How To Be a Cam Girl at MyFreeCams

MFC Webcam Model Tips - How to be successful.Having worked on a few cam sites over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that MyFreeCams (MFC) is the best for me. They’re one of the bigger platforms out there, their terms are reasonable enough, and they have some helpful features for webcam models. I don’t recommend MFC for cam girls who are just starting out (Chaturbate is the best cam site for newbies), but after you’ve got a bit of experience under your belt, and a decent fan following, the site cam be a great place to turn things up a notch.

In this post, I’m revealing all the best and most devastating TRICKS you can use as a webcam model on MyFreeCams to bring in SERIOUS MONEY and shoot up into the Top 250! The best tip is at the END!

But even when you’re trying to get your feet wet, the money at MFC can be pretty good, if you know what common camming pitfalls to avoid. The thing about this industry is, while there is a LOT of money to be made and it’s not all that hard to get to, there are a few rookie mistakes that can totally sink you. MOST new girls seem to make these mistakes, and it’s painful to watch, so I want to help out a bit and talk about how to be a cam girl on MFC using “best practices” that will ensure you’ve got a good shot at making it long-term there.


Successful Cam Girls at MyFreeCams Always Do These Things

The first tip I have for you is one that gets repeated a lot among cam models, but it bears reinforcing because it’s so true and important…and it’s this: BUILD REGULARS! There’s no overstating this one, believe me. No cam girl on MFC, or anywhere else for that matter, ever got anywhere in camming without a solid stable of regulars. They’re the foundation of your entire business.

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You can be the hottest, friendliest girl on the internet, with an army of random guys wandering in and out of your chat room all day. If you don’t have regulars, you’re building on sand. Actually, I think you will literally get more satisfaction just going to the beach and building an actual sand castle that gets washed away by the tide, then you will from anything you ever do as a cam model without regulars. Sorry, but this point really needs driving home.

Regulars are just what they sound like: Customers who visit you regularly. They do that because they like you, and customers who like you tend to tip you…sometimes very generously. This is why regulars are so important, and so incredibly desired by any webcam model in her right mind. It can’t all be a crapshoot every day. You need some kind of consistent income to make it big, in camming or pretty much anywhere — and regulars are how you get that here. Big tips will also increase your MFC “camscore”, which makes your chat room get a higher listing on the site’s main page and leads to more walk-ins.

Oh, and getting back to consistency? A consistent schedule is probably the single most important part of learning how to become a cam girl — on MyFreeCams, or on any other cam site. Sure, it’s a nice perk that camming lets you set your own hours, but you can’t just pop in and out whenever you feel like it. You need to decide ahead of time when you’re going to work, then stick to that structure. In fact, not only should you keep your schedule, but you should also share it with your viewers, both directly in the chat room and by posting it on your model profile (or social media).

When you cam, you should logon at around the same time of day, so your fans will be able to find you and warm-up to you over time. Try not to take too many days off, either, they forget and move on rather quickly.

The reason this is such a big deal is because when guys like you, they need to be able to find you again so they can keep liking you. Our audience is a fickle crowd, and they have thousands of different cam models to choose from at any given time. They aren’t going to sit there pining away if they don’t see you around, they’re just going to move on to someone else. On the other hand, what happens if they do get to see you consistently, day after day, for a little while? Well, some of them will decide they REALLY like you and will become, you guessed it — REGULARS. Yep, when you’re just starting out as a cam girl on MFC, all roads lead back to RegulaRome.

And a serious cam girl can’t just sit there waiting for regulars to come to her! You can help make them happen by messaging viewers yourself. Focus on the ones who have actual member accounts (not the guests or basics), and use MFC’s token-reporting feature in your model dashboard to see which members have tokens to spend. It’s also a good idea to pay attention for a few days, and notice the members who keep showing up in your channel but never seem to tip. That means that while they like you, they may just need a little push to start paying you. But do NOT be all like “Yo give me money you freeloader!!”. No, babe, no.

Can a Webcam Model become a MILLIONAIRE on MFC? Here’s what I know…

Don’t mention tipping or tokens at all, just talk to the members. Ask about their lives, and tell them as much about yours as you’re comfortable sharing. Really reach out, here. A lot of cam models will never do this with a guy until AFTER he starts tipping — they totally don’t get how cam girls on MFC get to be successful. This kind of contact will make a huge impression on most members, and in many cases, it’ll lead to tips and even a new devoted client who’ll stick with you for the long term. This is called “cultivating regulars,” and it’s deadly effective when done correctly.

MyFreeCams makes this cultivation easy to do, since the community and social features on the site are so well-designed. You can exchange private messages with members (even when they’re not in your room), send them email on the site itself (called MFC Mail), and leave comments on their profiles (which members generally love to see). MyFreeCams even has a new social media feature now called “MFC Social” that’s similar to Twitter, which allows members and models to have timelines and publicly interact.


Best Trick For MFC Cam Models

Okay, now here’s the part that just doesn’t seem to occur to a lot of new cam models: You don’t just want to be friends with the guys on the site. Cam girls are actually a pretty warm and welcoming lot, honey! Chat around, and rub elbows with some of the other talent. Even a lot of the big names on MFC will be happy to be friends with someone starting out. The community features on the site that I mentioned above are great for fostering friendships between models, and creating those bonds can be a HUGE help.

How, exactly? Because it always, always helps to have contacts in the business. When it comes to camming, it’s the first step toward doing “collabs”, or collaborative shows, with other cam models. Basically, that just means you go on cam with another webcam model and you both perform together. You’ll only do the stuff you’re comfortable doing with each other, of course, but any kind of girl-girl material is hugely and reliably popular with the guys, so you can’t go wrong. Just be sure to work out exactly what the activities will involve beforehand.

Cam girl at MyFreeCams

What’s really awesome about collabs, though, isn’t just the amazing tips you’ll get for that show itself (though that’s really, really nice!). It’s more about the marketing. If you get a shark of a cam girl with a huge following to go on cam with you, she’s going to tell her fans what she’s doing ahead of time. They will then follow her to watch the two of you. Again, not only will this lead to revenues you probably can’t even imagine from working alone, but many of her peeps will now become yours as well. That’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Doing collabs with other webcam models allows you to get seen by their fans and regulars, which can dramatically increase your position on the cam site when those members eventually start tipping you.

No surprise, but the ideal situation would be for you to live near the girl you want to do a collab with. Even if you don’t, though, it’s actually not that big a deal. Webcam models fly out to meet with each other for collabs (and hang out, natch) ALL the time. It’s worth the investment, because both stand to see such awesome returns from the increased audience after the show (and cam girls generally LOVE to travel, but who doesn’t, amirite?).

Whatever you do as a new cam girl, whether you cam at MyFreeCams or some other site, just stick with it. One of the things I love about camming is that you can start making money at it almost immediately, but even when you start small, the earnings only climb. Don’t give up, listen to your girl Aria, and work that cam. You’ll be drowning in dead presidents before you know it!

This post was mainly for cam girls with a little bit of experience, but if you’re totally new to the camming game, you should check out my guide for totally new cam girls over here!

Aria <3 XOXOXO