Millionaire Sugar Daddies

How to find a rich sugar daddy.If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know I like to talk about camming a lot, but I also like to hit the topic of sugar daddies. And you may be into the lingo enough by now to understand what I mean when I say “whale”. It’s not about Shamu; whales are extremely generous, extremely wealthy members on cam sites who hand out HUGE tips like free samples of crack. But it’s actually not just in camming; “whales” exist in a lot of industries, and the word always refers to big spenders.

Even in online games, the players who buy the most 1’s and 0’s for their characters, who incidentally are also 1’s and 0’s (sorry, I just never really understood people who get into these), are called “whales”. So you can probably see where I’m going: There are whales in sugaring, too, and they are freaking awesome. If you land one of these, the government may as well just give you a license to print money. And that’s what we’re gonna talk about here; not just how to find a sugar daddy, but how to find a WHALE millionaire daddy!

If you want to know about the secrets tricks girls are using to find MILLIONAIRE sugar daddies, get ready for a serious revelation in this post.

First, let me go over some of the ways that having a rich sugar daddy, which for me means anyone with a net worth in the millions, is glazed doughnuts topped with pure love. Basically, all that money, especially with an older sugar daddy, means that he isn’t afraid to spend it. He has way more than he needs or could even use in the relatively short time he has left on Earth, and while he usually does want to leave some to his family, he also feels like he worked hard for it and he wants to enjoy it before he’s gone.


The Truth About Rich Sugar Daddies

In my experience, that means he’s not even gonna look at the price tags of the gifts he buys you, he’ll give you MORE than the allowance you agreed on just to make you feel special, and he’ll take you on trips. A millionaire sugar daddy will take you to Germany because he wants to eat sausage and drink beer. You’ll have romantic pasta parmigiana dinners at actual Italian restaurants, in ITALY. And when he feels like really going on vacation, clear your calendar, because there’s a good chance you’re touring different parts of the WORLD over a week.

Sound good? Well, rein it in a bit, because here’s the bad news about how to find a sugar daddy like this: It ain’t easy. You can go on the sugar sites like, but most of your pots (potential daddies) aren’t going to be super rich like this. They’ll be the comfortable but not wealthy “middle of the road” sugar daddies — better than Splenda daddies but way short of whales. You’ll be looking at $2,000 or even $1,000 a month in allowance, and dates and gifts that aren’t all that extravagant.

If you go about finding a millionaire sugar daddy using the typical online methods, you may be disappointed. Thankfully, there’s a better way.

Oh, and for most of them, you can forget about the trips entirely. Sure, if you keep trying, you might eventually strike gold on Seeking. But you might not. And even if you do, it could take months or even years. If it makes you feel better, your chances are a lot better if you live in certain expensive, high-income areas, like New York City or Los Angeles in the United States. Internationally, I understand that girls in Dubai and Shanghai do pretty well at sugaring too, but I’m American, so I don’t know as much about that. Either way, if you’re hoping for a millionaire sugar daddy off the sugar dating sites, expect a long haul.

Millionaire sugar daddies and hot to get one.

Ok, so that’s the bad news. The GOOD news is, there’s a shortcut to how to find a whale daddy, and it’s Chaturbate. Yeah, the camming site I’m always talking about. You can use others, but really, Chaturbate is the best. It has the most users, and it seems to have this, like, magnetic attraction for rich guys. They just love to watch cam girls on Chaturbate, and they usually become whales (in the camming sense) there. But they also have a way of becoming something else on Chaturbate: Online sugar daddies.

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I’m not gonna get into a long explanation here of how online sugar daddies are real, even though a lot of people go full Santa Claus on the idea of their existence. I’m just going to quickly say that they’re real, and then move on to how awesome they are. Now, let’s be clear that they’re a different KIND of awesome than the rich sugar daddy you’d date in real life.

Those are the “OMG I’m spending half my time exploring the world AND I’m getting everything I want AND a shit-ton of money!” kind of awesome, while the online sugar daddies are the “OMG this is barely taking up any of my time AND I’m getting everything I want AND a shit-ton of money!”

The Trick to Finding an Online-Only Sugar Daddy…

You’re definitely trading in the exotic vacations and a few other luxury experiences in exchange for a relationship that just doesn’t put that many demands on you at all. But in case you didn’t notice, the common thread is getting everything you want and shit-tonnage of money. You’re doing really well either way, and the whole bit about how to find a whale daddy is a hell of a lot easier when you do it online.


How To Snag Online-Only Millionaire Sugar Daddies

All you really have to do is sign up for Chaturbate, and broadcast regularly. 7 days a week is best, but 6 or even 5 will work fine. You can also be online for as long or as little as you like; if you can do just 2 hours a day, and you’re willing to wait a little, it’ll happen eventually.

The more time you spend on camming, the better your chances, and the sooner you’ll hit your jackpot. It really is this simple in the end, because Chaturbate is FULL of whales. Just about every attractive cam girl who sticks with it long enough will eventually get a visit from one, they’re all rich, and some of them are online sugar daddies looking for a sugar baby. You can’t really go wrong.

Of course, the part about “sticking with it long enough” is kind of important. As in, extremely, mission-critical important. I’m serious, the number one reason girls fail as webcam models, and therefore lose their chance to meet sugar daddies on Chaturbate, is because they get discouraged after literally a couple DAYS and quit. So let me just prepare you now: Chaturbate is probably the best cam site there is right now, but even there, you aren’t going to make money right away.

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You’re going to have “dry” days, especially in the beginning, and they’re going to make you feel like you’re wasting your time. You’re not. You just have to keep it up, keep coming back to broadcast, and the revenues WILL start coming in. On a good site like Chaturbate, it won’t even take that long. Most girls who do it right start seeing a nice income within two weeks, or a month at most. Meeting your first whale shouldn’t take much longer than that, and if you do the smart thing and actually make FRIENDS with your whales, you’ll have your rich sugar daddy in no time.

Also, if you need help with the basics of starting on Chaturbate, check out my newbie cam girl guide here.

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