Premium Snapchat Tips & Guide

If you’re a cam girl (or any kind of adult model), you NEED to be using premium Snapchat marketing. That’s how it is nowadays, right up there in importance with knowing which cord to pull when you jump out of a plane. Some things are just mission-critical, you know what I mean? And there’s a real good reason why Snapchat is so essential when you’re in the adult content game: Because the money it can make you is simply UNBELIEVABLE.

This guide will teach you EXACTLY how to make HUGE MONEY selling premium Snapchat subscriptions using elite methods that only the top adult models and cam girls are using. Read to the end for the juiciest tips!


We’re talking about the difference between barely scraping by, and needing a few blinks and a double-take just to accept the astronomical numbers that are getting deposited into your bank account. But that’s only possible if you use this wonderful little app to its fullest potential, and that means premium Snapchat along with your regular public account.

Adult Premium Snapchat Tips & Guide

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What is Premium Snapchat?

What is this thing called premium Snapchat (also sometimes called “private Snapchat” or “VIP Snapchat”), you might be asking? It’s a private account that your customers have to pay to see, and it’s where you keep all your naughty bits. Or, really, it’s where you let your naughty bits OUT, for those paying customers to see. Naked pictures, dildo videos, your drunken adventures with that vaguely phallic doorknob in your house (hey, I don’t judge, honey!), this is where it all goes.

Just keep the content coming regularly, and you can charge a subscription for guys to have access, usually from $10 – $50 per month. But you need to know how to set this up and turn it into cold hard cash, so read on for some top-shelf premium Snapchat tips that could mean the difference between a few extra bucks per month, and a FEW THOUSAND!

Premium Snapchat Guide – Top Tricks

Now, I know what you’re thinking. If you’re a cam girl, why would guys pay to see a bunch of nude and porny stuff of you, even if you do maintain a stream of it? You’re probably naked on your cam site all the time, so couldn’t they just watch you there? And THIS, right here, is the most important question for me to answer, which is why I’m tackling it first.

Yes, they will pay for access to your premium Snapchat account, and they’ll do it for the same reason they’re willing to tip you or cough up for a private show while you’re camming. Which is to say, they’ll do it because they like you. And not just in the “that one’s got a nice rack, I’d sure like to bone her!” way that men have. I’m talking about liking you personally, and even caring about you. That stuff’s important to guys, too!

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And that’s why, of all the premium Snapchat tips I have for you, this one is the most vital to keep in mind: Build a bond with your fans! Warm them up! When they feel close to you, and start seeing you as a personal friend instead of just another hot girl, they actually WANT to pay you. They enjoy helping you out.

And they REALLY enjoy pretty much any sexual content you offer them in exchange, even if they can get basically the same thing for free. Putting money in your hands for it makes it “special.” Believe me, guys will jerk off ten times harder and more often to porn that means something to them, than they ever will to common stuff from someone they have no connection with. So, what premium Snapchat is, more than anything else, is a way to sell sexual content to fans who have bonded with you. And bonding with your fan base is so important — it’s the key to making BIG money in the adult content business!


Using Public Snapchat To Sell Premium Snapchat

This is where your public “free” Snapchat account comes in. You want to use that one to pump sales for the premium account. And we already know that the best way to do that is to bond with your fans, so make the free account all about you. Use it to warm up the customers! Keep it active with news from your life, snaps of your interests, and activities you’re doing.

Do you love painting? Snap a portrait! Just got an adorable new puppy? Share that furry bundle of joy! And if you go to the beach or a swimming pool, you can even put up an occasional bikini pic with a bit of teasing, but keep it mostly clean (no actual nudity or blatantly sexual stuff, like twerking). We want your non-sexual stuff on this account. And this isn’t just because the viewers have to pay to see what’s on premium. Snapchat doesn’t actually allow nude or crude content, and they’ll give you plenty of heartburn if you try putting that on your free account.

But wait, doesn’t that mean your premium account will just get banned? Eventually, yeah, it will. And here’s another of my indispensable premium Snapchat tips: Don’t worry about it. It’s part of the business. When it happens, you just create a new pre-mie, let your customers know about the switch, and you’re golden.

There are even online services like FanPageTV that will take care of it for you, along with managing your subscriptions generally. They’re definitely worth a look, if you don’t mind sharing your revenue (they take about 25% of each charge, but trust me, it’s WAY worth it to avoid the hassle of taking payments and managing members yourself!).

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So, now we know that you need to use a premium Snapchat account, and that the free account warms up customers to you so they’ll pay for a subscription. But having a popular free account doesn’t just happen, baby. You have to work at building it, and this is where we come full circle to being a cam girl! Can you see where I’m going with this?

We all know how many “lookie-loos” we get while we’re working the cam, amirite girls? People who show up in our channels, a lot of times as “guests” with no accounts or tokens on the cam site, and do absolutely nothing but LOOK. Because God knows they’re not there to tip us. They just watch the show for awhile, then wander off to lather, rinse and repeat with someone else. But wait! Through the magic of Snapchat, we have a second chance to monetize those freeloading freebie jerkers!

If you’re a camgirl with a decent income, all you have to do is what you’re already doing: Keep your show engaging, entertaining, and interesting. Except now, you’re going to pepper in mentions of your free Snapchat account, and invite your viewers to check it out. After all, you’ll point out, it’s totally FREE, it’s got lots of neat stuff, and it’s a great way to get to know the real you away from the cam site. Make a point of stressing that your real life is VERY interesting, and they definitely don’t want to miss a snap.

