Cam Girl Kinks – Top 5

A List of Kinks Common To Cam Girls
I’m almost embarrassed to write this list of kinks, knowing that a lot of cam site viewers and members are going to read it. As an experienced cam girl, I know that the fact is that most of us share many of the same “edgy” kinks that our viewers and regulars do. A lot of people think that camgirls merely pretend to be into various sexual fetishes just to get tipped or be taken private, but that’s not exactly true. In fact, from my experience, most of the time, the cam girl is actually very much into the kink herself.

There are a lot of really “out there” sexual kinks in the camming world, but there are a few really popular ones that would shock most people. I’m not listing these kinks in an attempt to offend anyone, just to report what’s going on. If you’re a cam site viewer or cam girl fan, you’re probably going to be very interested to know that there are tons of models who are just as aroused by these fetishes and kinks as you may be.

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Some of these might offend you if you’re not cool with dark roleplay and seriously edgy ideas, so turn back now if that’s the case. I’m going to list each of these kinks in order of popularity, with number 1 being the most popular. You’ll probably be shocked at which one is the top kink.


Number 5 – Cam Girl Financial Domination (Findom)

This one is an offshoot of femdom, or female domination, which is about men getting aroused at being dominated sexually by a strong “goddess” cam girl who will regularly instruct them to humiliate themselves in various ways for her pleasure. Findom involves these goddesses demanding money transfers from their “paypigs” or “money slaves” as a form of “tribute” to them. These financial domination relationships can be quite severe, with the goddess often ordering her slave to empty his bank account and send her all the funds, though normally, the transfer of wealth is more gradual than that. Many goddesses will require a minimum weekly tribute from the slave, which will be punished by some form of humiliation if he does not comply. I’ve seen men ordered to take naked pictures of themselves in fantastically humiliating poses and post them to Twitter, as a result of failing to please their goddess. It can get pretty twisted.

Camgirl findom

The main appeal of this fetish for men is the idea of being at the complete financial mercy of a hot, dominant camgirl. It’s a profoundly submissive role to take, and the consequences can obviously be extremely severe for the man. That’s really why it’s so arousing to so many guys — because, in this society, a man’s money is his manhood, and the idea of a dominant camgirl having that much power over it is irresistibly erotic to them.

Now, you’re probably not surprised that cam girls who cater to this fetish tend to be super into it too. I mean, who wouldn’t be into controlling someone else’s money, right? For dominant women, pairing money and control is a potent erotic cocktail.

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Number 4 – Foot Fetish

Believe it or not, the sexualization of feet is extremely common in the cam model world. Quite a few cam site members will often ask to take girls private just to watch them lick their toes, oil up their feet, or just generally put them on display for the guy to masturbate to. Foot fetish is something of an acquired taste, and it’s not really known why this somewhat odd kink develops in the first place. But it’s definitely popular, and I can tell you from personal experience as a cam girl, that many models share the erotic fixation on this particular body part.

Foot Fetish Kink


Number 3 – Small Penis Humiliation

Apparently, a significant percentage of men have a condition known as “micro-penis,” which is where the penis is less than 3 inches erect. Guys who have this issue often find themselves feeling ashamed of their smaller than average endowment, given that our heavily porn-influenced society places such a large importance on men being “well hung.” Many of these men have eroticized their small penis shame and seek out the services of cam girls who specialize in humiliating them for their genital shortcomings.

Small Penis Humiliation Kink

Given that men with micro-penis issues make up as much as 20% of the male population, it’s really no surprise that so many of them have developed a small penis humiliation fetish (or that the fetish has made it onto this top list of kinks). What was somewhat surprising to me, though, was that so many camgirls are apparently into dishing out the humiliation. So many cam models I’ve talked to have told me they absolutely love making fun of small penises, and that it gets them extremely aroused. Suffice it to say, this is definitely not my cup of tea (and not because I’m a size queen, or anything, but just because I don’t like humiliating people, even if they’re getting off on it).

You can’t deny how big this fetish is in the camming world, though, as you can literally see model after model advertising their services for it and using the “SPH” tag on cam sites. The single best site to find cam girls who are really into the small penis humiliation kink is MyFreeCams, by the way.


Number 2 –  Rape Role-Play With Camgirls

Okay, this one is going to disturb a lot of you, and that’s okay, because it probably should. I’m not judging the kink at all, I’m just saying that it’s unsettling to think that so many people are aroused by this, but human nature is human nature. This one almost didn’t make it onto my list of kinks, because I really don’t want to trigger anyone, but I’m just reporting the fact.

It should be stressed that this kink as indulged in by cam girls and their members is purely fantasy roleplay, so nobody is actually being violated. Rape fantasy is probably one of the most controversial sexual kinks in the history of the human race, and with the internet, it can now be done at a distance with no physical contact whatsoever. I think that’s why so many camgirls are so into it, because it feels much safer to do since your partner is not actually present.

It’s no secret that rape fantasy is a very common female kink, so it makes sense that many cam girls are open to exploring it in an online role-play type of way.


Number 1 – Incest Role-Play

It’s truly shocking to learn how common this kink is, and it was even more shocking to learn how many cam girls are into it. There was an article I read recently that reported incest was now one of the most searched fetish topics on Pornhub among millennials, which is interesting because there seems to be a generational rift. Family taboo was never a big thing with older generations, but for whatever reason, it’s big with younger adults. All I can say is that my research into the matter seems to bear out the Pornhub data. Younger people love to fantasize about getting freaky with family members.

Cam girl kinks

I knew a cam girl not too long ago whose main service was catering to men with this interest, and she would do long sessions on Skype with her regulars where she would play the role of sister, daughter, niece, mother, or sometimes cousin. She admitted to me that it was a major turn-on for her, and that she was basically overwhelmed with demand. Guys were apparently lining up for incest play with her. She’s not the only one having fun and making bank with this role-play fetish, trust me, as I know of more prospering models in this particular business than I can count.

There’s no doubt that business is booming for taboo porn too, judging by the views that incest clips get on the porn tubes. As long as this is kept to fantasy, I guess I don’t really have a problem with it, but if people are going to be actually screwing around with their family members out there, then…ughh.

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Cam Girls Are Kinky – Surprise!!

So, yeah, cam models are people too, and even though we do this stuff for money, a lot of us actually DO enjoy it and get off on the kinks we indulge in with our clients. Don’t believe all that nonsense that some people try to spread about camgirls being “numb” to the sexual interests of cam site members, nothing could be further from the truth! That’s really one of the major reasons I had for doing this list of kinks — to dispel the misconceptions out there.

The camming world is loaded to the brim with girls who love to explore fantasies and get freaky with pervy guys. I haven’t shared any of my most private kinks on this blog yet, but I can assure you I have my fun with them on cam too! And if you’re looking for majorly kinky cam girls to hang with, signup for free at MyFreeCams — you won’t regret it!

Aria <3 XOXOXO