How To Find a Sugar Daddy

How to find a sugar daddy - best methodOne of the most common questions I hear from girls who are curious about sugaring and want to try it is simply HOW to find a sugar daddy. It’s not something you’re gonna know if you aren’t already familiar with being a sugar baby. Since it’s a question with more than one answer, and even a lot of people with sugar experience don’t know some of those answers, it’s worth getting into.

The easiest and most direct way to find a sugar daddy is to use one of the sugar dating websites set up to help you do that. They’re pretty much just like regular dating sites (you know, Match, PlentyOfFish, and the one with the old guy who wants you to believe he’s got pairing people down to a science) — just tailored to sugar daddies and sugar babies. You set up a profile with some pictures and a few paragraphs about yourself, and look for people you’re compatible with.

Since it’s for sugaring, there are usually some neat gimmicks/features, like giving sugar daddies a way to prove the fact that they’re actually rich enough to be swimming in bins full of money like that Scottish duck from Disney. They’re pretty fun, and for me and most of the other sugar babies I know, they work reasonably well.

The problem is they’ve got their hands in your pockets, pretty much from the get-go. Some of them will try to draw you in by letting you browse the site and look for promising pots (potential sugar daddies), but good luck actually messaging anybody without paying up for a monthly subscription. And since they know how much money is in sugaring, those subscriptions usually aren’t cheap. That can suck, and not just because you’re doing this to MAKE money. If you use one of these sites, you probably won’t have much trouble finding people who want to meet, but landing a real, serious sugar daddy isn’t so simple.

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I mean for one thing, it IS a dating site, so a lot of guys won’t be totally honest about themselves and will just try to impress you, as if you aren’t eventually going to realize that the picture they used for their profile was taken while they were on the college wrestling team and not 30 years and about 4,000 Big Macs later. And of course, though the sites try to weed them out, some of the pots will end up being “salt daddies”: broke assholes who just want to have a drink with you because even spending an hour with a pretty girl will bring meaning to their bleak, lonely lives. My point is, finding a good sugar daddy can take time, and that costs money.

So if you’re wondering how to find a sugar daddy on the cheap, the answer is by working as a cam model. All you do is sign up for an account on a camming site, perform regularly for awhile, and pretty soon, you’ll find your sugar daddy. Or more accurately, he’ll find you, since that’s generally how it works. I’m dead serious, this is the “back door” to getting an online sugar daddy.

That’s an important point, by the way: 9 times out of 10, this is gonna land you an online-only sugar daddy, so if you’re in for someone you can date physically, you may have to stick to the sugaring sites. But online-only sugar daddies take a lot less of your time, and the money is just as good, if not better. I used to do the physical sugaring thing, and I recommend online-only now, myself.


Finding a Sugar Daddy on Chaturbate

Now, most of the major camming sites can be used for this, but Chaturbate is the best one for the job, so I’ll be giving advice specific to that one. If you’re wondering, the reasons to pick Chaturbate here have to do with its size (it has the most traffic, which means the most possibilities for a sugar daddy), how easy it can be to earn money there while waiting to meet someone, and most importantly, the fact that rich guys just love the place for some reason. So, yeah, Chaturbate is the way to go for finding a sugar daddy.

As for HOW to find a sugar daddy on Chaturbate, you pretty much just do what a good webcam model does anyway. If you’re just starting out in camming, that means setting a work schedule and STICKING to it, especially for the first few weeks. That allows guys who happen on your channel and like what they see to find you again, so their fondness for you keeps on growing. Keep that up, and before long you’ll have regulars coming back who actually have a connection with you, and care about you like a friend. In case it doesn’t go without saying, people who care about you tend to tip you a lot better than random viewers.

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Beyond that, you want to be sure to take care of your good tippers by showering them with attention and affection. Send them personal messages on the site, talk to them directly and by name in your channel, and for the really generous spenders, give them your phone number in private so you can keep in touch via text. What all of this has to do with sugar daddies is that, like I said before, rich guys seem to love Chaturbate. A lot of them are on the site actually LOOKING for a sugar baby on purpose, so for them, you just have to be the girl they notice.

Using Chaturbate to find a sugar daddy.

But even the ones who don’t have sugar in mind when they come to look at cam girls will be happy to get into that kind of relationship with you once they get to know you a bit. And if you think there’s no way they’d spend big money on someone over the Internet that they probably won’t ever meet, think again. These guys WILL spoil you, I’m not even kidding. I’ve seen it on Chaturbate so many times, it doesn’t even faze me anymore.

Notice that, again, the stuff I’m telling you to do to find these sugar daddies is really just basic camgirl stuff. Building regulars and keeping them happy will make you successful on Chaturbate over just a little time, so you’re looking at pulling down a good income even if nothing else happens. But something else WILL happen, because sooner or later you’re going to get spotted by a sugar daddy, and then things get real good real quick.

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You can speed it up by doing things like adding a “sugar baby” tag to your channel, which will show the guys who are looking for girls like you where to look. Also, acting classy and well-educated helps a lot, both of which are huge turn-ons for sugar daddies. Either way, though, if you hit Chaturbate the way I’m telling you, there’s only one way it’s gonna go: You make money, probably good money, until you meet a sugar daddy. That’s a pretty sweet deal for sitting in front of a camera.

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