Online-Only Sugar Baby Guide

Online-Only Sugar Baby Guide - Tips for NewbiesAs you may or may not know, there are basically two types of sugar relationships right now. I mean, no, really there are a MILLION different types; I’m not even sure I’m being corny if I say there’s literally a different KIND of sugar relationship for every sugar relationship that actually exists. Aren’t I romantic and shit? But all those arrangements fall into one of two big categories.

You’ve already heard of the usual one, where the couple meet up in person however often to go out on dates and do whatever else floats their two boats. You might NOT, however, know about “online” sugar; and you should, because it’s huge and getting huger. So, first, I’m going to tell you what exactly it means to be an online-only sugar baby, and then, towards the end of the post, I’ll get into the specifics of how to BECOME an online only sugar baby.

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How Being an Online-Only Sugar Baby Works

Online sugaring is pretty much what it sounds like: a sugar relationship, just kept online. Of course, that by itself means there are going to be some rather noticeable differences from in-person sugaring. In an online-only arrangement, the sugar baby and sugar daddy never actually see each other in real life.

I mean, if they do, which is a decision some couples eventually make, then it’s not online-only anymore. What they DO do is keep in touch over various online messaging systems, swap texts over the phone, and actually TALK on the phone. There’s also video streaming like Skype and FaceTime and whatever, which online-only sugar couples use a lot too.

You probably think you can imagine what they get up to in those video chats, too, but you’d be wrong. Well, most of the time, anyway. It’s weird to a lot of people, but most online sugar arrangements aren’t sexual at all. The couple might have online “dates” where they eat dinner or watch a movie together over a video link, but the sugar daddy almost never asks his sugar baby to get naked or do anything naughty on cam.

I’ve found that a lot of times, guys that are into this kind of sugaring are more interested in building a paternal relationship with a young girl, sort of the “daughter they never had”, who they can guide in life and teach things to. They just aren’t in it for sex.

If you’re wondering, yes, sugar daddies will still pay a generous weekly or monthly allowance to their online only sugar baby, usually JUST as generous as they’d pay if they were seeing her in person. And, yes, they’ll buy her gifts, too, often from an online wish list that the sugar baby sets up, with the items shipped directly to her door. And, NO, I am not lying to you, and this is not some kind of impossible pie in the sky bullshit. There are lots of good reasons that men are willing and eager to do this, and if you’ll bear with for a sec, I’ll explain some of them. Sorry, you just wouldn’t believe how many people think I’m straight making shit up when I talk about this. Anyway.

Find an online-only sugar daddy.

So when an online only sugar baby isn’t the object of her sugar daddy’s sexual interest, it usually has to do with the sugar daddy’s life and lifestyle. Online-only sugar daddies tend to be rich, much more often than guys who sugar in person, and rich people are usually pretty busy with their careers. Many of them just don’t have time to go out on dates and do the other stuff that’s usually involved in maintaining a relationship with someone you know physically, so staying online is just more practical.

Beyond that, these guys are almost always married. Some of them want to avoid cheating on their wives because they don’t feel right about it, yet they feel if they spent a lot of time in the company of a hot young twenty-something, that would be likely to happen. Sometimes they HAVE to avoid cheating, because they’re with their wives during most of their free time, and couldn’t get away for secret meetings even if they wanted to.

And, of course, there’s good ol’ hormones to think about. Rich, online-only sugar daddies are usually much older than their sugar babies, and they just aren’t thinking with the lower head so much anymore.


How To Become an Online-Only Sugar Baby

Alright, so let’s get into actually doing this. It isn’t immediately obvious how to become an online only sugar baby. I mean, you really can’t use the basic sugar meet sites for it; the guys there are looking for in-person sugar arrangements. You need to rely on cam sites for online sugar, and while both MyFreeCams and Chaturbate are very good for this, I give the nod to Chaturbate when recommending a site for sugar babies.

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MFC and Chaturbate are both huge, so there’s plenty of nice, juicy traffic there. It just so happens that most of the sugar daddies tend to like Chaturbate, so it’s easy to find one on that site. That’s why I usually recommend MFC for guys who want to be online only sugar daddies, and Chaturbate for the online only sugar baby, as funny as it might sound. The bottom line is, if you go to Chaturbate looking for a sugar daddy, you won’t be disappointed. You just have to know what to do to find one, but it’s pretty easy.

Basically, it’s all a matter of signing up as a camgirl on Chaturbate, and working the site for awhile. The strategy for succeeding as a new webcam model is actually pretty simple; the fact that so many people just don’t know what to do is why we have such a high turnover in this industry.

In a nutshell: Be friendly, not boring; set a schedule, and stick to it every day; talk to your regulars and become friends with them. Oh, and most importantly of all, for the love of a forgiving and merciful God, DON’T GET DISCOURAGED when you don’t make money for the first few days. You won’t, and that’s normal. It takes time to build yourself up (fans will develop gradually). Just keep doing it, and within a few weeks, the money will start coming in.

Signup as a Sugar Baby Model With Chaturbate Here

Of course, we’re not just going for money here, we want a sugar daddy. That happens when you get visited by “whales”, which are the rich big spenders on cam sites who will drop HUGE tips on you just because they like you. You want to make sure to take real good care of these guys. Give them lots of doting private attention over the site, let them have your phone number and keep up with them over text, and basically do everything you can to make them a part of your life.

You want to do this because, aside from the massive tips, it’s the whales who tend to be the online only sugar daddies on cam sites. And THIS is why Chaturbate is so awesome for this: It attracts these rich sugar daddies like a magnet. All you have to do is go out there and find one. If you build a bond with him over, let’s say, a month or two, and you keep doing this with every whale who will let you, you WILL find an online only sugar daddy. It won’t even take that long, and you’ll be making great money camming in the meantime. Hello, no-brainer! LOL.

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