The Science of Regulars

Cam Site Regulars
Okay, so in my last post, I explained how I was finally able to overcome the boredom issue that had been choking my camroom nearly to death. It was all about just putting stuff out there, no matter how crazy or bizarre, until someone would bite. It was ultimately bitching out loud about a tiff I had with my mom that finally got people interested enough to start chatting to me. Once that happened, I figured out that I just needed to be “real” on cam and let my viewers in on what’s going on in my life. I turned my camroom into a sort of one-girl “reality show” and it really started to generate interest.

After that problem was solved, I still had to figure out how to make significantly more money camming. While my chatroom was now hopping with comments, jokes, and emojis, I still wasn’t making the kind of money I wanted to be making. It was better than before, don’t get me wrong, but not enough by any means. That’s when I realized the power of having regulars.

If you don’t know what a regular is, it’s when one of your viewers becomes so taken with you that he tips and buys shows regularly. These guys (and I actually have one girl regular, so that’s a thing too!) are the best of the best of the best in the camming world. Models who’ve been in the business for some time know how important they are, and how much they contribute to a successful webcam model’s income.

What a lot of beginner models don’t realize is that the vast majority of the money you make camming usually comes from your regulars, not members who just find you one night and decide they like your boobs. Regulars are members who’ve gotten to know you and like you as a person. This is something that is soooo incredibly important for camgirls to understand, and it’s just sad that a lot of girls quit early on before they figure this out.

There’s actually a SCIENCE that explains WHY regulars are so awesome, and I’m going to go over it briefly here. Basically, the human brain is wired in a way that makes it difficult to buy anything from someone you don’t like and trust. As camgirls, we’re selling stuff to viewers (our flashes, our videos, our shows, or just our companionship), so it shouldn’t be surprising when they don’t tip us or take us private if they haven’t gotten to know us. They have to first like us as people before trust can then develop, which eventually leads to buying.

Building up a following of regulars involves first chatting to promote likability, then frequent exposure to promote familiarity, then bonding to promote trust. That’s when you can expect the major tokens to finally start flowing. When I finally developed a substantial group of regulars, camming became soooo much easier and the money was sooooo much better!

Thank you guys so much, and keep your eyes peeled for more from me soon!! XOXOXO – Aria