How To Cam For Big Tips

So, a lot of camgirls who are new to the business seem to think that all you have to do to get big tips from members is sit your pretty self down in front of your webcam and prepare for the tokens to rain down. Nope, not that easy ladies!! If you want to learn how to get those huge tips that everybody talks about, you’ll need to know exactly how to cam in ways that make them more likely to occur. For that, you need to understand WHY people tip models.

Camming For Big Tips

Now, most of the experience I’m drawing upon for this post was attained at MyFreeCams, but this advice will pretty much work for just about any tipping-based cam site, including Chaturbate and CamSoda. One of the first things I learned as I was starting out as a webcam model was that viewers don’t like to tip you if they don’t know you well. I guess it’s like with most things — people don’t like giving money to strangers. So, if you want tips to happen, you really need to get to know your audience.

One of the best ways I found to build some familiarity with my viewers was to take private messages for free. Some models start charging for PM privileges from the get-go, but I learned the hard way that doing that just limits your ability to get friendly with potential tippers. When you have these “one-on-one” chats with members, it helps them get to know you and build a trust bond with you that makes it so much easier to get tipped by them in the future. A lot of models get frustrated with private messages because they seem to think that if the guy they’ve been chatting with for an hour doesn’t tip that session, that they’ve wasted their time. That’s not always the case, as many viewers will need to have multiple chats with you over several days before they get comfortable enough to start tipping. And when they do, it can be amazing!

You’ve basically got to have lots of patience and be willing to take the long view. If you invest plenty of time chatting in private with members who look like potential tippers, it can payoff bigtime down the road. But how do you know which members are potential tippers, and which ones are just freeloaders who’ll never give up a token? Well, on MyFreeCams, you can usually see a member’s “reward points,” which are awarded according to how many tokens the member has purchased on the site. That’s the best way to identify a potential tipper, since you know that a guy who has high reward points has bought and spent lots of tokens in the past, and will likely spend some on you too, when he’s ready.

On Chaturbate, you can look at the member’s color level. Anyone whose username appears in either light purple or dark purple has tipped models a significant amount of tokens in the past 2 weeks (dark purple is best). Concentrate on those guys and assign a lower priority to members who have blue names (they’ve tipped substantially less). You can pretty much ignore members whose usernames are grey (they have no tokens and haven’t tipped at all in the last 2 weeks).

Once you’ve built some strong friendships with members who have a history of tipping well, you’ll start to notice that you get bigger and bigger tips. Those tips will be coming from viewers who actually see you as a pal, rather than just a pretty girl on the internet. This is how big tips happen, and when you know how to cam correctly, they’ll happen more and more. Get chatty, build relationships, and make those tip bombs fall fast and furious. They make camming so much fun!!

Aria <3 XOXOXO