Being a Mukbang Cam Girl

Mukbang Cam Girl
I don’t know about you guys, but I just LOOOOVE to pig-out, on occasion. Like maybe after a really epic gym workout sesh, or as a reward for having a really great money-making month on cam. Well, it might come as a shock, but it turns out you can actually make bank pigging-out on the internet! It’s called “Mukbang,” and it’s basically just eating a bunch of food on cam while people watch you and derive a kind of vicarious thrill from it. They get the pleasure, while you get the calories — what’s not to love about that, right? [JOKING!]

I remember first hearing about Mukbang a few years ago when the news did a story covering a Korean cam girl who was making a ton of money per month doing this. She was a non-nude model who just logged on every night and ate a huge feast of tasty food in front of her viewers, who would tip her to show their approval. The sessions could last an hour or longer, and they didn’t just involve eating. She would talk about her life and really try to connect with her audience while she went to town on all those vittles. It kind of surprised me that this type of thing was popular, but it also made sense, when I thought about it.

In the west, Mukbang shows are often called “eating shows,” and most of them don’t actually take place on live cam. Youtube has emerged as a major platform for people to film and post their Mukbangs, and the popularity of the niche is really beginning to take off. One of my favorite Mukbang girls on Youtube is Ashley Sprankles, who has a fairly new channel which is growing fast. If you watch just one of her eating show videos, you’ll see exactly why she’s doing so well. Ashley really connects with her audience by sharing a lot of what’s going on in her life as she enjoys whatever meal she’s eating. It’s like having a cozy dinner with a friend, honestly. She’s really good at the whole “relationship marketing” thing, which is so essential to camming success.

Mukbang on Youtube

And that’s why I often recommend that new models watch some of the best Mukbang girls on Youtube — to learn how to build that bond of friendship with your cam viewers that can easily translate to major tipping. I’ve actually learned a lot, myself, watch Mukbang videos this past year, and I’ve been camming for a good while. In addition to Ashley Sprankles, I would also recommend watching Divine Munchies and Nikocado Avocado. I’ll warn you, though, these channels can be highly addictive, and you might find yourself spending hours per day watching these people eat. LMAOO.

But being a cam girl is all about relationships, so Mukbang shows can really serve a huge instructional purpose, even if you’re not planning on doing these kinds of shows yourself. I’m really amazed at how much you can learn about simple human interaction by watching these Youtube creators, even though they’re actually not interacting with their viewers live. And it’s soooo much fun to watch other people eating high-calorie foods that, if I were eating them, would force me to chain myself to the elliptical for a week straight. Check this out, when you get a chance, because I think you’ll agree that there’s a lot to learn and enjoy from eating shows!