Reasons To Be a Cam Girl

So, a lot of girls who know that I’m a webcam model seem to all ask me the same questions. Usually those questions have to do with the reasons I have to be a cam girl versus, say, being a hairdresser or retail clerk. Well, I’m going to explain my reasons in this post, and the BEST reason is something NOBODY in this field talks about, so keep your eyes glued if you want to find out exactly what that is!

Most new cam girls get into webcam modeling out of a need to make money (usually fast money). Maybe your college tuition is due and your parents won’t help, maybe your cat needs to see the vet, or maybe your boyfriend who just slept with your bestie decided to take off with her and leave you with the full load of rent for the apartment you both leased under YOUR name. There are any number of shitty jams that life throws at us that can cause us to be in desperate need of cash.

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Money and Freedom

Becoming a cam girl is basically one of the best ways to get out of these jams because you can, usually, make money the first night you begin broadcasting (if you choose the right cam site). You can literally have the money in your bank account in a matter of days, so there’s no long waiting period to cash-out. Compare this to getting a job at some store, where you’d have to work for like two weeks before you saw your first check. Yeah, no contest, amirite?

Reasons to be a cam girl or webcam model.

So, clearly, being able to make good money quickly, and getting it into your hands fast, is a huge positive reason to be a cam girl. But one of the best reasons to get into webcam modeling is the FREEDOM it allows. Think about it, would you rather be waiting tables every day, dealing with obnoxious bosses and demanding customers, and wearing down your will to live as you barely make it through a daily grind that gives you no sense of satisfaction whatsoever? Nope, not for me at all. As a camgirl, I can make my own hours, get up whenever I want, go to bed whenever I feel like it, and be my own boss. I mean, it just doesn’t compare — camming is totally liberating compared to normal jobs.


Being a Cam Girl Opened Me Up Sexually

While freedom and quick money are great, your own personal sexual development is also something to consider. Before I became a camgirl, I was far more prudish than I am now, and I’m actually really glad that I changed. Webcam modeling exposed me to a huge number of crazy fetishes (most of which I didn’t particularly care for, but some of which I discovered were right up my alley). That exposure to a whole new world of sexual interests and tastes made me a completely different person when it came to sexuality.

As I saw that the people who had these far-out kinks were basically normal in every other way, I realized that my previous judgmental attitudes about anything “edgy” in the sphere of erotic activities was totally misguided.

A couple years ago, a cam girl friend of mine who dabbled in the “findom” niche, told me that she had a guy who absolutely LOVED to pay for her meals. Literally every time she went out to eat, or even when she ordered a pizza, she would take a pic of the receipt and send it to him demanding that he pay for it. Sure enough, a couple minutes later, he would always zap the full amount to her Google Wallet. Now, you have to understand, he wasn’t just doing this out of a sense of obligation — he was actually getting off on it sexually. Submissive men who are into findom actually get aroused when they are demanded upon by their “goddesses” to pay for stuff. Like, this guy would actually masturbate after every meal he paid my friend for!

And let me tell you, findom can get WAY more extreme than just paying for meals. There are findom goddesses who will occasionally demand that her submissive slave empty his bank account and transfer all of the money to her! I mean, wow. In the past, I would have heard about this fetish and said “WHAT?!? Those morons are just giving these girls all their money?!?!? What the F#ck is this S#!T?!?!? But look, that would have been sooo wrong.

I now understand why people have these fetishes, and that they’re genuine and mean a lot to them. These submissive men actually experience a HUGE amount of sexual joy having these relationships with dominant cam girls, so who am I to judge it? I mean, it’s not my cup of tea, but if it works for them, then I’m all for it.

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Having been a cam girl for years, these kinks now make sense to me, and the people who have them are no longer weirdos in my mind. This total collapse of my judgmentalism has led me to be open to sexual avenues I would have never considered before, and I’ve grown tremendously as a result. This is entirely due to my webcam modeling experience. If I hadn’t decided to become a cam girl, this would never have happened to me.


Best Reason To Be a Cam Girl – BUSINESS EXPERIENCE

Of all my reasons to be a webcam model, the best reason by far is the enormous amount of business experience camming has given me. Yeah, believe it or not, being a camgirl actually trains you to run a business. You know why? Because camming involves planning, marketing, customer relations, and digital product sales, among other things.

I literally have to come up with my own brand strategy, my marketing approach, my pricing schemes for various products I sell, and I definitely have to manage my customers/clients. If I don’t take care to make sure regulars of mine are happy, my tips go down, and that’s not acceptable. I’ve learned, over the years, that “relationship marketing” is at the heart of successful webcam modeling, and it just so happens that it’s at the heart of digital marketing in general.

Best reason.

The business skills I’ve learned in my career as a cam girl have prepared me for the time when I eventually hang up my webcam and start an online business in another niche. If I ever want to launch a digital marketing business, for example, I already have a TON of relevant skills and knowledge I can immediately employ to make it a success. This is actually something that very few cam girls talk about because, I guess, they don’t even realize that they’re sharpening these skills as they run their camming businesses. A lot of them don’t even realize they’re running a business at all!!

Nevertheless, webcam modeling IS a business, and if you decide to get into it, you too will naturally learn essential business skills that will help you in other ventures you might undertake in the future. So, trust me, this is one of the biggest and most important reasons to become a cam girl — to learn how to market and sell.

By the way, if you want to jump into the camming world and be a cam girl, check out my critical tips for getting started here. Thanks for reading!!

Aria <3 XOXOXO