Lovense Lush Review

Sex toys used to be so boring. I mean, yeah, you used to be able to get yourself a nice vibrator for some good old “self-loving,” but all it really did was give you a slightly better way to masturbate. Everybody knows it’s much more fun when somebody else is stimulating you in all the right places, amirite? Well, sex toys have just gotten a lot more interesting with the arrival of “teledildonic” devices, and the Lovense Lush vibe is one of the most popular out there right now. We’re gonna take a close look at this device here in this review, to see if it actually lives up to its reputation.

Lush Vibe Review

A teledildonic sex toy is a vibrator that can be controlled remotely by someone else. This other person can “buzz” you at their will, and the experience can be extremely satisfying in a way that buzzing yourself rarely is. As a cam girl, I’ve gotten a lot of use out of the Lovense lush vibe while broadcasting on Chaturbate, which is probably the best cam site to use it on, due to the great apps they’ve got for Lush shows. Every time a member tips me there, my Lush vibe goes off and gives me a buzz. It’s a real thrill to do these shows, and they’re great moneymakers, too. Members absolutely LOVE controlling a girl’s vibrator, as you might imagine.

As you may have guessed, the Lovense Lush, which is shaped like a big pink teardrop, is placed into the vaginal canal with the antenna end sticking out. You use an app on your smartphone to set it up for remote control (or you can get a USB Bluetooth adapter to use on your computer), and then you’re off to the races. People from anywhere in the world can give you varying levels of vibrator buzz, and this can be a serious TON of fun! But cam models are not the only girls who can use this toy, so don’t think that. It can be used by anyone who’s looking to spice things up with their lover, especially if that lover happens to travel a lot. It’s perfect for long-distance relationships too!

I’ve definitely found the Lovense Lush vibe to be super helpful in stimulating tips (and other things, as well, HAHA), and I think most cam models would agree that it’s an indispensable tool for anyone working in the camming business. Lovense also has other models, too, by the way, and the Nora is probably the most powerful in terms of the vibrator effect. They have one called “Hush,” which is an anal vibrator, and they even have a sex toy for men called the “Max” which can be used in conjunction with the Lush through “Lovense Connect.” This allows cam girls to have private sex shows with members that take the level of intimacy to whole new levels.

Lovense Lush sex shows have really become popular in the camming world, so every cam model should probably think about getting one. Also, anyone who is in a long-distance relationship, or who just wants to spice things up with their lover, is a prime candidate for this vibrator for sure. Teledildonics are beginning to change the way people have cybersex, and Lovense is putting out some of the best products in the industry. Give the Lush vibe a try, I think you’ll be pleased – and use my link below, I get a small commission when you buy, so you can help me out! :)))

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