Sophia Locke Retires From Camgirling

Wow, I actually never thought I’d see this happen (at least not as an active camgirl), but Sophia Locke has announced that she’s retiring from the webcam model business, as well as any adult/porn modeling. Her last camming show is set for August 26th. I have to say, I’m just about totally shocked at this. Sophia has been one of my biggest inspirations, and she’s actually the chief reason I finally developed the courage to get into the business. Her confidence, her style, her determination to succeed no matter what always filled me with such admiration, I just can’t describe it in words.

Sophia Locke Retirement from Camgirling

I want to take the opportunity to examine her career and talk about what cam girls can learn from her experience in camming, because while she set a great example in so many ways, she also made some mistakes that I think are important to understand too. I watched her like a hawk during most of her career, so I think I can speak confidently on the subject.

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First of all, Sophia Locke’s best contribution to the collective camgirl knowledge base is that she proved that sexual genuineness can really go far in propelling a cam model’s career. She was always REALLY into sex, and it showed. When she cammed, you could always tell that she was really into being an exhibitionist and enjoying people’s various kinks. Sophia was a die-hard submissive, and she loved to be dommed by her regulars, which probably fueled many, many long private shows. Her sexual intensity, and her willingness to bring it all to the cam with her, was probably the most important single factor in her rise to the ranks of top models.

Sophia Locke got huge on MyFreeCams, which is where she became one of the top 20 best known models. She was featured in the CamGirlz documentary and went on to star in many porn films. She shot a lot of videos for, and also did scenes for BangBros and others. Her work is probably some of her best because she got to be a real submissive on video in a way that was totally off the chain. Again, her genuine love of sex really came through in all her stuff, and as a result, that footage has to be some of the most erotic porn out there, IMO.

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Back in 2015, Sophia made a decision to become an exclusive cam model over at, and that was probably her most serious mistake — one which probably played a huge part in her recent choice to retire from the adult world. As I mentioned, MyFreeCams was the place where Sophia really was able to shine and get to “top model” status. Leaving MFC for, a cam site that had far less traffic and was much less popular with viewers, turned out to be a huge mistake because it separated Sophia from her most generous fans.

You see, in the camgirling world, viewers tend to have strong cam-site-loyalty, which means they like to watch cams only on the specific sites they have become accustomed to. As a result of this, Sophia Locke’s tipbase was radically shrunk when she moved over to Most big spending members who loved to hangout with her on MFC chose not to follow her to the new cam site. To make matters worse, was not attracting anywhere near as many “whales” (big tipping members) as MyFreeCams was in general, so there weren’t many new viewers there for her to bring into her fold. This turned into pretty much a huge disaster, and it became clear that Sophia’s camming income dropped significantly for the year she was with

Goodbye Sophia!

The summer of 2016 marked the return of Sophia Locke to MFC, and it was a great relief to her many fans who weren’t pleased with her stint. Her contract was expired and she was now free to return to the cam site where she made it big to begin with. The problem was that many of the members at MyFreeCams who were so into her before had long moved on and were not showing up in her chat room with any regularity. A year is an ETERNITY in the camming world, so you can imagine. Though her hardcore fan base was super grateful to have her back at MFC, it wasn’t nearly enough to repair the damage that had been done by the long absence. Her comeback performance was, therefore, not up to par with what she had achieved in the past.

And now, of course, Sophia has decided to retire from the industry and embark on a new course in her life. We obviously can’t be sure why she has made this decision, but it’s also obvious that the camming troubles of the past couple years almost certainly had a great deal to do with it. I know that I feel sadness about her coming exit from the cam girl game, but I also know that I’m grateful for all I’ve been able to learn from her. I totally wish her the absolute best in everything she does, and I just know that she’ll reach even greater heights in her new life!