Cam Girl Drama

You literally would not believe how much drama erupts, from time to time, in the land of cam girls. I’ve been in the camming business for many years now, and I’ve seen more crazy cam girl drama than I care to remember. I wanted to do a post about it, though, because if you want to become a cam girl, you should know how it happens and how to avoid it (if you even want to avoid it — some girls seek it out). I’m going to just talk about MyFreeCams and Chaturbate, because those are honestly the two biggest drama queen producers in the camming world, and they happen to be the two cam sites I’m most personally familiar with.

Camgirl DramaI’ll start off by saying that MyFreeCams has got Chaturbate beat when it comes to cam girls getting into it with each other, probably due to the fact that cam models there are always locked in such competitive battles for rank in the monthly “Miss MFC Contest.” MyFreeCams ranks its models based on total tokens earned in a calendar month, and the cam model that ends the month ranked #1 gets crowned “Miss MFC.” As a result, the models who “go for rank” in a particular month try to pull out all the stops and beat the other girls to the top of the heap. As you can imagine, this will sometimes produce conflicts between the models that occasionally spill over to Twitter and Snapchat, where barbs can start flying like nobody’s business.

I’m not going to name names, but I will mention that several top models at MFC have gotten embroiled into very nasty, and very public, Twitter battles that would really make you want to get the popcorn ready, if you’re into watching that sort of thing. Opposing camps usually start to develop, with fans and supporters tweeting in defense of their favored cam girl, while the models launch all sorts of invective at each other and everybody gets retweeted like it’s going out of style.

As to exactly WHY these cam model fights get sparked, it often has to do with high-tipping members. One model might become aware of the fact that another model is “poaching” her regulars, which means she’s approaching members that usually support the other model and seducing them over to her side. This results in fewer tokens being banked by the original cam model, and obviously less income and rank. Regular poaching is generally considered a big no-no in the camming world, but when competition is so stiff, you have to know that it’s gonna happen. When it does, and it gets discovered, people are definitely NOT going to be happy.

Then there’s the issue of controversial content. Some webcam models, especially at MyFreeCams, have chosen to do some really provocative things on cam to get attention and boost their token tips. A couple years ago, a model dressed up as a Nazi SS soldier and gave a speech in German while on cam, and she actually made a crazy load of money that you wouldn’t even believe.

By the time her show was pulled by MFC due to complaints, she had already banked tens of thousands of dollars┬áin tips. She was suspended for a short time, then was reinstated, but the hell she caught on Twitter was the real blowback. She got savaged by just about everyone, models and fans alike, but she ultimately laughed all the way to the bank. She ended up winning the “Miss MFC Contest” for that month.

And that’s not even the half of it, when it comes to extreme content in a cam show. Some models really push the line farther than most people can imagine. One model, who is known for her horror-inspired shows, did a Halloween show where she basically did an abortion re-enactment on cam, and she even had a bloodied baby doll hanging from her vagina by a fake umbilical cord. The Twitter reaction to that show was interesting, to say the least, and a LOT of cam models registered their opinions.

Also, last year during the police brutality controversies that were breaking out on social media, one cam girl at MFC decided to dress up as a police officer on cam and pretended to beat her dog with a nightstick. The dog was not harmed in any way, it was all fake, but a ton of people reacted very badly to it and ripped into the model on Twitter.

I have to say, even though many of these cam girls stir up a ton of drama when they pull stunts like this, they usually do pretty well from it. Lots of attention is generally good for a cam model, so getting noticed for doing extreme or controversial stuff on cam can really bring in the tips and take a cam girl to levels she never imagined she’d reach. On Chaturbate, doing crazy stuff to get attention can boost your room count into the thousands and produce tip storms that would blow you away.

Cam Girl ControversyI remember this girl who was a Chaturbate model, did a broadcast once with her boyfriend and three other guys. They did stuff that would make you cover your eyes with your hands while watching it (but you’d probably separate your fingers for frequent peeks, and that’s totally cool – LOL). After the show, the model got seriously slut-shamed on social media, and it was pretty vicious. She had a lot of support too, don’t get me wrong, but the fuddy duddies of the industry definitely made their opinions (and judgments) of her known. She had like four thousand people in her room, though, during the show, and the tips were raining down like crazy all night.

So, basically, cam girl drama often follows models who do crazy stuff on cam to get attention, but that can be a really good thing if it’s done in a measured way. It can bring you lots of attention, and totally send your earnings through the roof like a rocketship. You have to be careful not to go too far, though, because the reaction/backlash you engender can be so bad, it could potentially lead to you losing your model account or getting suspended.

OMG, I’m just now remembering that I didn’t even get into the Kendra Sunderland “library girl” affair, and the storm of controversy that created. Geez, this is already more than 1,000 words, so I guess I’ll give the topic its own post. Stay tuned!! LOL