Cammunity For Non-Nude Cam Models

MyFreeCams has just done something totally out-of-the-box, and it might just be revolutionary. They just launched a new camming platform called “Cammunity,” which is basically a site where MFC cam models can hangout with MFC members and kind of bond with them. It’s similar to apps like Periscope and Facebook Live, except that you can be tipped MFC tokens while you broadcast. The tips are considered offline tips by MyFreeCams (so they actually count more towards camscore than normal “live” tips), and the tokens earned on Cammunity end up in your MFC account.

Friendly Non-Nude Camming at CammunityI’ve been a cam girl at MyFreeCams for a really long time (or, at least it seems like it to me), and I personally know full well how important it is to form friendly relationships with the members on that cam site. I was never really able to make decent money on MFC until I started focusing on building personal relationships with viewers, so they would see me as a friend, rather than just some nude chick on the internet. Well, Cammunity is designed to help the cam girls on MFC to build these friendships. You actually have no choice but to concentrate on talking, playing games, discussing various topics, and doing other non-sexual things with viewers because you’re not allowed to get naked. You can’t even wear bikinis or lingerie, and you definitely can’t shake your goods or twerk.

The point of it all is to discourage sexual entertainment so that cam models focus on creating those invaluable bonds with members that make the really big tips flow. It’s basically a chill and hang place where you can get tipped. And chilling is something that a LOT of cam girls have a problem doing, which is actually why many of them fail at camming. Non-nude cam girls have to learn to shoot the bull and have deeper conversations than the typical cam model is capable of, because that’s how they get tipped well. Members like tipping friends more than they like tipping models, know what I mean?

So, right now, Cammunity is super new, and that means it’s not exactly overflowing with traffic. MyFreeCams IS promoting it, but MFC isn’t exactly what it used to be. Traffic is down substantially from previous years, and most of us who cam there have been figuring that something had to change quickly to bring back previous glory. Well, Cammunity MIGHT be the beginning of that comeback. I say might because this is really an experimental type of thing — we don’t know if this will catch on at all. I mean, non-nude cam girls can do well, but there’s honestly much more general interest in normal explicit cam models. That shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

Making friends is important for a cam modelBut yeah, it’s important to try new stuff and see what works. Cammunity is not a bad idea for new non-nude cam girls who want to train for bigger things down the road. They probably won’t be making huge amounts of money, but they could gain valuable insights on how to do non-nude camming correctly. Like I said, the rules on Cammunity really force you to focus on friendly banter, chilling, and just being social with viewers. It can be a good training ground.

But if I had to recommend a specific cam site for non-nude cam girls who want to make serious money, it would have to be Chaturbate, at this point. The traffic levels there are just staggering, and if I’ve learned anything in my years of webcam modeling, it’s that traffic matters BIG if you actually want to make money. You can have your camming game down perfectly, but if there are no eyeballs on you when you broadcast, you’re not gonna make a dime. You need to go where the audience is. Right now, that’s Chaturbate.

Okay, I’m going to be following Cammunity for a while, and I’ll probably try it for a while myself, because I really want to see if this works. I’ll be writing more blog posts on it in the future, so stay tuned!