BBW Sugar Baby Tips

BBW & Plus Sized Sugar Baby TipsI get really bummed out when I talk to some of my bigger girlfriends about my work in the adult world, and so many just ASSUME that they could never do what I do. After all, they’re “fat”, which means they’re unattractive and no guy would ever pay money to see them naked. And just forget about being a sugar baby – those girls are perfect! If a man can’t make his fingers touch around your waist, you’re automatically disqualified.

Plus-size sugar babies can be JUST AS SUCCESSFUL as their slim and trim counterparts, and I’m going to explain exactly how and why! 

There’s so much wrong with this attitude that I never know where to begin, but the part that really upsets me is when I actually explain all the reasons that a plus-size sugar baby can have mad success, and they STILL won’t believe it. So today I’m going to make my case for bigger girls who want to get into sugaring, tell you why that’s not even any harder for them than anybody else, and show you what it takes to be a BBW sugar baby.

Let’s start by getting the classical “beauty” myth out of the way: Sugar babies do NOT have to weigh 100 lbs, live at the gym, and have a perfect hourglass figure. That’s not only a stereotype, it’s a pretty narrow one. Sure, some guys totally fetishize women like that, and it’s the only body type they’re even interested in. But plenty also actually prefer a larger girl – they would rather have a BBW (which is why that acronym for “Big Beautiful Woman” exists) than a skinny or slender girl.

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Beyond even that, though, and this is the mistake a lot of my friends make, you’ve got to take into account the guys who just plain don’t care. This can happen with any kind of dating, because there ARE more men than you think who aren’t hung up on a woman’s appearance and aren’t looking for ANY particular size or shape. But it’s especially true with sugar daddies.

Girls, I don’t want to over-generalize about either side of this equation, because there’s plenty more variety than most people realize. But it’s just a fact that a majority of sugar daddies are older guys. And older guys simply aren’t a raging storm of hormones anymore. They went through that period, and they may even have fond memories of it, but it’s over now. Testosterone declines as a man gets older, and with it, so does his sex drive.

Guys in their silver years typically want a woman they can connect with, whose personality compliments theirs and who is fun and interesting to be around. For most, this is just way more important than what she looks like, whatever that may be. This gives a BBW sugar baby who worries that she isn’t “pretty” enough a huge opportunity.


How BBW Sugar Babies Find Quality Sugar Daddies

These days, the easiest way for any girl to find herself a sugar daddy is to perform on a cam site. That was true even before we had a global pandemic forcing everyone to stay inside; now, it’s a total no-brainer. Cam sites can be used to build relationships with customers that carry over into real life, if that’s what you want, though of course that part of it would have to wait right now because of the virus.

Your best bet is to go for an online-only sugar daddy, which is when the entire relationship takes place online, but you still make just as much as you would if you were doing it in person (just minus the expensive restaurants and exotic vacations).

Becoming a webcam model may seem intimidating if you’ve never worked as one before, but trust me, it’s really not that hard. When you’re first starting out, the most important things to remember are to cam often, and cam consistently. That means go online every day, seven days a week, even if you can only manage an hour or two some days (though if you’re quarantining, you’ve probably got time to spare, which is good).

But keep to a schedule; decide the hours you’re going to work, and list them in your public channel topic so everyone knows. This is a way bigger deal than it might seem, because it’s what allows site members to keep seeing you day after day, which allows their warm and fuzzy feelings for you to get warmer and fuzzier. Next thing you know, they’re regulars.

Online-only BBW sugar babies are in demand on cam sites, but you need to keep to a consistent schedule so the same viewers can find you regularly. It’s actually really important.

Well, okay, maybe it’s not QUITE that easy. You’ve also got to engage with the guys who show an interest in you, and especially anyone who tips (even a little). Keep that up with people who like you enough to keep visiting your channel frequently, and pretty soon they’ll be hooked for the long haul. That’s a regular, and they’re the foundation of any webcam model’s income, whether she’s trying to be a plus-size sugar baby or not.

What I mean by “engaging” basically just comes down to interaction. Be talkative in your chat room, always trying to strike up conversations (or keep them going). You can throw out some stuff that you’re into to see if anybody bites, or pick up on an interest that one of the viewers expresses. And when in doubt, a cam girl simply can’t go wrong by talking about sex – your kinks, turn-offs, boyfriend horror stories, it’s all gold.

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Remember, pay particular attention to your tippers. You really want to show them your appreciation. Give them priority on your attention, and if they tip consistently, start sending them private messages on the site to keep the dialogue going.

As a BBW sugar baby, you want to do some things a little differently than most other girls. Remember, most online sugar daddies won’t care what you look like, but they WILL care about how intellectually stimulating you can be. That means it’s a good idea to be at least somewhat informed on subjects that they tend to be interested in.

These are well-off, upper-class (or upper middle-class) guys, so focus on things like business news, politics, and maybe something particularly brainy like philosophy. Dressing nice helps, too, and while getting naked is a good way to get yourself established, once you’re in the door you might want to tone that down a bit and act more “classy”.

Tailor your image and vibe to the kind of sugar daddy you want to attract. Like attracts like, so don’t go all grunge if you’re looking to land a Wall Street investment banker.

The best place for a plus-size sugar baby (or any webcam model, really) to go when they’re starting out is Chaturbate. It’s got loads of traffic, and more than a fair share of that is from the wealthier parts of the world. That’s important, obviously, since a BBW sugar baby ain’t no good without her daddy.

Chaturbate also has lots of really useful bells and whistles for the cam girls, too. For example, it’ll color code the members in your room, so that you know just by looking at a name whether that person has tokens or has recently purchased them. That’s huge, because most of the guys who enter your channel are just passing through and won’t be leaving tips. You’ve got to focus your attention on the ones who are willing to spend.

The various apps and bots on Chaturbate are pretty awesome, too, and will help you run your channel. Don’t worry if they seem a little overwhelming at first; you don’t have to use them until you’re good and ready. When you are, though, you’ll be happy with them.

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So in close, let me just remind you to never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something, especially if it’s because of what you look like. Screw that! Get out there and make your mark!