Cam Girl Jobs at Webcam Studios

When you’re thinking about becoming a cam model and start doing some research on how to get started, you may come across some “cam girl job” listings on various websites. These aren’t usually actual “jobs” because it’s not like they pay you by the hour, or anything. These are simply listings to signup with webcam studios, which may provide the model with certain benefits, depending on what kind of studio we’re talking about.

Cam Girl Jobs at StudiosThere are two basic kinds; physical webcam studios, and “virtual” webcam studios. I’m going to cover them both here in this post, so you know what they’re all about. You don’t want to make the wrong decision when it comes to studios, so pay close attention.

Physical Webcam Studios

First, I’m going to deal with physical studios. Sometimes, when a girl is trying to get into camming, she will find herself in a difficult situation in terms of figuring out exactly where to cam from. I happen to know this can be a huge issue, especially when you’re still living at home and don’t want your family members to find out you’re a webcam model (which can be a “loud” line of work, if you know what I mean lol).

This can be a big deal for girls who live with roommates, too, because they’re not necessarily going to be cool with camming either, or maybe they have friends over when you’re trying to cam. Believe me, living with people can make being a cam girl extremely difficult. That’s why physical studios exist.

A physical webcam studio provides a place for you to broadcast from, and it will typically provide all of the computer and camera equipment you’ll need for doing webcam work. That can be a very good thing, because a lot of starting cam models have very little money, and they may not even have a laptop to cam with. So, camming at a physical studio will solve any equipment deficiencies you may have, and it will also solve the location problem. The downside to getting a cam girl job with this kind of studio is that they will generally take a fairly large percentage of your cam site revenues in exchange for the service they provide you. That take can be as high as 40% to 50%!

Physical Webcam StudioNow, if you literally have no other choice, getting one of these cam girl jobs is better than nothing. You’ll still be making money, and you can save up to get good equipment and an apartment so you can broadcast from home eventually as an independent cam girl. Some models, though, especially those who live in cities that have extremely expensive housing costs, may have to use a physical studio as a long-term option.

Virtual Webcam Studios

So, the other kind of studio you’re likely to run into when researching cam girl jobs is the “virtual” kind. These webcam studios DO NOT provide any physical location for you to cam from, and they don’t provide any equipment to use either. They DO take a percentage of your camming earnings when you signup with them, but it’s usually much lower than what physical studios take.

You might be asking what a virtual studio offers to a cam model in exchange for taking a percentage of her earnings. Well, a lot of them don’t offer a thing. Girls will often signup with these studios and cam from home with their own equipment, just as they would if they had signed up at Chaturbate, or some other cam site, but they get 10% to 20% of their revenues sucked right out of their check by the studio owner. Yep, I know, it’s crazy. Many new cam models signup with these “middle men” outfits because they run across their sites on the web and don’t know any better.

Now, I do want to be clear that not every virtual studio is like this. There are some that do offer benefits like training, promotion, mentors, and other kinds of online help to their models. So, not all of them are created equal. It’s just that there seem to be quite a few virtual studios who play like that, so you really gotta be careful.

Unless you really, really need to be taken by the hand and guided through the whole process of learning to be a cam girl, I would say it’s probably best that you avoid virtual studios. If you do need that extra help, make sure to find a studio that explicitly promises to provide exactly the kind of help you need before you signup for anything.

If you’ve already signed up with a virtual studio and want to cam independently, you can usually end the job with them at any time (though be sure to read carefully through the contract you signed). The only problem may be that the cam site you were using may not allow you to signup again under you own account for a certain period of time. Policies differ from site to site, so you’ll need to contact them to find out if this will be an issue for you.

What You Should Do

Okay, so now that you know what webcam studio jobs are all about, you can decide what your best plan of action is in pursuing webcam work. If you absolutely need a place to broadcast from because camming from home is not a possibility, then look in the classified section of a local newspaper or magazine geared toward younger audiences and find ads for “cam girl jobs,” “webcam work,” or “cam models needed.” You’ll probably find several different ads for different studios, but it depends on exactly where you live.

Contact a few of them and ask them where their studio is located (hopefully in a safe part of town), what kind of equipment they provide (do they have modern computers and high-definition webcams?), and how much they take from their models’ earnings (anything under 40% is good for a physical studio that offers what you need).

If you’re convinced you need mentoring and one-on-one guidance as you begin your cam model career and can work from home, try to find a virtual studio that offers a good coaching package. They should provide you with training tips, email coaching, and other forms of online help to make it worth it. Be clear about how much of a percentage of revenue they’ll be taking (it will generally be between 10% and 25%, but make sure).

Finally, if you can cam from home and feel you know enough to get started (which I think is true for the vast majority of new cam girl candidates), then signup at a reputable cam site under your own account, so you can enjoy the full fruits of your efforts. I would recommend Chaturbate as an excellent site to start camming at.  Signup here, then read my “top tips” article for Chaturbate models here!

Aria <3 XOXOXO