Snapchat Cam Girl Tips

Snapchat Cam Girl - Tips and Tricks To Boost IncomeMany cam girls still are not aware of Snapchat as a tool for their camming business, and every time I meet someone like that, it always blows my bra off. This teeny little app can make or break your monthly revenue! It’s image, marketing, and sales all rolled into one, and the impact it can have on your bottom line is HUGE.

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If you aren’t using Snapchat as a cam girl, you’re leaving money on the table – it’s as simple as that. You’re also falling behind the pack and pretty much guaranteeing that you’ll never reach the top. Show me a top ranking model on Chaturbate or MyFreeCams, and I’ll show you a Snapchat cam girl who rides that thing like a pony.

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What Cam Girls Get Out of Snapchat

I mentioned three important areas where Snapchat can help you in the camming business: Image, marketing, and sales. Let’s start with image. How do you want your fans and potential fans to see you? A chill, laid-back, REAL girl, or a prissy prima donna? Will you be perceived as a fun and adventurous person who enjoys opening up to her audience (visually and personally), or as a stuck-up prude who’s only in this for the money?

You may very well BE in it for the money, but the minute your audience sees or suspects that, the illusion is shattered and you lose business. A healthy public Snapchat account, full of pictures, videos, and comments from you that show you simply living a normal human life that includes camming work you’re passionate about, is the bullet that can win this PR war.

What about marketing? Part of being a Snapchat cam girl is using your public account to entice guys to check out your show on the cam site. You aren’t going to be super obvious about this, of course, and you’re not making a commercial. But mixed in with all the “image” stuff (which, again, is basically just you being a normal girl) will be the occasional mention that you work at MFC or wherever, and it would be great if your visitors would come watch for awhile.

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That’s free for them, and so very inviting – especially when you throw in a few bikini or sexy workout pics on Snapchat to get them wondering what the rest looks like. Snapchat is ideal for this kind of marketing, because it has HUGE traffic that’s way greater than anything you’re going to get just waiting for random people to trickle into your cam room.

Now, your camming traffic IS more targeted (almost entirely horny guys), so you want to push that audience toward your Snapchat account as well. That way, you have two marketing platforms working together, each bringing more viewers to another potential point of revenue for you!


Snapchat Is Great For “Warming Up” Fans

Notice that so far, I’ve only been talking about the free (public) account, the one that everyone can look at without paying and which can never directly earn you a single penny. And yet, it’s by far the most important part of being a Snapchat cam girl. That’s because the camming industry is all about RELATIONS, honey. Your viewers can’t just think of you as a fine piece of booty they like seeing naked. That’s how they “relate” to their favorite porn stars, and they can watch them doing pretty much anything you can imagine without ever having to open their wallets.

No, babe, they have to actually LIKE you. They have to understand something about the real you behind the fun bags and caboose, and they have to come to care about you as a kind of friend. THAT is what you gives you an edge, even over the very queens of Pornhub: Unlike them, you’re not just a performer. To your audience, you’re real.

Your public Snapchat account is invaluable in that way, because it warms your viewers up to caring about you by warming them up to YOU. They get to see moments from your everyday life, they get to see you being a crazy caffeinated fangirl over the latest episode of Supergirl, and they get to see you as just an overall human being. But you’re a human being who gets naked for them on webcam, and offers them (or assists them in) sexual release. That leads to feelings of intimacy, and caring. And when your audience cares about you, they’re willing to spend money on you.

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The power of this marketing technique really can’t be overstated. Webcam models keep complaining incessantly about how their chat rooms are full of freeloaders and they just can’t get anyone to tip or buy private shows. Well, the reason for this is usually that they haven’t warmed up those viewers. They’re just guys hanging around hoping to see some boobs or some booty jiggling, they’re not actually “fans.” To make them fanatics for you, you have to BOND WITH THEM! That’s what public Snapchat allows you to do!


Premium Snapchat

Which brings us to our final benefit of being a Snapchat cam girl: Sales. This is where your premium Snapchat account comes in. That’s the one you keep private, and charge a monthly subscription for fans to access. On it, you post all the explicit nudity and porn stuff that would never fly on the public account. Actually, I’ll be straight with ya, ladies: It won’t fly here, either, meaning that this account WILL get banned from time to time by Snapchat.

Premium Snapchat Basics - Guide For Webcam ModelsBut that’s no biggie, because you’ll just switch to a new premium and keep right on truckin’. There are online services like FanPageTV set up to help you account-hop when needed, and they’ll even manage your subscriptions for you to boot. Premium Snapchat accounts can very realistically ask a monthly fee of $20 to $40 (with upward mobility on that price point as you become more and more well-known), so they can be a massive cash cow.

All you have to do is keep the premium account hopping, with a steady flow of new content. You don’t always have to go too far out of your way for this, either. A few naked selfies when you just stepped out of the shower will go far (and some video snaps of you in the shower would be awesome too). Just throw in a nice, long video of you getting to know a dildo every once in awhile, and now and again, get creative. They’ll eat it up, and you’ll have a cadre of regular subscribers before you know it.

Just remember: There’s no whipping up a premium Snapchat account and expecting its subscription rolls to fill up by themselves. This is why being a Snapchat cam girl is so effective, because the chains start there. You’re charming the room, keeping everybody entertained (with your personality, not just your body), and dropping mentions of your free public Snapchat account from time to time.

Cam viewers LOVE this, mostly because it is indeed free. Even a lot of the lookie-loos who love to sit in your channel and never tip you will go check out your Snapchat, and like I said before, that’s where they get warmed up to you as a person and become bonafide “fans.”

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From there, on Snapchat itself, you start selling them on the premium account. Again, nothing too aggressive. Just drop some mentions that it’s available, that it’s really hot, and talk about how you really “cut loose” or “be yourself” (that kind of language) there. It’s the place where you get to fully explore your kinks and your love of performing, without having to hold yourself back.

Meanwhile, of course, you’re also using your public Snapchat account to attract new viewers back to your cam room (where they can tip you lots of tokens!). Image, marketing, and sales. The impact on your bottom line will be MASSIVE in just a short time, and your revenues will explode. This IS camming in the 21st century!

XOXOXO – Aria