Premium Snapchat Subscriptions - How To Sell Them

Guys on cam sites LOVE free Snapchats. They eat them up like that yummy soft-serve ice cream at buffets. Even many of your lookie-loos will want to check it out, where they’ll warm up to you by seeing the kind of actual person you are. And a percentage of them WILL become premium subscribers, even if they haven’t given you one single camming token before (although many probably will, now).

It’s impossible to overstate the value of your camming as a way to bring people to your Snapchat, so use it! And, of course, it works both ways. Mention that you’re a cam girl on your public account, and you’ll draw people to your camming stream too (this is actually a GREAT and underused tactic to get lots of people into your camming chatroom when you go live!). Many of these people, no matter how they’re introduced into your marketing “loop”, will pay for premium.

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Top Tips and Quick Reference Guide For Adult Snapchat

Okay, so to sum it all up, you need to take the following simple steps to start making big money with your premium adult Snapchat account.

1Create a free-to-access public Snapchat account. Use this account to post and snap pics and videos of you going about your day and engaging the world. You can snap stuff about your cat, your cereal bowl, your argument with the mechanic fixing your car’s radiator, whatever. If it’s mundane, it golden content for your public Snapchat. This account will “warm-up” followers and get them to come to know you as a real person, which will help them relate to you and make it much easier to bond with them.

After a while watching your public snaps, they’ll consider you as a friend and will be much more likely to support you by buying your content and tipping you on cam sites. And they’ll be ripe as can be for selling premium Snapchat subscriptions.

2Signup as a “broadcaster” at Chaturbate. Chaturbate is currently the largest cam site on the internet, and it’s swimming with members who love to spend money on adult models. It doesn’t matter whether you’re male, female, trans, or anything in between — Chaturbate welcomes ALL models who are at least 18 years of age. Because it’s so big, Chaturbate has a TON of traffic. I mean, it’s actually staggering. The site is consistently listed on the Top 50 list of all websites for North American traffic.

Once you get established as a model there, you’ll be able to get LOTS of followers for your public Snapchat, which is crucial for selling your premium subscriptions. Just list the account name in your room topic and point out that it’s free (something like: Add my FREE Snapchat!! – “TwerkingHottie69”). Call attention to it often and talk about how great it is.

Don’t think you’ll have to do any explicit stuff or public sex shows on Chaturbate. I mean, you can if you want, but you can also just sit there and chat with your room viewers about any common interests you may have — works just as well. You can even be non-nude on Chaturbate, which means you don’t even have to take off a piece of clothing (though showing some boobs, or flashing some ass can admittedly increase your viewer count a bit).

The key thing you must remember, though, is to NOT GIVE UP in the beginning when you won’t have many people tipping you. The big tips will come only after a few weeks of regular camming — this is because people need a chance to warm-up to you before they become comfortable tipping. And anyway, the main point here is to get these viewers onto your public Snapchat account, so as long as you’re achieving that, you’re winning. Signup with Chaturbate here, if you haven’t yet.

3Setup a premium Snapchat account that you will use to post all the naughty content you want. Nudes, explicit sex shows, masturbation, you name it. It’s all good on your adult Snapchat premium account. You’ll sell subscriptions to this account mainly by promoting it on your public Snapchat account.

Remember, if you’re doing it right, you will get a TON of followers on your public account by using Chaturbate as a traffic pump. When those followers get warmed up, they will be likely to consider buying access to your Premium Snapchat. Just post lots of teases on your public account about how hot your premium content is — it works like a charm, believe me. You’ll be making sales out the ass.

Your premium Snapchat subscriptions will “recur” if the member wishes to keep accessing your content, so a guy who signs up at $10 per month could end up spending over $100 or more over the course of his membership. The more you snap premium content (and the hotter it is) the more subscribers will recur their subscriptions, and the more money you’ll make.

But managing subscriptions is a REAL FREAKING HASSLE, so don’t even try to do it yourself. You’d have to take payments manually, keep track of who’s not paying anymore, and manually advise subscribers of your new premium account every time your old one gets deleted by Snapchat. I would prefer to deal with PMS 24/7 than to have to deal with all that myself, to be perfectly real and honest.

No, what you need is a premium Snapchat subscription management platform that can take care of all that for you. Then, you can concentrate on getting subscribers and making mo’ money. FanPageTV is a great platform to use for this (they only take 25% and they’re reliable). Once you have your premium Snapchat account setup, signup with FanPageTV here.

4My final tip is about how to manage having two Snapchat accounts. Some phones let you have multiple logins for Snapchat, but if yours doesn’t, then you’ll either need to have two separate phones (one for your public Snapchat, and one for your premium account), or you’ll need to use Parallel Space. Parallel Space is an app that lets you have multiple logins for Snapchat and many other apps. If you don’t have it yet, just go to your app store and look it up. It’s a lifesaver!

Okay, that’s pretty much it. Get out there and apply these premium Snapchat tips, and you will simply not believe the difference it makes in your monthly income. This little app is your best friend as a cam girl or adult model; use it well, and it’ll bring home the bacon big time.

So, what is premium Snapchat? It’s a MAJOR revenue source, baby!

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