Chaturbate Review

Chaturbate review - five stars
Not too long ago, the realm of free cams was dominated by one major player. In 2012, that all changed when was launched, and the cam site world has not been the same since. This relatively new entrant to the industry has made a huge splash in a short amount of time, as it has raced ahead of MyFreeCams to become the dominant player in the world of free cam sites. Prior to 2012, it was MFC who ruled the “free” niche in cam sites, but Chaturbate is clearly now a serious contender for rulership.

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It’s not that difficult to understand how this happened. For its entire history, has been 100% female-only, which means you can only find female models camming there. Chaturbate threw its doors wide open to all comers (or “cummers,” if that’s more appropriate – lol). Men, women, trans, couples, groups, you name it — you can find it all on Chaturbate. This vast diversity of models has worked extremely well, as traffic has continued to climb and climb since the site got going about 6 years ago.

I wanted to do a Chaturbate review because a lot of people are not aware of just how much there is to see there, and a lot of models don’t yet understand just how much money you can make on the site. My main cam site is MFC, and I’ve cammed the vast majority of my cam girl hours there, but I do broadcast on Chaturbate as a secondary site. That might change soon, as it looks like the opportunities to make major bank on CB are getting better and better. This review should be valuable to both cam models and cam site viewers, and I intend to get into how you can get FREE tokens to spend on CB later in this review, so keep reading if you know what’s good for you! LOL


Cam Model Quality: High

One of the first things a viewer looks for in a cam site is the quality of its models, both in terms of looks and personality. On the looks score, Chaturbate models do pretty well. If you log on during the evening in North America, which is basically the best time to watch cams there, you will see that the entire first page is full of gorgeous people. It doesn’t matter if you’re into guys, girls, couples, or trans models, your eyes will be flooded with lots and lots of hot people to watch.

One major factor to think about when we’re talking model quality is whether or not a significant number of cam girls and guys on the site are from English-speaking countries. Having fun in a chat room is about a lot more than just watching naked people, it’s also a lot about talking, having great conversations, and just chillin’. If you’re from the United States, UK, Canada, or Australia, it’s tough to do that with cam models who don’t speak good English. Many of the lower rung cam sites out there can’t attract very many English-speakers as models, so their model ranks tend to be dominated by cam girls and guys from South America, Asia, or Eastern Europe. Nothing at all against those models, some of them are truly awesome, it’s just that it can be hard to “hang” in a chat room with a model you can’t really communicate well with.

On Chaturbate, that’s definitely not an issue because the site attracts TONS of cam models from the US, UK, Canada, and other English-speaking countries. You can literally find hundreds of them online during prime hours, so you’ll never run out of interesting rooms where you can hangout and shoot the breeze.


Chaturbate Tokens – Can You Get Them For Free?

The token system on Chaturbate very closely resembles the one in use at MyFreeCams, and it was pretty obviously modeled on it. 1000 tokens cost about 80 bucks, and when you tip a model that many tokens, he or she will get about $50 when the tokens are cashed out. The site itself keeps close to 40% of what members spend on tokens, which is fairly standard at most free cam sites. Why do they take so much? Well, it’s actually REALLY expensive to run a large cam site. They have huge bandwidth bills, plus they have to pay affiliates who send traffic to the site (Chaturbate affiliates get 20% of the money their referred members spend on tokens). Also, they have administrative costs and independent advertising costs. It all adds up. Taking 40% is actually low in the cam site business, some sites keep as much as 70% of what members spend.


There’s this rumor going around that you can get Chaturbate tokens for free using some kind of web tool, but as far as I know, that’s not true. Now, it IS true that you can get tokens without paying for them, but you have to refer models or members to the site first. When you use an affiliate link to refer somebody who wants to become a cam model there, you can make 500 tokens when that model generates at least $20 of revenue as a broadcaster (models are called “broadcasters” on CB). When you refer someone who registers a free member account, you get 10 tokens. That’s not bad because the member doesn’t even have to spend any money, all he has to do is signup for free.

A lot of people use their Chaturbate affiliate links on Twitter to get people to signup under their accounts, and you can make a decent amount of free tokens that way. If you’re interested, you can signup to be an affiliate here.


What Kind of Cam Shows Can I See on CB?

Like I said above, you can literally find just about anything on Chaturbate. If you’re into women, you’ll be very happy. CB has lots of very hot girls performing solo, as well as in couples shows (“ChronicLove” Marley and “ButteryBubbleButt” Brittany Benz cam there primarily). You can even often find groups of girls and guys getting nasty with each other (this is probably one of the biggest points in CB’s favor). If you like guys, you’re probably going to be quite happy too, since Chaturbate seems to attract some of the hottest male cam models in the industry. People like Johnny Stone, Leo Jock, and Shane Hall cam exclusively there. If trans cam models are your thing, you’ll definitely be pleased because I’ve never seen a cam site with a wider selection of those in my life.

Being a free cam site, viewers at CB can generally see quite a lot without having to pay a dime. I mean, you can regularly see plenty of oil shows, Lovense Lush shows, oral sex, and even full-on intercourse for free in public chat. Sometimes, a model will use a “ticket show” app to reserve seats for a sex show intended for paying members only, but honestly, there’s a LOT of “action” available on the site for free. This can make it a challenge for some models because you really have to know how to seduce in order to make the tokens flow, but that’s a skill issue, and that’s kind of why I have this blog! Haha!


Verdict: Greenlight

Overall, Chaturbate is an excellent cam site for both members and models, so my review conclusion is extremely positive. I’ve known quite a few cam girls who’ve broadcast there, and they pretty much all agree that it’s a great site to make good money on. Most cam site viewers out there seem to prefer CB to any of the other free cams options, so it’s clear that we’re talking about a major player here. I would recommend checking it out by registering for a free member account here. If you’re a cam model who’d like to cam there, you can signup here for that. You should also check out my top tips for making money on Chaturbate here.