Best Cam Sites To Start On

Cam Sites For New Models
When you’re getting started in the camming business, you really need to consider carefully where you’re going to start broadcasting. One of the biggest reasons new webcam models fail is that they choose their starting cam site poorly and end up getting discouraged enough to quit due to disappointing early results. Let me do a little rundown of the sites I consider the best in the industry, right now, and I’ll tell you a little about the advantages each one could potentially provide a newbie cam girl.


This is the largest free cams site out there right now, at least in terms of traffic. It is fast becoming the most popular site for cam models, as well, and there are a lot of reasons to start camming there. Chaturbate is built on the token/public show business model, and camgirls/guys can make a real ton of money there, if they know what they’re doing. You can use apps and bots to make running chatroom games easier and you can also appoint moderators to control trolls and spammers. One of the best things about Chaturbate, though, is that you can do boy/girl shows, which can draw A LOT of viewers and swell your room count into the thousands. Signup for a Chaturbate model account here, if you don’t have one yet.


Camster (also known as is a cam site that is often overlooked by a lot of models, but it’s actually not a bad place to start camming when you’re beginning as a cam girl. Well, I mean, it CAN be a great place to start IF you’re a certain kind of cam model. The traffic on tends to prefer curvy girls with big booties and boobs. The top models there are pretty much all stacked and packing serious junk in the trunk. Latinas and black girls can do much better there than they can on other sites. Also, traffic levels are generally pretty good, while model competition is generally pretty low.


I started my own webcam modeling career at MFC, so I’m kind of partial to it. Being totally objective, though, I can definitely see that it can be a challenging cam site for a newbie cam girl to start on. First of all, MFC uses a “camscore” to rank its models, so it can be really difficult for a new girl to climb the ranks there due to not having any serious fan following built up. See, your camscore goes up when members tip you tokens (or when you make tokens in shows). So, the more loyal regulars you have when you begin camming at MyFreeCams, the faster your camscore will blow up, and the quicker you’ll reach the top of the site. This is really important because, at the top, you’ll get far more tipping members in your chatroom and will attract a lot more “whales,” which are the big spenders that can make being a camgirl so damn awesome. I would actually recommend that most girls avoid starting at MFC, but definitely make your debut when you’ve got some good regulars to bring with you. There’s just too much money to be made on MyFreeCams to avoid it completely.


This is a pretty decent cam site to begin broadcasting on, but it really helps if you have a guy to do shows with. Solo girls don’t do nearly as well on Cam4 as they typically do on Chaturbate or MFC. Having said that, if you can do couples shows, and especially if you’re from an english-speaking country (US, UK, Canada, Aus), you can still do well. Cam models from non-english speaking countries don’t seem to do as well as they can do on some other cam sites.


Most cam models I’ve known who’ve used LiveJasmin have not reported very good results, but it can still be a decent site to start on if you’re from some of the eastern European countries (Romania, Russia, Ukraine). While the payout percentage is really low compared to most of the other cam sites I’ve listed, the viewers on that site really like European models and will take them private quite a bit. One thing to remember about LiveJasmin, though, is that it is NOT a free cams site. That means no public shows, no tokens, but they do have an offline tip feature that’s pretty cool.


So, yeah, my favorite cam site continues to be MyFreeCams, but it’s not a great place to start if you don’t have a following built up yet. I would recommend starting at Chaturbate for most cam girls, since the traffic is massive and there’s still not too much competition on the site from mega models. You can make good money there if you follow some basic principles. You can signup for Chaturbate here, and if you need more help, just keep reading my blog for more tips!

Okay, love you guys, byeeee for now!! XOXOXO – Aria