When Your Boyfriend is Against You Camming

There have been literally a TON of cam model careers totally scuttled due solely to the opposition of a boyfriend who was too jealous to sign-on to the idea of their girl getting into the business. I can tell you that I, personally, had to deal with that kind of thing, and it really ticks me off when I think back on it because it cost me the opportunity to make great money when I desperately needed it. I’m going to talk a little bit about jealous and insecure boyfriends in this post, and why cam girls should NEVER let them dictate to them how to make money.

Is Your Boyfriend against you becoming a cam girl?When I was just starting college, I really needed money badly. Even though I was getting some tuition support from the government, I still had to pay all my own bills and somehow support myself as I worked my way through school. I had various jobs, but they were really impacting my ability to study and do well in class. I was desperately looking for some kind of opportunity to make money with my computer at home, and that’s when I found camming.

I was aware of webcam modeling, of course, but for some reason, I never thought it was something I would be able to do myself. I figured you needed some kind of connection or something to do well in the industry, I don’t know. I knew that promotion was a big part of it, and I had no clue how to do that. But I eventually talked with some cam girls online, and they explained that it was totally doable and that I didn’t need any kind of special experience or knowledge to make it work. I was pretty much convinced at that point to give it a shot — and then my boyfriend let me know his feelings about it.

“If you become a cam model, it will destroy us!!”

“I love you too much to let you do that!”

“There’s no way that my girl is going to become some cam whore on the internet!”

“If I didn’t care about you as much as I do, I would just say, sure do it. But I LOVE YOU!!”

These were just a few of the “caring” remarks I got from my incredibly loving and adoring boyfriend [HEAVY SARCASM] about the idea of me becoming a cam girl. At the time, he meant the world to me, and I actually thought we would be together forever. So, when I saw him resist the idea so passionately, I dropped it and agreed that I’d just work harder and maybe get ANOTHER job. I was totally psyched about getting into camming…I did this solely for him.

The following year, I found out that the “love of my life” boyfriend was sleeping with one of my good friends and had been cheating on me with her and others for quite a while (yep, even during the time he was pleading with me not to become a cam model because he loved me too much). You can’t imagine how angry I was when I realized that I was busting my ass working multiple jobs to protect my fantastically insecure boyfriend from having to deal with the “pain” of knowing that men on the internet were paying me to see me naked.

Cam Model Boyfriend ProblemsBasically, when that happened, I just wanted to hunt down all loser boyfriends and scalp them. Words cannot describe my rage. One of the first things I did at that point was signup as a cam girl because I literally could not believe that I had let that piece of human debris stand in my way financially. I actually allowed him to tell me how I could and couldn’t make money, and it made my blood boil. I was as pissed at myself as I was at him.

Boyfriends being against you camming is a pretty common situation in the cam girl world, so let me give you a few pieces of logic you can use to argue your case.

First, camming is a lot different from other types of sex work, and it’s important to stress this point. Unlike stripping and escorting, there is never any physical contact with the men who pay you. They are literally separated from you by hundreds and hundreds of miles and a wall of privacy that is maintained by both you and your cam site.

Secondly, if your boyfriend is too insecure about your relationship to be comfortable with you being a cam girl, then there is something fundamentally wrong with either him, or you as a couple. If he honestly believes that some guy on the internet is going to win your heart and sweep you off your feet, then he needs to take a good long look at himself and decide whether he is fit to be anyone’s boyfriend. Jealously of this type in guys is almost always due to severe self-esteem issues and a realization that he’s just not a very good partner.

Finally, there are numerous examples of very successful cam models whose boyfriends actively support their careers. Many of them will admit that they could never have achieved the level of success they have without the help they get from their boyfriends and husbands. Whether it be by providing help with the technical side of camming, motivation to cam consistently, or just a lot of pure moral support, pro-camming significant others can be instrumental to a booming cam girl career. So, the attitude shouldn’t be about “I would never let my girl cam,” it should be about “How can I help my girl succeed at camming?”

So, just remember girls, if he isn’t paying all of your bills, he has little business telling you how you can and cannot earn money. If you want to give webcam modeling a go, you should get a high-quality beginner’s guide, then go for it and don’t look back. If he loves you, he will find a way to end up accommodating your choice and supporting you. If he breaks up with you over it, he was probably a dingleberry that just hadn’t fallen into the toilet bowl yet. Better to shake those loose sooner rather than later anyway! LMAO