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A couple years ago, the camming world was basically set on fire by the advent of “teledildonics.” No, it’s not some weird android class from Star Wars, it’s the term used to describe electronic sex toys that can be controlled remotely. These are basically vibrators that somebody can trigger or control over the internet. So, you can imagine how popular they became with camgirls looking to get an edge on the competition. All of a sudden, cam models started using these sex toys during camming sessions and allowed their viewers to set off the vibe and control its intensity with their tips. People absolutely loved it!

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Teledildonic Sex Toys for CamgirlsThe first model of teledildonic sex toy to be used widely in the camming world was the Ohmibod vibrator. It totally took off like a rocketship on Chaturbate. Supposedly, it would go off when viewers tipped, but the problem was that the intensity of the vibration was just too weak to cause any really pleasurable sensations. Also, many camgirls started pretending that, with bigger tips, you could get a bigger “buzz” out of the Ohmibod toy, so lots of Chaturbate viewers were duped into thinking that they were really blasting a girl with a 1,000 token tip, when it was all just bullcrap acting. If you ask me, Ohmibod was a total disappointment on so many levels!

Buuut, Ohmibod DID inspire the creation of really good teledildonic vibrators, like the Lovense line of sex toys. These vibes actually WORK as advertised. They give you a great buzz when activated, and they have several different levels of intensity. The Lovense vibes are integrated with most of the major cam sites like MyFreeCams, Chaturbate,, Cam4, CamSoda, and Flirt4Free. This means that they have apps that will manage the tipping/buzzing during a show. When a viewer tips you 500 tokens, the vibrator will go off at a higher intensity than when you get a 100 token tip.

Lovense Lush, Hush, & NoraLovense is really great because they offer 3 different teledildonic sex toys, and if you ask me, every camgirl needs all of them in her arsenal. My favorite is the “Nora,” which is long and powerful. It goes in deep and packs a really good punch. The “Lush” vibe is also great because you can just slip it in and go about your camming session as if it weren’t even there, then when somebody tips, BAM! LOL

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The third one is for your ass, and it’s awesome too. Anal and butt plugs have never been more popular in the camming business, so Lovense recently put out the “Hush” vibrator, which will totally rock your booty when properly tipped, trust me on that. Members seems to really love it too, and you can never go wrong with a teledildonic butt plug, if you ask me.

Most camgirls who are considering forking over the cash to buy these vibrators tend to wonder whether it’s really worth it, and I can only tell you that it is by a mile. The Lovense toys have made me so much more money than I would have been able to bring in without them, and the same is true for most of the other cam models I know. These teledildonic cam shows are sweeping the entire camming industry (viewers already kind of expect camgirls to do them), and you’re gonna be left behind as a cam model if you don’t keep up. If you think of it as a business investment, it makes so much sense to get these toys.

You can learn more about them here.

I have so much more to say about these Lovense sex toys and how to do cam shows that fully take advantage of them, so stay tuned to my blog for that!

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