Selling Panties – Comparing Sites

A point I’ve been trying to hammer home this past month or so is that right now, any kind of adult work that involves sexual entertainment at home is booming. Sure, in the current pandemic era of social distancing, it’s a terrible time to be a stripper or an escort. But cam girls, porn stars, OnlyFans models – they’re all doing great at the moment.

Guys need a sexual outlet and even a sense of companionship, and they’re more than happy to shell out big bucks for it. And no, this isn’t a flash in the pan; even when stuff starts to reopen, it’s looking like most people are going to want to be safe and stay inside for awhile.

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One of the industries that has gotten a major boost from current events is the used panty trade. Today I want to go over a video I saw on YouTube by HaleyK, who’s an experienced panty seller online. In her video, Haley reviews three websites she’s used for selling panties, and compares the features of each. Her favorite is Scented Pansy, but she also covers Panty Deal and Phrendly. The video is full of good info on selling your panties, which we’ll talk about below.



Haley starts out with Panty Deal, and right out of the gate she wants us to know that the monthly membership which sellers have to pay for this one is $19 while Scented Pansy’s is only $10. This puts pressure on those selling panties to increase their prices just to stay in the black, which can obviously have a negative impact on sales.

Panty Deal does have a good online chat feature which Haley says is similar to the old AIM system – and props to this girl for even knowing about our grandparents’ chat program (okay, clearly exaggerating, but I’m pretty sure even MySpace is newer than AIM). It lets you see who’s online, and gives you the opportunity to talk with them at will. That’s important, because building relationships is a huge part of why guys are even willing to pay for panties. They don’t want a stranger’s underwear; they want it off a girl they know.

Unfortunately, Panty Deal has a huge seller base – about triple that of Scented Pansy, by Haley’s estimate. And as she points out, that ain’t good: It means you’re swamped by competition from the word Go, and makes it really hard to get sales. Which, again, is already hard enough because of the membership cost.

Haley also noticed a lower quality of the buyers on Panty Deal. She says she ran into a lot of “time wasters”, which basically just means guys who want to have long conversations with you, promise you the moon, or even try to get pictures and videos out of you, all without ever having any intention of paying. This, girls, is the scourge of pretty much any adult-industry worker who deals with and takes payment directly from her customers, and apparently it’s bad on Panty Deal.



This one is an app that isn’t specifically designed for selling panties, but a lot of girls use it that way with some success. Haley warns us that Phrendly is also “extremely overpopulated”, just like Panty Deal. It’s set up like a dating app, with swiping right and left to indicate interest (or no interest) in a particular person, which probably helps with getting you exposed to more potential customers faster. Trouble is, you have to wait for the guys to contact you; if you message first, you have to pay for the privilege, which kind of defeats the purpose of being there to make money.

A nice feature about Phrendly is that it allows guys to send you “gifts”, which is an easy way for them to pay you not only when you’re selling panties, but offering other content like videos. Haley’s problem with this was that the app takes a “big percentage” of all the money you make. She also doesn’t like that Phrendly sets a minimum amount you have to earn before you’re allowed to withdraw anything into your bank account. And I’ve gotta agree, that’s pretty crappy.

They’re also really jealous about people communicating off of the Phrendly app itself. As in, anyone caught sharing contact information for e-mail or any kind of social media will be banned. So you’ve gotta stay on Phrendly, or they’re gonna get…not so phrendly.

On the other hand, Haley points out that getting money directly through the app offers security, because it’s harder for time wasters to revoke your payment. This is a favorite tactic of theirs, actually paying you in order to make themselves look like legitimate customers, then finding some way to claw back the money. It’s total BS, and anything that pulls the rug out from under that practice is a good thing.



This one is Haley’s clear favorite, and I can see why from how she talks about it. One of the features that she really likes is the “lifetime membership” option: Instead of paying every month on a recurring basis, you can plop down a larger, but single payment in order to have permanent access to the site. As Haley points out, this is awesome because stuff happens, and you might have to leave for awhile. But when you do, you’re caught between not wanting to keep paying for nothing and not wanting to lose your account. Lifetime membership neatly gets around that.

Scented Pansy also has “feature listings”, where girls can get picked to have their listings posted on the front page of the site. You don’t have to pay for this, and if you get it, it’s a huge boost to your visibility and therefore to your sales.

Haley also likes the administrative support on Scented Pansy. Granted, it’s apparently one guy, so responding to concerns can sometimes take him a little while. But that’s still better than Panty Deal, where Haley says the admin would completely ignore anyone who came to them with a problem. It’s not like that on Scented Pansy, where a much stronger sense of community seems to exist.

So, that’s it for Haley’s reviews. It looks like Scented Pansy is the clear winner, and a good place to go when you’re selling panties. Me personally, though, I think the very best option for this revenue stream is Chaturbate. You just sign up as a webcam model there, build a following, and before long you’ve got guys wanting to buy your panties at the same time as they’re tipping you, paying for video content, and so on.

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Selling your panties can be a great way to make money, but it’s a side hustle. It’s one of the many things a successful adult model should be doing to bring home the bacon – one strip at a time. Add it all up, and pretty soon you’ve got the whole hog on your plate. But in my experience, camming on Chaturbate is the foundation of it all. Broadcast there, and you’ll be pulling down revenue from lots of different sources, including selling panties.

So yeah, check out Haley’s video, as she’s got some great advice. But I recommend Chaturbate, hands down.