Cam Girls and The Coronavirus

Cam Girls and CoronavirusSo, all of a sudden, life kinda sucks. This coronavirus thing has really screwed up people’s plans, and I don’t just mean going to the beach or partying at the club. I’m talking about other little things, like you know, going to work and earning the money you need to pay the bills each month.

As the pandemic worsens, plenty of people have been told that they CAN’T work – not “you really shouldn’t”, not “pretty please with sugar on top could you possibly not”, but “we’re the government and we are ORDERING you not to go to your job or pretty much anywhere else”. And then there are those whose employers have simply shut down on their own, with or without an official order, and sent their workers home.

This really, truly sucks, and I personally know a lot of people who aren’t sure what’s gonna happen at the end of the month when the rent comes due. But even for those who aren’t quite that desperate, we’re still talking about huge numbers of people staying home every day, and that brings problems of its own even when they can afford not to work for awhile.


Why People Need Cam Girls Now, More Than Ever

The most obvious is boredom, followed not far behind by a bad case of the blues over not having anything productive to do. But another major issue that people are running into – and don’t think this isn’t serious – is loneliness.

Look, we’re social animals. In the end, human contact is just as important for most people as having enough frozen food in the kitchen. This affects everybody, obviously, but the fact that men are included leads to a special market dynamic for a certain industry. You know where I’m going with this: Lonely guys get horny, and horny guys need relief. The sex industry is booming right now.

Well, okay, not all of it. I don’t want to downplay the hard time that anybody’s having right now, because so many are getting screwed so bad. And that includes lots of people who work in adult entertainment. Strippers are being crushed, for one thing; the pandemic has set men at war with themselves, and their concern with avoiding physical closeness with strangers seems to be winning out over their usual desire to be as near to naked women as possible.

I’ve heard of at least one strip club that’s trying to survive by promising “corona-free lap dances”, and I’m not kidding. I don’t know what that even means, but maybe they cover the girls in skin-tight saran wrap before each performance? Your guess is as good as mine.

And my heart REALLY goes out to the professional escorts. They were being associated (usually unfairly) with diseases even before this outbreak. Now, forget about it. This is really bad, too, because like strippers, a lot of escorts are single mothers just trying to make ends meet.

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But speaking from a purely business perspective, there are definitely winners in this new, slimline economy too, and you can count cam girls in that column. It’s no surprise, since webcam models check all the boxes: They’re there to fill an important male need that’s only made worse by having to hole up at home, and they can fill that need without ever having to actually get close to the guys they interact with. Again, I’m just talking business, but this is the perfect environment for them.

Let’s be clear that this isn’t just about entertainment. Men can get that from regular porn, which is free – and easier to access than ever, now that Pornhub is giving away Premium memberships because of the crisis (or, at least, they were). But like I’ve said before, watching videos is never going to satisfy a guy’s desire for interaction, affection, and bonding with a female human being.

That’s always been the reason that cam girls make money even when you don’t have to pay for porn, and their customers will come to them even more when they’re in a lonely environment of fear and anxiety. The contact helps. The simple fact is, people need each other.


How To Get Started as a Cam Girl

And that’s what I really want to talk about in this post. Whoever you are, it’s almost certain that you’ve been directly affected by the pandemic. There’s a good chance that you’ve lost your job, at least temporarily, and are sitting at home with nothing to do.

Well, there’s definitely something you can do from home that will replace your income (or supplement it, if you’re one of those lucky enough to have paid leave from work), and it’s camming. I’m mostly talking to any women reading me, here, because that’s where my experience lies, but of course there are plenty of guys doing cam work as well.

You probably have everything you need in your bedroom already: Basically, a laptop with a webcam built into it and a high-speed internet connection will do fine. Then, you just sign up with a cam site, and perform. The most important thing a new cam girl needs to do is be online consistently, every day, because it does wonders to help you build an early fan following. That shouldn’t be any problem at all right now, if you’re having to stay home anyway.

Just set your schedule, post it on your profile, and stick to it. You’re going to be running into a lot of bored, lonely guys right now, and almost certainly getting way more early traffic than most newbies can dream of. Make sure they know when to come back when they want to see you again. Before you know it, you’ve got regulars.

As for how to act in your channel, all I really need to say is to just be there for everyone. People are under a lot of stress at the moment. Remind your viewers that you’re not just there to put on a show, but that you’re happy to talk and provide emotional support to those who need or want it.

You’re likely to get a lot of takers, which is another easy way to build regulars. Your fans will start to feel close to you almost right away, and will want to keep coming back. And best of all, you’ll be doing a genuine, important public service, helping your fellow human beings to get through a really tough time. And don’t be too surprised if you find that talking to them helps you go day to day, as well.

When it comes to cam sites and where you want to sign up to start, I’ve found that Chaturbate is usually the best choice for newcomers. It’s a huge site that has enormous traffic, even compared to the other big players in the industry. It also draws more than its fair share of members from North America and other wealthy parts of the world, so the guys there typically have more money to spend.

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Topping it all off, Chaturbate has a lot of apps and bots available for webcam models to use, which help them run their channels efficiently and maximize tipping. You never have to use any of these, especially if they feel overwhelming at first, but you can and should ease your way into them as you gain more experience over time.

Alright, hang in there, everybody. We’re all gonna get through this fine!

XOXO – Aria