Top 5 Camming Blunders

Top 5 Camming Mistakes

As a webcam model who has more than five years of experience in the camming industry, I can tell you that I soooo wish that I had been able to read a post like this one when I was a newb just starting out. This is probably the most important article I will ever write on this blog, and I just wish that I could blast it out to every last new cam model out there because the information in it could save lots and lots of camming careers. I really encourage you all to share this post everywhere you can, because you’ll be helping a ton of newbies who would likely have no clue about any of this otherwise.

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As most cam models who’ve been active for a while know well, there are several major league mistakes that new models to the business regularly make that can totally destroy their chances of making good money camming. I’m going to list the top 5 here.


#5 – Quitting Too Soon


So many newbie cam models get disappointed that they can’t seem to make any tips or get anybody interested in taking them private from the get-go of their careers. It’s kind of understandable when you realize that many girls are recruited into the industry by people who use bullshit claims about how much money webcam models make, without explaining that you actually need some training to be able to get to that level. Most girls deal with this disappointment by just taking off and quitting. If new models only knew how much they could eventually make if they stuck with it and applied some simple methods, they’d be REALLY not thinking about throwing in the towel!

Don’t quit, no matter how crappy your results are at first. To make the big money, you need to keep at it, learn, changeup your game, and get better! More than anything, you need to buildup some regulars, which only comes with a bit of time. After a few weeks of consistent camming, you won’t believe how well you can do!


#4 – Charging For Private Messages


I started my camgirl career at MyFreeCams, and I can tell you that when you’re new there, you typically get absolutely flooded with private messages. The vast majority of the members messaging you will normally be freeloader types who aren’t planning on tipping or taking you to a private show, they’re just trying to get you to talk dirty to them or get you to watch their cams for free. Due to this, most new models turn off PMs and only allow their MFC “friends list” members to message them. I totally get why they do that, but doing it can be lethal for the careers of many new models. You have to realize that making good tokens is all about making friends with premium members. It’s about getting them to like you as a person, and building some trust with them before they start tipping. Private messages are actually a GREAT way to do this! When you chat in private, it’s a different experience for both model and member. It’s a lot more intimate and, well, private! It actually helps you to form a bond with premiums that you can’t really accomplish in free chat, and it can later lead to big tips and shows as your relationships with these premiums improve.

Charging even a microscopic amount for PM privileges will turnoff MOST members from trying to message you. That means that, if you charge, you’ll be automatically wiping away large numbers of potential future regulars! I know it can be a pain to take free PMs since most of these premiums will never tip you, but it is DEFINITELY worth it for those who eventually WILL! By the way, this is pretty much the same on Chaturbate and other cam sites that allow private messages.


#3 – Camming Erratically


One of the things that totally screwed my webcam modeling career at the beginning was the fact that I never cammed at the same time of day. One day, I would go on cam like at 10pm at night, then I would go on 3 days later at 2pm in the afternoon, and so forth. Every camming session would be at a completely different time of day, and I noticed that none of the same viewers would ever reappear in my camroom. I thought I was just a really shitty camgirl that nobody wanted to come back to visit. I eventually figured out that the reason my viewers from other sessions weren’t returning to see me on cam was because I wasn’t on when they were on! DUHHH!!

Viewers usually have routines and schedules, like everybody else, so they will usually have a certain time of day when they’re on cam sites. If you’re not camming when they’re on, how are they supposed to catch you again? Models need to pick a certain time of day to cam and stick to that schedule. If you do this, you’ll see that you will attract a LOT of repeat customers and develop regulars soooo much faster and easier!!


#2 – Picking The Wrong Cam Site


Where you start camming is so important, it could actually tank your camgirl career if you choose poorly. There are a LOT of cam sites out there, but most of them SUCK. I’m sorry, I don’t know how else to put it. Most of the sucky ones suck not just for new models, but for more experienced models too. There are a few reasons for all the suck out there, but the main reason is just that most of the cam sites operating today have too little traffic to make it worth while, especially for a new model who has no existing fan army.

When you’re new, you need EXPOSURE, so you want to start at a site that has plenty of traffic, but that isn’t too competitive. Right now, Chaturbate is probably the best site to begin with, but Camster is also a decent site for new models.


#1 – Taking Long Breaks


Probably the worst thing you can do to damage your webcam modeling career is to take long breaks from camming, especially after you’ve built up a decent amount of regular clients. I’ve seen so many girls do this, it makes me want to scream! You cam and you cam for weeks or months, then you finally develop a nice group of awesome regulars who tip you and buy shows and content like crazy. You’re making great money and your fan following is growing like nuts. Then, you start getting lazy because everything’s been going so well and decide to take some time off. Maybe a week or two? Before you know it, those two weeks have turned into two months and when you get your booty back in front of the cam, you find that most of your regulars have forgotten about you or fallen for some other cam girl. You realize that you now have to REBUILD the greatness you had, and that feeling is one of the worst in the whole world!

Unfortunately, I did this more than once over the course of my webcamming career, so I know how much of a dolt it makes you feel like. Trust me, DON’T let this happen to you! If you must take a break from camming, try to keep it to no more than a week or so. That will dramatically reduce the number of your followers who forget you and move on to some new girl. This is even more important for girls who cam at MyFreeCams, because long breaks will absolutely CRIPPLE your camscore!!


Okay, I hope you listen to this advice because it can literally keep you camming through rough waters and the difficult beginner period when you’re new. If you need more on-point camming tips, check out my blog for my latest updates!

Thanks and love you guys!! XOXOXO, Aria