Get Paid To Be an Online Girlfriend

How to get paid being an Online Girlfriend.You know you’ve done it. At some time or other, when you were a teen or when you were in college or even right freakin’ now, you tried being in a long-distance relationship online. It’s okay, no shame in it. I’ve done it myself. There are a lot of benefits to it, actually, though most people probably don’t expect money to be one of them. Well, turns out it is, and setting it up that way isn’t even that hard. Listen up, and I’ll explain how you can get paid to be an online girlfriend!

I’m going to reveal how to make money being an online girlfriend, which is probably one of the best ways to get paid on the internet. Lots of juicy secrets in this post!

I’m talking about being an online-only sugar baby, of course, though I’m a bit careful about using that term. People have a lot of inaccurate preconceptions about it. Rather than taking on those mistaken understandings one at a time, I’ll point out that a sugar baby is basically just a woman who gets paid to be someone’s girlfriend. She literally collects cash once a month as what’s usually called an “allowance,” and then she also receives various other material benefits.

Expensive gifts, trips to exotic destinations around the world, and of course, lavish dates on her sugar daddy’s dime. What’s hard, if not straight-up impossible, is drawing the line between this type of relationship and the one of a “traditional” couple, in which the man is expected to care for his woman in all ways (most certainly including financially). I’m not saying they’re EXACTLY the same, but in all the ways that matter, a sugar baby is just a girlfriend.

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And like a regular relationship, sugaring can be done entirely online. Of course, the same differences to dating in person apply, with the first one being pretty obvious: No sex. That’s not really a problem, though, since most online sugar daddies aren’t too interested in that. The other ways in which it’s different are also pretty straightforward.

No dinners at nice restaurants, no exotic vacations. An online sugar couple may or may not ever mutually decide to actually meet in real life, but that’s an entirely personal decision to them. Some do it, some don’t. It’s easy to avoid if that’s not your ball.


Being an Online Girlfriend – The Perks

Either way, what IS the same about being this kind of online girlfriend is the money. As in, you’ll still get your allowance, and it will usually be about the same amount as you’d get if you were in-person: Anything around $2,000 per month is typical, and goes up from there. I know sugar babies who bring in five digits each month in their allowance alone. And then there are still the gifts, which your boyfriend can conveniently order off your wish list and have shipped to your door.

Your part in this is pretty basic. You talk to your sugar daddy, obviously, over the Internet, as well as by text and phone. You’ll do a lot of video chats with him, which may involve some little romantic gestures like watching movies or having dinner “together”, but usually no nudity or sexy performances.

Like I said, they’re just not after that. Mostly they just want your (virtual) companionship, and the chance to build a potentially deep relationship with you. You literally are getting paid to be an online girlfriend, with emphasis on the “online” part.

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Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, but you may be wondering what’s in it for the guys. I mean, come on: They’re paying more or less the same amount of money whether they do this online or in person, so why not just get a local girlfriend they could actually see and spend time with physically? It seems weird at first, but when you understand where the men are coming from, it starts to make a lot of sense.


Why Some Guys Want Online-Only Girlfriends

To begin with, like I mentioned above, sex isn’t their priority. For the most part, these are older guys (which is one of the reasons they’re so well-off financially). They already spent their teens and 20s running around sewing their wild oats. They did it, and they enjoyed it, but now that time is over. They calmed down, they grew up. It happens.

Many of them also have really good reasons to AVOID sex. Most of these guys are married, and while having a sugar baby they bond with online doesn’t exactly earn them high marks for fidelity, boning one in real life would definitely be cheating. They don’t want to cross that line.

They also may not be able to: Between giving attention to their wives and practicing whatever demanding career made them able to afford this lifestyle in the first place, it’s entirely possible they just plain don’t have time for an in-person girlfriend. Keeping things online is simpler, faster, and for them, no less fulfilling.

Alright, you’ve been patient. I’ve told you a lot about how great it is to be an online-only sugar baby, but how exactly do you make it happen? How do you find a guy willing to spend money to have this kind of relationship with you?


Use Cam Sites To Find Your Online Boyfriend

Cam sites are the single best type of site to use for finding sugar daddies who want to stay online. They’re already full of men who are ready to lighten their wallets on girls, and getting the right ones to take a sugar baby is actually pretty easy.

Specifically, we’re interested in whales, here. Those are the most generous, freest-spending members on a cam site, and yes, they’re so common they’ve earned their own name. To say that whales are “great” isn’t using strong enough language. They’re like fresh donuts in a solid sugar shell, then coated in chocolate, whipped cream, and pure love.

These guys will wander around the channels looking for girls that they like, and when they find one, they give her a HUGE tip worth hundreds or thousands of dollars in tokens right then and there, before either poofing to find somebody else (awww!) or sticking around to KEEP DOING IT (yes!!).

The reason we want these whales, besides the blindingly obvious, is because they are the best candidates by FAR for being online-only sugar daddies. They obviously have money to burn, and they obviously want to spend it on cam girls. It couldn’t be more perfect if it was wrapped in a bow.

Now, in my experience, some of these whales are “aloof” types. They’ll give you a big tip if they like you, but they won’t necessarily be open to talking to you via PMs, never mind anything more intimate. That’s a bummer, but it’s okay. All we need to do is find the ones who are a bit more sociable, and they DEFINITELY exist.

You can attract whales as a cam girl by targeting “upper crust” gentlemen. Dress nicely, be well-informed on subjects like business and politics, and generally, DON’T play the “exhibitionist” card. You’ll get more than your share of attention from whales, which is pretty awesome by itself. But with each one, try to get in touch and build a friendship.

As you grow closer, the sugar relationship potential gets bigger and bigger. Before you know it, he’ll be buying you all sorts of gifts, helping with bills, and generally being awesome in amazing ways. So yeah, doing the online girlfriend thing definitely doesn’t suck, and any attractive girl would be crazy not to consider it.

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