Using Lovense Lush As a Non-Nude Model

So, the Lovense sex toy craze continues to grow throughout the cam girl world, and one particular model of Lovense toy has definitely emerged as the crowd favorite — the Lush. This little pink device, that frankly looks more like a pet toy than a sexual aid, is making cam models some very serious money on sites like Chaturbate. As I mentioned in other posts, Chaturbate now has several apps and bots that work with the Lovense Lush vibrator, so as to make using it as easy as possible for models. We know that these remotely controlled vibrators make nude broadcasters lots of money, but can they be used by non-nude webcam models as well?

Lovense Lush for Non-Nude Cam Models

The answer is a definite YES, and I can personally confirm that the Lush is being used to great effect by multiple non-nude cam girls out there. The way they seem to do it is, they just insert the device off-camera, then put on some lingerie and allow the pink antenna to creep out the side of their panties. It seems to work just as well, and all the model has to do is sit there while her room audience gets off tipping to make HER get off.

Lush Vibrator

I honestly never considered the idea that non-nude cam models would be able to incorporate the Lovense Lush in their camming routine, but I’ve already witnessed it being done successfully at Chaturbate and other cam sites. Usually, the model will begin the session with the Lush already inside her, but full dressed. Then, as she socializes with her friends and other viewers in the chatroom, she begins to remove articles of clothing until she gets down to her lingerie. Then, she just stands, or puts the camera on her panties to show everyone that the vibrator is inserted. She then fires up the Chaturbate app to manage the Lovense show and, BOOM…the tips start flooding in fast.

As I’ve mentioned before many times, there’s nothing like a “teledildonic” show to turn viewers into tippers quickly. People absolutely love the idea of being able to directly control the sexual stimulation a cam model feels. With the Lovense Lush toy, in particular, a member can control the intensity of the “buzz” that the cam girl receives (the higher the tip, the more intense the bump), so it has rapidly become the hottest and most popular teledildonic vibrator on most every cam site, but especially at Chaturbate.

Lovense Lush at Chaturbate

Not all non-nude models will be comfortable using the Lush, or any other sex toy during shows, even if she can remain clothed. There are admittedly some cam girls who will not do anything sexual whatsoever, and that’s fine if it works for them. But I HAVE noticed that there are certainly lots of technically non-nude girls who will push close to the nudity line, and will do things like tease shows, sexy dances, and so forth. For them, this could be a very profitable addition to their repertoire.

I’ve been using all three of the Lovense toys for a while now, and I totally love them. I mean, it allows you to involve your audience in your shows that make them feel connected to you in a special way. This is exactly the kind of sex toy that can create very memorable experiences for both cam model AND viewer, so it’s a total “gift from the gods,” if you ask me. If you don’t yet have a Lush of your own, check out my review of the Lovense sex toys here for a better idea of how they work, and if they might be right for you!

XOXOXO – Aria