Is The MFC Camscore a Good Thing?

As I’ve mentioned a lot in the past, I tend to spend most of my broadcasting time on MyFreeCams. I started my cam girl career there years ago, and I guess I just never felt the need to move to other big cam sites like Chaturbate. I got pretty comfortable, you could say. While I do have a pro-MFC bias, I guess, I definitely am aware of the main criticisms that many cam models have about the way things work over there. The main complaint about MFC among camgirls has always been the “camscore,” so I’m going to tackle that issue as honestly and as even-handedly here as I can.

Is MyFreeCams Camscore Good?

First, let me explain what the camscore is, and exactly how it impacts a cam model working on MyFreeCams. Camscore is a ranking score that MFC assigns to each model on the site. A new model will begin with a camscore of 1,000, and it will either go up or down from that level depending on how many tokens the girl accumulates during her camming sessions (actually, camscore can also go up based on “offline tips,” but I’ll get to that later). The higher a camgirl’s camscore, the higher her room will be listed on the MFC main page. Generally, the cam models on MFC who have higher camscores make more money per session than girls with lower camscores.

Camscore is different from the “Miss MFC” model rankings, which tells you who’s making the most money on MFC in any given month. The number 1 Miss MFC model is making more than all the models ranked under her, so it’s basically just a competition based on how many tokens have been made so far in the month. A camgirl might have a camscore of like 20,000, which is super high, but she might be ranked #587 for the month if she hasn’t cammed much lately. All the camscore tells you is how good the model is at getting tokens from her viewers when she’s active, not how much she’s making overall.

The Camscore Controversy

In the MyFreeCams cam girl community, camscore is pretty much hated all around (well, that’s a slight exaggeration, maybe) because most models see it as unfair to the newer, less established girls who lack large numbers of generous fans who will tip consistently enough to keep their scores high.

Like, if you’re a brand new camgirl at MFC, you’re probably not going to have many fans, obviously, because nobody knows who you are. If you can’t keep up with the well-heeled cam models, your camscore will likely slip, or stay stagnant, and you’ll never get up into the top rows of rooms on the main page. Big tippers will most likely never find you, and you’ll be locked in a mediocre rank for the rest of your camming career at MFC (or, at least as long as it takes you to build a fan following off-site that you can import to help with your camscore). For this reason, and I have to agree on this point, Chaturbate is generally believed to be a much better option for cam models who are just starting out.

Do Camgirls like it?

Now, SOME camgirls actually do like the camscore on MFC because it rewards those models who are careful and smart about how they conduct business on the site. For example, you can use the fact that “offline tips” (which are just tips that occur when you’re not broadcasting) boost camscore even more than tips you get when you’re live. Like, you could ask your most loyal regulars to make sure to tip you offline to get maximum camscore benefit.

Also, you could offer a premium Snapchat and lots of video content for tokens to your viewer audience, which would boost spending and increase your camscore. So, there are definitely ways to make the camscore work for you, if you’re smart about it (and I’ll be writing more about the specific ways in a coming post, no worries!).

I should also mention that there ARE some cam models at MFC who do really well from the beginning, even if they don’t happen to have a large fan following, just on the force of their looks and/or personality. I’ve seen it happen many times (though it’s NOT common, so don’t get me wrong). A really pretty, perfect 10 newb camgirl will logon and just be immediately swarmed by viewers in minutes. She’ll attract hundreds of people into her room, including several “whale” big spenders who tip her into low-earth orbit, basically. Her camscore will shoot right up and she’ll end up doing extremely well on MFC. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it definitely CAN happen, and does.

So, yeah, for most cam girls looking to try MyFreeCams, the camscore will probably be a problem that must be overcome. One of the best ways to deal with it, as I alluded to above, is to bring your own fan army with you when you start camming there, but there are other ways too, which I will be getting to in due time! Stay tuned!