CamSoda LifeStreamers

You guys have probably already heard of CamSoda by now, but you might not have heard about their “LifeStreamers” thing. Apparently, they’re paying cam models 200 bucks per month to broadcast their entire lives on the site 24/7, basically. They give you small amounts of time off-camera to use the bathroom, but that’s pretty much it. The rest of the time, you’ve got to let viewers on CamSoda watch you cook, clean, binge-watch Netflix, and everything else you do at home. Viewers can tip you at any time, so that’s money you can make in addition to the $200.

Camming at CamSodaFirst of all, I just know I would totally suck at LifeStreaming, because I just can’t get into that whole “fish in a bowl” mentality. Like, I need my privacy when I logoff from a camming session. And trust me, nobody in the world would want to watch me throw a fit after watching my favorite character get eaten on Attack on Titan. That would be the biggest turnoff known to the sexual sciences, believe me.

I don’t really know why this whole LifeStreaming thing has become popular, actually. I mean, most of the time, viewers are just going to see nothing but boring and totally mundane stuff. I can understand watching like a couple messing around and having sex, but watching people just be normal and boring all day? I mean, Netflix exists, people.

But yeah, if this sounds like something that might be up your alley, you might want to try it out. CamSoda is a VERY new cam site that just popped up a year or so ago. They’ve been growing steadily, though, because I think there are some major internet porn players behind it who provide a lot of traffic. They also seem to have arrangements with major pornstars like Tori Black, Kelsi Monroe, Tera Patrick, Gianna Michaels, Sara Jay, and many others to cam there on a regular basis. This is a great strategy because it attracts a ton of viewers to the site and can help the other cam girls out a lot, as a result.

CamSoda got a lot of mainstream coverage a few weeks ago when one of their pornstar cam girls, Molly Cavalli, got bitten by a lemon shark while diving off the Florida coast during a promotional photo shoot. Some people have claimed it was fake, but I don’t know, the gash on her foot looked pretty real to me. She recovered, but the video of the shark attack went viral and got them a ton of attention. Ever since then, cam girls have been asking me about CamSoda, and what I think of them. I’m not ready to endorse them as a viable camming option yet, but the site COULD become a serious player that would merit some attention from webcam models if they continue growing like they have been.

Right now, though, even with all the pornstars they’ve been able to get to cam on the site, is still way behind the major tipping-based cam sites like Chaturbate and MyFreeCams. Chaturbate continues to have a truly HUGE share of the free cams traffic, while MyFreeCams continues to be the home of some of the biggest “whale” tippers in the camming world. I continue to believe it’s best for new cam girls to begin at Chaturbate, then try MyFreeCams after the first few months to see if they can pop to the top there. If you’re not familiar with why it’s not a good idea to start camming at MFC when you have no fan following whatsoever, you should read my blog post on it.

I’ll be continuing to follow CamSoda and its LifeStreamers project to see if it turns into anything remarkable, so I expect I’ll be blogging about it again eventually.