Selling Feet Pics

How To Sell Pictures of Your Feet OnlineOf all the parts of your body that you’d expect to be able to sell pictures of on a camming website, you probably would rank your feet pretty far down on the list. I know I certainly would have, once upon a time. But, hey, chalk up yet another lesson learned about human sexuality from being a cam girl.

It turns out that not only can you make money selling pictures of your feet, you can make AMAZING money. Me, I couldn’t even believe the numbers I saw when I first started, but now I know they’re very real: You can realistically pull in around $60 PER FREAKING SHOT if you know what you’re doing!

Now, the girls doing that aren’t getting there by running around wearing sandwich boards that say “HOT FEET PICS FOR SALE!!!” That would be extremely awkward. Rather, they’re using an elite marketing hack to draw in customers, which I’ll cover in detail in a moment. So stick with me, and learn how to sell pictures of your feet online!


Best Method For Selling Feet Pics

The first thing you’ll want to do, before even thinking about anything else, is sign up for a model account on Chaturbate. We’ve got nothing without that, as it’s where our entire strategy begins. Luckily, signing up is easy. All you really need is a birthday that happened at least 6,570 days ago (that’s 18 years, ain’t I a nerd?) and an ID to prove it, and you’re pretty much golden. So let’s get that out of the way first.

Chaturbate is good for selling feet pics for a couple of reasons. Its traffic is huge, as it’s the biggest cam site out there and one of the biggest overall websites (even non-adult) that there is. It also tends to attract more than its fair share of guys with “eccentric” sexual tastes, meaning those who like anything beyond traditional vanilla porn. In other words, the kinky crowd. That’s obviously what we’re after here, so Chaturbate is perfect.

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Before we can market to anyone, though, we’ll need to polish up the merchandise. That means it’s time to get those treasured tootsies looking their best. Now, obviously a professional pedicure is best here, even if it can get pricey. I think it’s worth it for the kind of money you can make on the pictures, and generally, investing in one’s appearance is never a waste for a cam girl. Also, not for nothing, a nice, decadent pedicure makes me feel like a pampered Princess. Just sayin.

That said, there’s a case to be made for the do-it-yourself approach, because no one is ever going to know your body (and how to maximize its attractiveness) better than you. If you do decide to groom your feet yourself, you really want to spoil those puppies. You’ll want to commit to a daily or at least weekly foot beauty regimen. A hot soak in epsom salt followed by a good stone scrub to remove any visible callouses and other blemishes is a great start.

Take good care of your feet, girls, they need attention. Invest in some professional foot care, if you’re not sure you can handle it on your own.

Next, exfoliate with a peeling mask. You should finish with oodles upon metric oodles of a good moisturizing cream (experiment, and find the one that works best for your skin). Just be careful not to spectacularly embarrass yourself by forgetting that your feet are covered in slick lotion and trying too soon to walk barefoot on a tile floor. Not that, you know, I’ve done anything like that. Gimme a break.

In your public Chaturbate chat room, you can attract you right crowd by using hashtags on your room. “#feet”, “#footfetish”, and “#toes” all work well. You’ll want to sell yourself in-channel as a real foot model, maybe even a professional (if you can pull it off) who gets paid to model shoes and anklets and the like. Make it clear that your feet are your favorite part of your body, and you consider them to be your greatest attribute. The audience we’re looking for will find their way in before too long.

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One of the awesome things about targeting the foot fetish niche like this is that these guys have a pretty narrow focus. As in, they really just want to see a pretty pair of feet. You never have to get naked or do anything explicit on camera if you prefer not to. The audience is there to look at your feet, and a lot of them just straight-up aren’t interested in your boobs, butt, or the other usual suspects. Trust me, PLENTY of cam girls do way better than fine without ever showing what’s traditionally considered to be “the goods”.


Using Snapchat To Boost Sales of Feet Pictures

But remember, Chaturbate is only the first STEP (hehe, get it?) in selling feet pics. What you really want to do is use your channel there, and the high traffic of fetish enthusiasts it provides, to direct attention to your Snapchat presence. Don’t be too heavy-handed, but every once in awhile, as you talk about your feet and how much you love them, mention that you also talk and snap about them on Snapchat, and encourage viewers to go have a look.

Be sure to mention that it’s FREE, with everyone welcome to gawk. Cam site audiences eat up free stuff like their last meal, as we all know from the legions of lookie-loos who will sit and watch your show without ever giving you a tip. But, and this is important, just because they don’t spend money on the site doesn’t mean we can’t monetize them elsewhere.

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Snapchat is where we do that, and this is the elite hack of selling pictures of your feet. For the most part, all you have to do is run this account like a normal Snapchat, with random pictures, videos, and comments about your life. You’ll just mention frequently that you’re a foot model, and occasionally include “teaser” snaps of your feet.

It’s lusciously important that these pictures never be clear shots of your bare feet, of course, but captures of yourself in sandals, or far-off beach pics without enough foot emphasis for fetishist to get off on, are fine. With all the targeted traffic coming in from Chaturbate, you’re sure to get messages from people wanting custom foot snaps, and those are the ones that command top dollar. THIS is how to sell pictures of your feet!

Be advised, of course, when you take custom orders, you may get some unusual requests. Foot fetishists are a pretty diverse lot. There are those who will ask to see feet covered in baking flour, or oil, or maybe, certain bodily fluids. Whatever, honey. For $60+ a pop, just give the people what they want!

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Oh, but please, do yourself a favor. Set up a separate Snapchat account for this. You don’t want the kind of attention that comes from your friends or (God forbid) your family knowing that you sell pictures of your feet for guys to whack off at. There’s nothing wrong with it, and I’m enough of a pervert myself not to judge other people’s fetishes, I’m just saying there’s such a thing as oversharing with those closest to you.

So, yeah, it can get a little awkward at times. But as you can see, learning how to sell pictures of your feet really isn’t that hard, and believe me, the money is amazing!

Aria <3 XOXOXO