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There are literally SOOO many cam sites out there right now, that it can be a real pain to try and figure out which one might be the best to start your cam girl career at. A newbie to webcam modeling will face dozens and dozens of webcam sign up options, so it’s important to weed out all the really horrible ones early on. Trust me, a new cam model can make the biggest mistake of her entire camming career in the first few minutes by signing up with the WRONG site or studio. I’m going to identify those cam girl sign up pitfalls in this post, so you definitely want to read the whole thing, trust me!

Okay, let’s get one thing out of the way first, before any newbs fall into a bad mistake that they can’t easily get out of. A lot of new camgirls see ads for what are called “webcam studios” while doing research on camming and end up signing up with those outfits, rather than signing up with a cam site directly. This can be a huge mistake if it’s the wrong kind of studio, so if you’re new to webcam modeling, you need to pay close attention as I explain the situation.

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Webcam Sign Up – How It Works

Let me first explain the basics of signing up as a cam girl. There are two basic ways to become a webcam model; by signing up through a webcam studio, or by signing up with a cam site directly. A cam site is where you broadcast your shows and where you make your money as a cam girl. Chaturbate would be an example of a cam site. You broadcast on their site, you get viewers from them, some of the viewers tip you tokens or buy shows, then you get paid out by Chaturbate for what you’ve earned. A webcam studio, on the other hand, is a kind of middleman between the webcam model and the cam site. Instead of you signing up directly with the cam site, you sign up with the webcam studio, they sign you up to broadcast at the cam site, you make money, and the studio pays you (instead of the cam site itself).

Webcam Signup Advice for New Cam Girls

However, the main difference is that the studio will take a percentage of what you make, which could range from 10% to over 35%, depending on which webcam studio you’re with.

Why do they take this cut, you may be asking? Well, SOME webcam studios provide valuable services to the cam girl that are worth the cut they take. For example, many cam models who live in poor countries, or in bad neighborhoods, can’t cam from home because they don’t have good internet — or they don’t have enough privacy — so they sign up with a webcam studio that allows them to use their facilities and equipment in exchange for a portion of the earnings the model generates. So, if you’re a webcam girl in this kind of situation, it may behoove you bigtime to signup with a local physical studio, even if it takes a third of what you make.

Now, the problem is that, on the internet, there are tons of non-physical (or “virtual”) studios that take a percentage of model earnings even though they don’t really do much to help those models succeed. I have to mention that there ARE exceptions to this, because I do know of some virtual studios that provide a lot of training and promotion for their models, but the vast majority simply don’t. If you sign up with a webcam studio that does nothing AT ALL for you, then you’re basically giving away up to a third of your camming income for no reason whatsoever! Nope, that’s not acceptable.

Webcam studios can be useful if you don’t have a place to cam, or you don’t have the necessary equipment. If you do, signup with a cam site directly.

Your best bet, therefore, is to do your cam girl sign up thing with a cam site directly, not through a studio. That way, all of the money you make will go directly to you without anyone in between taking a little off the top. The training you need to become a bank-making cam girl can be gotten online on blogs like this for free, in most cases.

If you do find a good virtual studio that provides good benefits and doesn’t take too much of a revenue cut, try to get some references from other models first. Ask around and see if anyone has any experience with it. But usually, you’re better off signing up with a cam site, so let me deal with that now.

Cam Girl Sign Up Options

Signup As A Cam Girl Directly

The Big 3 of the camming world at this point consists of Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, and LiveJasmin. These cam sites get the majority of camgirl-interested viewer traffic, so these are the ones you want to consider first because your exposure will be optimal. None of these three cam sites are perfect, but Chaturbate is the uncontested best option for new webcam models because of its ease-of-use and extremely huge traffic numbers. As I mentioned in other posts, Chaturbate is now ranked in the top 50 websites for US traffic. That’s way above either MyFreeCams or LiveJasmin.

I cam mostly at MFC (MyFreeCams), but it’s not the best cam site for new models because you really need to bring a fan following with you to avoid getting buried by their “camscore” ranking feature. If a new MFC cam girl doesn’t get tipped well in the early going, her camscore will drop badly and her room will be pushed down the list until pretty much nobody can find her. You can solve this problem by promoting your camming sessions there to your fan base, so they can show up and tip you, but if you’ve got no fan base yet, you’ve got a problem.

You want a combination of high traffic and ease of use in your primary cam site.

LiveJasmin is probably the oldest cam site of the big 3, and it can be a good site to cam at if you like doing private shows, but it has a ton of rules and the room counts are typically pretty bad for new cam girls. Also, it seems that most of the viewers at LiveJasmin are interested primarily in European models, so it can be difficult for a US, Canada, or other non-euro cam girl to get established there.

Chaturbate, on the other hand, is loaded to the brim with quality traffic, and western girls are in great demand there right now. You can also do couples shows at Chaturbate, which is a HUGE positive because that’s actually a great way to get noticed and make the token love flow. Chaturbate does have a few issues, I’m not even gonna lie.  Their apps and bots can be a bit confusing to learn, at first, but you don’t really have to use them when you’re new. It’s not gonna make or break you.

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So, hopefully you now have a better understanding of your cam girl sign up options, because where you begin your career as a webcam model is actually a major deal. Wherever you sign up, just remember that the main key to successful webcam modeling is to stay consistent! Go on every day at the same time of day and just grind it. Within a few weeks, you may just be pulling in those sweet fat stacks that every cam model dreams of!

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