How To Sell Used Panties Online

How to sell used panties online.If you’re anything like me, there’s very little that surprises you about sexuality and the things some people are in to. The things, ultimately, that there’s a market for. When I found out that selling used panties was a thing, I was admittedly a bit confused, but it eventually began to make a lot of sense.

I’m going to explain exactly how to make BANK selling your used underwear online, so if you like money and have some panties to soil, get ready…

Yep, you read that right. To you and me, they’re dirty laundry, but to a HUGE number of our clients and customers, they’re valuable, salable merchandise. So strap in, and let me explain how to sell used panties for money!


The Why of The Used Panties Business

First, I think it’s important to understand why so many (and it really is a lot) of guys want used panties. It’s entirely realistic to sell your dirty underwear for $50 a pair, with top webcam models and/or porn stars going much higher. What exactly are the buyers doing with it for that price? Well, lots of things…but of course, all of it is sexual.

The big stereotype among pantie selling is that the guys love to sniff them, while whacking off at the same time. The smell IS a huge factor, but many guys do more than just inhale the aroma. Sometimes they prefer to masturbate with the panties actually wrapped around their dick, or they’ll even wear the panties themselves and pull them to the side to jerk it. Then there are those customers with the “special orders”: They’ll want panties that you’ve not only worn, but peed in, left track-stains on, or even used to catch your period blood.

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Obviously they’re getting off on all this, and for some guys it begins and ends there. I guess that’s why the Japanese have those vending machines selling used panties at random, with the buyers having no idea who wore them (except for the promise that she’s “a schoolgirl” or something like that) beforehand. But it’s really important to understand that for most of our customers, it’s about way more than just getting dirty underwear from a woman. To know how to sell used panties, you need to know what they’re really getting out of this.


How Selling Used Panties Works

Most of the guys you’re going to be selling to don’t want used panties from just anyone. They want YOUR used panties. They’re your fans, and what they’re paying for is something that they know came from you. These are people who know you, care about you, and may even have a friendship going with you through e-mail, PMs, etc etc. But they also think you’re hot, and they enjoy jerking off to you.

So a pair of panties that you’ve actually worn becomes more than just a masturbation aide; it’s a SYMBOL. A symbol of their relationship with you, and a symbol of just YOU. And because the panties represent all of that to them, they’re more effective and even special when used to get off. And THAT is why they’ll pay you $50, and not Walmart $5, for exactly the same thing.

Let me hammer the point home: To make pantie sales, you have to have customers who care about you, and want something special that comes from you. This is why selling used panties is such a good idea for cam girls, because they usually build that kind of bond with their fans as part of doing the job well.

This business has gotten so big that there are actually entire marketplace websites dedicated to pantie sales. Usually, they’ll have some system in place for sellers to verify that they are in fact female. The girls are then free to set their price for the merchandise, and have to share a percentage of each sale with the host site. The guys, meanwhile, get a nice long list to browse.

Selling Dirty Underwear Online

Sounds great on the surface, but I really have to warn you that this is NOT how to sell used panties, if you want to make the big bucks. These marketplace dirty panty websites are actually pretty terrible, which really sucks because they could have been a terrific resource. As it stands, though, you want to avoid trying to sell underwear there.

The biggest issue is credibility. Remember, one of the things guys expect from panties before they’ll shell out for them is that the panties have been USED. Typically, they won’t buy without an assurance that you’ve worn the underwear continuously for at least 24 hours. Which brings us up against a pretty big bottleneck right away, since you can’t turn the product out any faster than one per day.

So women on the marketplace sites have gotten greedy, and they’re doing things like lying about how long (or even whether) the panties were worn, or wearing them in layers upon layers at a time and calling it legit. The worst ones have broken out the chemistry set (I imagine) and mixed up yellowish odor sprays that make clean panties smell enough like sweat and vagina to supposedly pass the sniff test.

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The problem, however you feel about these tactics, is that they DON’T pass the sniff test. None of them do. Trust me, these guys are like dog-nosed wine snobs. They know EXACTLY what the product is supposed to smell like. They ain’t falling for it…and they know that the girls are trying desperately to get them to.

They also know that not all of the girls are actually girls. Like I said, the sites usually try to verify that a seller is who she says she is, but old ladies and even men are always finding new ways to beat the system. Yeah, I know.

The end result of all this dishonesty is that it’s actually very hard to make a sale on the marketplace sites, especially as a beginner. Trust is gone, and without at least a little trust, you can’t have commerce. So we have basically a few big names making a mint through dirty behavior, while everyone else plays musical chairs as they make next to nothing. Just not worth it.


Cam Sites Best For Selling Dirty Underwear

The real way to sell dirty panties online is to work on a cam site, and sell to guys who know you and have trust for you. I’ve found that Chaturbate is best, because it has the highest traffic in the industry, which translates into more viewers in your channel and a potential for more regulars. More regulars, means more pantie sales. It’s also the best cam site for webcam models who are new to the business, because it’s generally easy to room your room with Chaturbate’s apps and bots.

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Just keep in mind, selling panties is a side hustle. You aren’t going to get filthy rich doing this with nothing else going on (and some girls trying to accomplish that is what has killed the marketplace sites). But when you combine it with other methods of monetization, like selling videos and premium Snapchat subscriptions, pantie sales become an important part of your overall revenue strategy.

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Taken another way, you won’t find many top cam girls on any major cam site who DOESN’T sell panties. It’s money on the table, and you don’t leave money on the table if you’re a professional. Maximize, maximize, maximize! Squeeze every lemon for its last ounce of juice, and before you know it, you’ve got all the lemonade you could ever want.

Now, excuse me while I go do an hour of yoga in these sexy new Calvins…one of my dudes is expecting delivery within 48 hours.