. They’ll eventually catch you and suspend your room if you try it. The best method for disguising your identity there currently is simply to use the age-verified mask method.

Another way a lot of webcam models are keeping their faces out of sight is by dressing up as public figures using full-head masks. A lot of cam girls and guys on CB were doing a lot of Trump/Hillary shows during the election season last year, and the upside is that these shows tend to attract a lot of viewers and can be really fun. However, at least at Chaturbate, the same problem applies — it’s a mask, and since it’s full-head, you probably won’t even be able to get approved for it, since it would be impossible for them to know it’s you. I know that a lot of the cam models doing the political shows were taking off the masks, from time to time, so that’s probably why it worked out.

Cam model disguise.

MyFreeCams has an even stricter policy towards masks — they don’t allow it at all. And they don’t tolerate keeping your face permanently off-cam either. They explicitly state in their rules for models that your face has to be on cam at least part of the time, so no disguise strategy is going to work over there. If face privacy is your major concern, then you should definitely investigate Chaturbate as an option.

Now, wearing a mask is not the only way you can keep people who know you from finding out that you’re a cam girl. Almost all the major cam sites allow you to block viewers from your region by IP address, so they can’t view your cam. This is something every webcam model stressed about friends and family finding out should use when broadcasting, and it’s a much better option in terms of the quality of your shows. Viewers generally want to see your face, hear your voice, and experience you fully as a person.

Masks can work, don’t get me wrong — I’ve seen some cam models make a TON of money with them. But showing your face sends the signal that you’re at ease and ready to mingle with the folks in your chat room, and that goes a long way to helping you make the kind of connections with members that can lead to major tipping. Everybody loves a confident cam girl, so it can make a difference.

Ultimately, though, you have to do only what you’re comfortable with. If you don’t want to show your face, you don’t have to. Just be sure to review your cam site’s rules and make sure you’re in compliance before you dawn your mask!