Premium Snapchat Vs OnlyFans Account

Premium Snapchat Vs OnlyFans - Which is better?These days, for adult content creators generally, and for cam girls in particular, social media is the bee’s knees. It didn’t used to be like that; in the past, you could run your porn tube channel or cam all you want or do whatever else you did to bring in the bucks, and not have to worry about anything else.

It’s a good thing social media has made the scene, though, because while you definitely do need to know how to work it, doing it right can bring in totally ridiculous amounts of money. It’s made the adult industry way more profitable for those in the know – that’s pretty much all there is to it.

Now, clearly, “social media” covers a lot of stuff, so I’ll narrow it down by saying I want to talk about Snapchat and OnlyFans today, because those are the two that can most directly hook you up with the huge revenues. The way they do that is mostly by offering such stable income:

They’re both subscription-based services, so once you get someone signed up, they’re billed every month, and it takes an effort on their part to stop paying. That’s a much better way to make money than relying on regulars coming back to your cam channel or being at the whim of horny porntube viewers to click on your videos.

Even better, premium Snapchat and OnlyFans accounts seem to have tapped into some hidden part of the male porn psyche that nothing else really hits. Getting mirror selfies and videos shot on an iPhone in the girl’s bedroom makes customers feel like they’re seeing something that, not only isn’t professionally produced for sale or even amateur content meant for uploading – it’s like they’re being given a secret window into someone’s private sex life.

Guys eat that stuff up, because normally they have to work for those kinds of privileges with female friends. Here it is for the price of a monthly fee, with a girl they still feel close to, even though they didn’t have to spend months “getting there”.

Pulling down your share of all the money these platforms can produce means understanding them, though. Each of them is unique, and comes with its own upsides and drawbacks. Let’s go over them briefly, then talk about which one is the best for making the most revenue with the least amount of time spent. That’s Business 101, girls!


Premium Snapchat Examined

We’ll start with premium Snapchat. If you didn’t just come out from under that enormous, netless rock you’d have to have been living under, Snapchat is huge, and one of the great social media apps currently online. That means enormous traffic, and THAT right there is premium Snapchat’s biggest advantage. You set up on Snapchat, you’ve got eyeballs a-plenty on you, simple as that.

And keeping those eyeballs entertained is pretty easy, because snapping is just a matter of whipping out your phone and taking a picture (or occasional video). You can share content with your subscribers when you wake up, when you get out of the shower, while you’re at the gym – pretty much anywhere.

It’s all mobile, with no need to edit anything on a computer before posting. That includes messages, too, which really help build and maintain the bond that gives your stuff that value we were talking about. This is a platform that is REALLY effective for building up those relationships with fans that can end up producing “regulars.”

The problem with Snapchat is, it REALLY doesn’t like premium Snapchat. Like, at all. Any kind of adult material or charging for access is against their terms of service, which totally hits us in both tits. And they definitely enforce those rules, or at least, every once in awhile they lose their shit and run around axing anyone who’s breaking them. That makes it pretty much a necessity to use one of the “subscription management” services that exist just for premium Snapchat.

They keep track of your subscriber list, and they alert everyone when you get banned (because you will) and tell them your new account name so they can find you again. Of course, that costs money. Snapchat is also a bit on the buggy side, which may be one of the reasons they’re bleeding users. They’re still huge, of course, but one day soon they might not be.

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OnlyFans – The Pro Way To Sell Nudes Online

OnlyFans, on the other hand, is a lot more reliable, and they’re totally cool with adult content, so you don’t have to worry about the hammer coming down on you at random intervals. They also don’t mind if you make money on their platform, and they even offer you several ways to do it beyond just the monthly subscription you charge for access to your OnlyFans account.

On OF, you can also accept tips, and even set a price for exchanging messages with your members. And all that money comes right through OF itself, meaning there are no third-party subscription management headaches. OF is also gaining users pretty quickly, which creates more “brand strength,” and ultimately leads to more subscribers for you.

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There are some liabilities too, of course. You’ve also got to deal with the fact that OnlyFans isn’t actually an “app” at all: You need a web browser to access it. The reason for this is that Apple and Google won’t allow any “adult” apps in their app stores. This makes it slightly less convenient to use, but honestly, users don’t seem to mind much. Not really a biggie.

All in all, OnlyFans is probably your best bet right now. Like I said, it’s growing fast, and Snapchat is shrinking, so you’re better off investing your time in something that’s going up over the longer term. Who even knows how long Snapchat will continue being a serious social media platform, and if it fades away, where does that leave premium Snapchat?

Besides, premium Snapchat is in trouble anyway. Remember, they don’t like adult content there, and they’ve been getting pretty aggressive about cracking down on it. If they don’t take a pill over there, then even if Snapchat does survive, it may not be a viable platform for adult entertainment pretty soon. Work it if it makes sense for you, especially if you’ve already built a following there — but if you’re new to this game, you may want to be careful before diving in.

So, OnlyFans is best to start with, and the biggest obstacle you’re likely to face there is with promotion. You need to rely mostly on Twitter, which means you ideally want a robust Twitter account with lots of followers. The best way to accomplish this is to perform as a cam girl on Chaturbate (which has huge traffic of its own), and direct your viewers there to your Twitter account.

Don’t worry, cam site members love free stuff; just post your Twitter in your chatroom and most of the audience will check it out. Then, on Twitter, you advertise your OnlyFans account, which will now benefit from all the Chaturbate eyeballs. Make sure you load up your Twitter with lots of juicy content, because that’s what will make people follow you and be engaged.

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If you’re wondering why it’s necessary to do this in such a roundabout way, it’s because Chaturbate isn’t itself too fond of OF. They technically don’t allow any of their models to promote an OnlyFans account, and you definitely don’t want to do anything to upset Chaturbate. So, don’t advertise OF directly in your public channel – just send everyone to Twitter, and from there, to wherever you really need them!

XOXO – Aria