Cam Girl Money – Can You Become a Millionaire?

Millionaire cam girls - earnings and incomes revealed.I’ve talked to a lot of girls over the years about getting into the camming business, and I’m not too surprised that their number one question is about the standard cam girl income. I find it completely understandable, and I probably still would even if money weren’t the main reason I myself started up in camming.

The webcam modeling advertisements are quick to promise you the sun and the moon about cam girl money to get you to sign up. Assurances that you’re going to be pulling down hundreds of thousands of dollars a year doing nothing else are pretty common. But how realistic is that as an actual projection of cam girl earnings? And if it’s NOT total pie in the sky, just how far can this thing go? Are there any cam girl millionaires?

In this post, I’m going to lay down what I know about elite cam girl earnings and potential millionaires that may exist in the camming industry.


Truth About Cam Girl Money

Most cam girls are pretty tight-lipped about how much money they make, and those lips seem to get tighter the higher the earnings get. A truly epic snafu on the cam site MyFreeCams in 2015, though, gave us the information we’re interested in. In fall of that year, the site had a technical glitch that exposed the monthly token revenues of the top 250 (called “Miss MFC) models working there, for every month since 2009.

This was HUGE; to get a more complete picture of these girls’ incomes, which are supposed to be private, you would pretty much have to be sleeping with their accountants.

What did we learn about cam girl income and earnings? Oh sweet Jesus, quite a bit. For starters, and going back to the question I asked in my opening paragraph, it turns out that the single highest-earning girl on MFC is indeed a millionaire; or at least, she better be, because she’s bringing in over $100,000 every single month.

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What’s more, every girl in the top 20 makes at least $35,000 per month (at least as of 2015). And you’ll always know when cam girl money is six figures, because you can’t break the list of the top 100 MFC models without making at least $16,000 on a monthly basis. Holy SHIT, honey!

By the way, I was paying attention at the time, and me and my girlfriends all felt it: average tips went WAY down after MFC had this particular bout of data diarrhea. Revenues were depressed for a few months before bouncing back to roughly normal. There’s a reason cam girl earnings are a taboo subject among models.

And in case you’re thinking that the camming business is a giant pyramid, with just a few people at the top making all the money while everybody below them plays musical chairs before quitting because they’re getting nothing — it actually isn’t like that at all.

As someone with a good bit of experience as a webcam model on both MFC and Chaturbate, I can tell you that anyone in at least the top 1,000 models on either of those sites is already making more than enough to live on without doing ANYthing else. And if you’re a cam girl, getting a side gig to bring in even more money is insanely easy because of the flexibility of your schedule, so you’ve got a lot of freedom.

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It’s pretty easy to see where all this cam girl income is coming from: this industry is huge. According to, webcamming generates over $1 billion a year in tips (which, of course, get split between the models and their host site). Of everyone, everywhere, who surfs the web, CNBC says that about 5% of them are viewing cam sites. And I’m going from memory, here, using information from an article I saw years ago. I’d be shocked if all those numbers weren’t way higher by now.


How To 10-X Cam Girl Earnings

Ok, but how does cam girl income actually reach the levels we’ve been talking about? What does it take to get yourself established with some decent monthly revenues, let alone be on your way to reaching the top and becoming a millionaire at this? There are a lot of answers to that question, but the first one we’re going to cover is MARKETING.

I don’t want you sitting in your public chat room just waiting for guys to show up. You need to use social media like Instagram and Twitter to bring them to you. How, you ask? Simple: just be yourself. No, really. Set up an account with a full profile that describes you and the kind of person you are, and post under it regularly. Just be sure to include a few tantalizing pictures of you in a bathing suit or something similarly revealing.

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Beyond that, all you have to do is mention to your followers that you work as a camgirl on Chaturbate, MFC, or wherever, and tell them when you’re on (the schedule can also be listed on your profile page). Guys who get to know you and like you on that site will absolutely JUMP at the chance to see you perform on webcam, and what’s more, those guys will be more likely to become regulars.

When you’re actually camming, random tips are nice, but never forget that the real cam girl money comes from regulars. They’re the ones who keep coming back to see you, they’re the ones who pay for private shows with you, and they’re the ones who come to care about you as a friend and will be tipping or buying your content to help you out at least as much as to get you to do the stuff they like.

Regulars don’t just happen; they have to be nurtured. The way to do this is by keeping a consistent camming schedule, especially when you’re just getting started, so that guys who like you today can find you tomorrow (or at least the next time you’re on). If you just sign on to perform whenever the hell you feel like it, this can’t happen, and you’re screwing yourself out of some serious cam girl earnings. It’s a newbie mistake. Don’t make it.

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Finally, if you’re serious about aiming for the big leagues of cam girl income, you’re going to need whales. There’s no way around that. And of course, there is nothing, but NOTHING, better than having a whale as a regular.

There are a few ways to attract whales, and they all relate to your image. Remember the kind of men whales usually are, and the kind of women they tend to like. In most cases, whales are rich, so you want to be appealing to upper-crust gentleman. You can really get that cam girl money flowing by dressing nice for your shows, keeping your hair salon-perfect, and wearing tasteful (but never excessive) make-up.

Also, do your homework! Read up on things like business, current events, and politics. Drop random opinions on these subjects in your channel. This kind of informed talk impresses whales BIG time, and can lead to them dropping those coveted huge tips.

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But even more importantly, it makes them like you personally, and become interested in being friends with you. I think this, more than anything else, is the secret to cracking those top cam girl earnings: having an entourage of whale regulars swimming around you brings in the bucks like literally nothing else in this business can.

So, yeah, it’s definitely possible to become a millionaire as a webcam model, if you go about it the right way. Just keep in mind that there’s more to it than just broadcasting on a cam site. You need to market yourself and your brand, cultivate regulars and whales, and be consistent in everything you do.

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