How Much Money do Cam Girls Make on Chaturbate?

There seems to be quite a bit of curiosity out there about how much Chaturbate money a model camming there can make, so I’m going to share what I know on the subject. As I mentioned in other posts, my primary cam site is MyFreeCams, but I do use Chaturbate as a backup, plus I’ve got lots of friends who broadcast there frequently. A lot of people are wondering whether those huge webcam model incomes they hear about are really possible, so this post should help bring some reality to the question.

How much do Chaturbate models make?First of all, I should say that, from my research, most of the top earning webcam models are working at either MyFreeCams OR Chaturbate, these days. Yes, there are cam girls who are bringing in major bucks on sites like Streamate,, and Live Jasmin, but the models earning north of $40,000 per month are almost all on these two cam sites. There’s a good reason for that, which I’ll talk about below. I don’t want to leave the impression that a cam girl can’t do really well on these other sites, it’s just that super huge incomes tend to happen more frequently on MFC and Chaturbate.

Now, I can tell you from personal experience that a surprising number of webcam models are making HUGE Chaturbate money — like six figures per year. The site has really grown amazingly in the last few years, and it’s now attracting a lot of big spender types who tip massively when they find a cam girl they like. Not just cam girls, actually, but cam guys, couples, and even she-males. Chaturbate caters to just about every taste, and that’s really why it has drawn so many deep-pocketed viewers. Having so many whales on the site obviously means that the potential for a model to make a huge income, if she plays her cards right, is off the charts. Where you cam is SOOO important, where earnings are concerned. You’ve got to be where the big spenders are, or you’re just gonna be stuck making crappy money.

As for specific models making really large incomes on Chaturbate, it is widely known that cam girls like Cortana Blue, Brooke Synn, and ChronicLove are doing VERY well on the site. While we don’t have specific figures, you can roughly estimate their Chaturbate earnings by watching them for a few days. By my estimates, they’re all likely making well over $20,000 per month (Cortana Blue doesn’t cam as a Chaturbate model much anymore, but she was definitely hauling in the big money when she was active there). And you need to keep in mind that this is only the money they make on Chaturbate, and doesn’t include offsite content sales, personal gifts from regulars, and other forms of income they can generate as webcam models.

How much do cam girls make at Chaturbate? Earnings info.Models can also do very well as part of a couples team on Chaturbate. I know a girl who broadcasts with her boyfriend and makes over $10,000 per month with him. They don’t even cam that often, sometimes only once per week. So, you can imagine the kind of money they could make if they really pushed hard and made it a real business. Another girl I know goes on with a guy every once in a while and almost always draws a huge crowd when she does. Then, the followers that she gets from those shows usually show up again when she’s camming solo, which boosts her earnings. She cams maybe 4 times per week and makes over $8,000 per month. She’s only been at it for like 4 months, though, and her income is still growing.

How much do cam girls make with big spenders in the equation?

I wanted to explain why it is that most of the big cam girl incomes are being made on Chaturbate and MyFreeCams. Basically, it’s about tipping. Both of these “free cam sites” are centered around public tipping of models, which means that everybody in the chat room gets to watch members tip tokens to the webcam model. Big spender types LOVE this aspect of free cam sites because they get to showoff their massive tips for the whole room to see. But they only do it when the room is loaded with people — they like to have a big audience. MFC and Chaturbate are perfect for this type of thing because their traffic is large enough to make this possible. MFC doesn’t seem to have as much traffic as it used to, but Chaturbate is growing at an extremely rapid pace. The more traffic they get, the more big spending whales will be attracted to the site, and the more money you can make.

So, in my opinion, Chaturbate is definitely the place to chase those huge webcam model incomes everybody hears about. It’s perfectly positioned to draw LOTS of members with deep pockets, and it has all the elements necessary to promote big tips. If you haven’t signed up there yet, you should probably try it out, because your earnings potential could be huge, if you play your cards right. I’ve seen girls pop huge there after they flopped on other cam sites, so you never know if you could be the next big thing on the site. You can signup to be a Chaturbate model here.

Like I said above, since my primary cam site is MFC, my Chaturbate earnings are not nearly as good, so I’m probably going to write a post soon on cam girl incomes at MyFreeCams. Stay tuned for that!