My Online-Only Sugar Daddy

Wow, have I had a year. Sorry I’ve been so quiet guys, a whole lot has been going on in my life, and I can’t even believe how my whole world has changed in the last 10 months. Like, not gonna lie, I’ve experienced stuff that would change most people, but I think I’ve been able to stay grounded and I’m still myself. Well, kind of…

So, I caught COVID last year. Yeah, and I caught it unvaccinated, so it really sucked. I was feeling like death for a few weeks, was basically coughing my lungs out on the daily, and I couldn’t taste or smell anything for a while. Not gonna wish that on anyone ever, let me tell you. But something really great came out of that experience that I want to tell you guys about. I found myself one of the most perfect online sugar daddies in the history of sugar!

Well, at least he WAS the best, for as long as it lasted. Ok, so when I got COVID, I was totally isolated in my home, and I got bored out of my mind, so I spent a LOT of time camming. I went on cam like multiple times a day, mostly because I loved being with my regulars and they really helped me keep my mood up while I was suffering the Rona.

I was on at times that I normally would never go on cam, so I was meeting new people constantly. Well, one of the people I met was this guy who, for no reason at all, laid down a MASSIVE tip on me the first time he popped into my chat room. Like, completely out of the blue, ok? Yeah, it was one of those.

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So, of course I was intrigued by this generous stranger. I immediately started to chat him up, but he seemed really busy, and almost like uninterested in talking to me, so I was like, why did he just tip me a small fortune then?? I was confused, but I’ve basically seen it all in this job as a cam girl, so I wasn’t gonna dwell on the mystery for too long. I just wished a good day, and he went off to wherever.

Next day, I go on at that same time he popped in my room, hoping he might show up again and throw some more fortunes my way. Well, sure enough, he did, and yep, another small fortune was dropped right in my lap. This was completely insane, but I was loving it, of course, and have to say, it was really helping me get through the fucking COVID, so it was awesome. I chatted with him again for a little bit, then he said he had to go.

Mind you, when we were chatting, he never brought up any sexual topic at all. He was talking to me about music, about my furniture, and he even mentioned cryptocurrency more than once. This guy was no hornytoad, I can tell you that. He was just interested in tipping, shooting the breeze for a bit, then leaving and getting back to work.

Third day rolls around and, of course, I go on cam at the same time of day hoping for, well you know. Yeah, the guy shows up again at around the same time as usual. He tips me massively AGAIN, and we start talking. This time, though, I could tell something was different. He was less cheery than he had been, and there was definitely something wrong. I didn’t want to pry too much, but you know, I’m kind of a nosey bitch, so I went ahead and probed. I asked him what was getting him down, and he ultimately told me after a bit of resistance.

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His wife had recently died…from COVID. Yes. He had seen me online telling people I had it, and he was overcome with empathy for me. That’s why he tipped me the way he did. His wife had been his life for over 30 years of marriage, and he was basically lost without her. He said he tried to keep cheery when talking to me, because he didn’t want to bring me down, but the closer we were getting, the more he felt he couldn’t hide his emotions.

He told me that dealing with the death of his wife was the most difficult thing he had experienced in his life, and he was desperately trying to connect with people out of a sense of loneliness and abandonment. He was never a very social guy, so he liked chatting up cam girls because it was easier. He said he was drawn to me, not only because I was sick with the Rona, but because of the music I liked to listen to. I play a lot of soft jazz in my room, and he said it reminded him of his wife.

Guys, I was a complete mess when he told me all of this. I was balling my eyes out, and it wasn’t just because of my COVID-compromised emotional state. This guy’s story was the most compelling stuff I had heard in probably my entire career as a cam girl. There was this one guy, years ago, who told me a really sad story about his dog that really got me too, but I’m not going into that one now.

This amazingly generous gentleman has been so kind and giving to me over the last 10 months, that I simply cannot put my gratitude into words. He and I grew so close that, well, I don’t even know if I want to talk about it. But he’s out of my life now, due to some circumstances that erupted all of a sudden. He’s fine, he’s just dealing with some new people in his life who basically are pulling him in another direction.

I don’t know if I’ll ever talk to him again, or what will happen in the future, but omg guys. What a ridiculous adventure this has been. I’ll try to share more details about this in the future, but for now. Omg, just…WOW.

Aria <3 XOXOXO