Getting Whale Regulars

One of the best things I ever did for my camming career was to make a conscious effort to acquire more whales. No, I’m not talking about the huge sea mammals, I’m talking about those big-spending regulars who love to throw money at you like it’s their religion, or something. Yeah, I think you know what I’m talking about. Every cam model dreams of attracting regulars who can’t seem to tip enough, and who absolutely adore buying stuff off your wishlist to the point where you can’t even add replacement items fast enough. Wow, I’m getting aroused just thinking about it! LMFAO!

Get More Big Spending RegularsSo, yeah, whales are awesome, but how the hell do you get more of them? Well, I can tell you what’s been successful for me, especially recently. I’ve been doing a lot more socializing with models who are way above my earning level, and it seems to help quite a bit. I begin on Twitter and just start commenting on threads that big name models start up. I don’t spam them, or urge people to come visit my chatroom, or anything nasty ass like that. In fact, I would strongly recommend you NOT do that type of thing, because you’ll just get a rep for being a spammy bitch.

What I DID do was just have fun making jokes, sarcastic comments, and talking about girly stuff that I would never have thought any member would be interested in. I found that a lot of the guys following those big name models were of the whaley type, and many of them eventually took notice of me. It wasn’t long before they started to turn up in my room during camming sessions.

But I didn’t stop at Twitter. Sometimes, I would show up in another model’s room under my model account and just hangout in there during her broadcasts. I would contribute to the room, shoot the bull, and just be a cool chick in there while getting to know everybody. A lot of the viewers in there became friends with me, and they started to come watch me cam too. One of my newest whale regulars is someone I met this way.

But probably the best way to get more whale regulars as a camgirl is to just go to conventions and adult industry shows. Take some business cards and hand them out like Pez while you’re mingling with all the people you’ll find there. A lot of whales love to go to these shows because they get to meet the models they adore so much in person. This is actually a great way to expand your base of big spender regulars, and it’s soooo worth the cost of the trip. Trust me, if you have to spend a grand to get there, you’ll make that back 10 times if you can impress a couple whales and get them into you.

To sum up, whale regulars spend money on camgirls like there’s no tomorrow. You want them, you really do! Spend some time and energy focusing on getting more of them and you’ll see your camming money shoot through the roof!