How Not To Be Boring

Don't be boring

When I first started as a webcam model several years ago, I was sooo shy and had no clue how to entertain my camroom. To make matters worse, I was totally intimidated by the idea of having lots of eyes watching my every move, and so I just kind of kept quiet and sat there until somebody would finally speak up, usually with a “show your boobs, bb” comment, or something like that. To put it mildly, it was really fucking boring, and I couldn’t disguise the fact that I was just not having a good time.

I eventually realized, though, that most of the reason things were so damn dull in my room was because I was failing to provide any reason for people to engage in stimulating chat. Yeah, it was ME who was responsible for the boredom, not my viewers — because I was the freaking cam girl.

Determined to make my camming career take off, I decided that I was going to fix what was wrong with my game, no matter what. I recorded my own cam sessions and began to carefully study my behavior, so I could figure out exactly why I was flopping so badly. It didn’t take long. Watching myself cam allowed me to immediately put myself into the shoes of my chatroom viewers, and I was forced to conclude that there was no way in the world anyone could find that lifeless girl interesting enough to engage in conversation, much less take private.

Disgusted as could be, I put together a plan to change my camming approach and behavior. I began to talk to myself while on cam (LOL!). Yeah, I know it sounds stupid, but I just started to like talk about my problems at school, my cat, and even my period! For like the first three sessions of me doing this, nobody said anything. I mean like, NOBODY. I didn’t even get those “open boobs” guys anymore. LOOOL!

It was honestly kind of embarrassing, but at the same time, I just didn’t care too much because I didn’t really have anything to lose. I knew that these guys were miles away and I’d never have to face them, and so even if they thought I was some crazy bitch who finally lost it, it was no real skin off my back. Plus, I was making peanuts at camming anyway, and it was just truly pathetic, so I could’ve cared less if I had lost the income.

Well, one day, I was talking to myself on cam about how much my mom was getting on my back for not doing well enough in school. She was going to buy me a purse I REALLY wanted, but then decided not to because she said I was “slacking” and didn’t deserve it. And this was after my boyfriend had just broken up with me because he fell in love with my ex best friend, who he had been sleeping with behind my back for like 3 months. I was just a little bit pissed.

After about like 10 full minutes of me going off on my mom over this, and being totally convinced nobody was paying the slightest bit of attention to me, some guy out of nowhere typed out “THAT FILTHY BITCH!!!”

When I saw that, I was like sooooo HAPPY! It felt like I was being validated by some divine force, or something, even though it was just a basic at MFC. I couldn’t believe that somebody was listening to my loony cam girl rants, though!!

I thanked him for sympathizing with me and he started to engage me in conversation. Before I knew it, other people in the room (including some premiums) started to join in the talk. After about half an hour of just talking with these guys, I ended up getting the biggest single tip I had ever gotten in the several weeks I had been a cam girl. It wasn’t a huge, huge tip like the top webcam models so often get, but is was big for me and I REALLY appreciated it beyond words.

The next several cam sessions were much better in terms of chat activity than they had been before, and I got tipped more. I still wasn’t making what I wanted to be making, but the fact that I had tried something so off-the-wall and it had worked to improve my camming game really boosted my confidence and optimism. I knew I was going to make this work!

As the weeks went on, I kept talking about anything and everything and found that I was seeing the same premiums coming back to my chatroom time and time again. Eventually, several of them started to take me private and became “regulars.” That’s when my cam girl money finally started to get good. I’ll be talking much more about that in a coming post, so lookout for that!!

XOXO, Aria