Uber Cam Star Review

Uber Cam Star Review
I remember that when I was just starting out in webcam modeling several years ago, I was using Google to scan the entire internet looking for real usable advice I could put to work to help me do better with my camming career. Like most beginner models, I was definitely struggling early on, and I needed some serious help or I felt I was going to end up quitting for sure.

The problem I ran into, though, was that most of the advice that was out there was far too basic and general. I already knew I had to have good lighting and a good internet connection, but what I really needed to know was exactly HOW to get my viewers to tip, and HOW to build regulars, and HOW to increase the amount of money I could make off of shows and videos. I couldn’t find much of this kind of specific information anywhere, and the little bit I did find was mostly WRONG, as I would find out when I actually used it in my camroom.

I found myself begging for some REAL and HELPFUL information that I could use, even if I had to pay for it. The way I figured it, even if I had to spend some money to get the advice I needed, if it worked for me and I was able to make more money, it would be WAY more than worth it over the long run. There were a couple short ebooks on Amazon that were HORRIBLE and pretty much unreadable, not to mention outdated (and this was like 5 years ago, so that info might have been useful 15 YEARS AGO!!). It was really depressing that there just wasn’t anything worthwhile available to buy that could give me the kind of help I needed.


Well, a year or so ago, I discovered the Uber Cam Star Webcam Modeling guide from Buttler Camlord, and I immediately bought up a copy. By the time I had found this product, I was already a savvy cam model with more than a few good years of experience under my belt, so I wasn’t expecting to learn all that much. Still, I’m always looking for more info and trying to get whatever edge I can to improve my camming game, so it wasn’t difficult deciding to buy.

I actually couldn’t believe how much really amazing stuff was in this course. I mean, when I read through it the first time, I learned probably 20 different ways I could go about improving my camming income. This was stuff I had no idea about beforehand, and I actually kind of felt like a dunce for not having been able to figure most of it out myself.

The best thing about the Uber Cam Star guide is that it’s a pleasure to go through. Butler is really funny and the whole thing reads like an easygoing set of instructions put together for you by a friend. I really appreciated that because I hate any kind of “school work”, and if it had been written like a textbook, I think I would have gotten majorly bored and lost interest. But, thankfully, it was sooo amazingly readable.

The course begins with an Introduction pdf, which explains just about everything you ever wanted to know about the camming world. He goes through all the major issues like cam sites, revenue splits between the models and cam networks, webcam modeling studios, and stuff like that. If you don’t know much about the camming industry and are completely new to the business, you’ll really find the introduction helpful.


After you finish the intro, then you’ve got 7 lessons that each cover different aspects of camming. The first couple of lessons go over all the basics like connection speeds, profiles, how to make your camming space look interesting, how to protect your privacy, and how to figure out what your viewers want by psychologically analyzing them. The part on “cam john” psychology was really fun to read, and I absolutely agree with it, based on what I’ve seen. Guys in your camroom really are either lonely or horny, and it’s important that you know exactly how to handle each type, if you want to make the big bucks.

Lesson 3 teaches you how to be extroverted and social on cam, even if you’re shy and reserved in real life (and Buttler tells a story in this part that had me laughing out loud for like an hour!! LOL). After that, he explains how to become more confident on cam. I happen to know from experience that being confident and feeling comfortable while you’re streaming is so amazingly important because, when you’re not, you give off this negative vibe that absolutely KILLS your tips. Buttler explains that “cam chi” is what allows you to overcome this, and he gives actual exercises that you can do in the privacy of your bedroom to boost it.

At the end of the lesson, things REALLY start to get cooking. Buttler explains how models can get their rooms more active by flirting with viewers and engaging them in clever ways. I LOVED THIS PART!! He teaches you how to use sexual psychology to get them interested in you and even how to use jealousy to your advantage. I tried this technique out on cam the very night I had bought the course, and it worked on the second guy I used it on! We had like a 20 minute private, and it was awesome (and he turned into a regular, too). Since then, I’ve continued to use the method and it usually works like 3 times out of 5, but your mileage may vary. I know a couple girls who say it doesn’t work, but honestly, I think they’re just not doing it right. You have to read the WHOLE section and keep in mind the reasons WHY it works.


Lesson 4 goes over being controversial to stir up more activity and chat in your camroom, but the best section in the lesson is the one dealing with trolls. I can tell you that one of the biggest pains in the butt for a webcam model is having to endure these assholes who show up, every now and then, to just criticize you and try to get you pissed off for no other reason than their own patheticness. Buttler shows you how to handle them intelligently so that you always feel in control and end up getting the better of them. I don’t know a single camgirl in the whole world who wouldn’t ABSOLUTELY LOVE reading this part of the lesson. So satisfying to know that, by being smart, we can totally own these little shits!

When you get into Lesson 5, get ready, because you’re going to be hit with A LOT of really amazing material that can make you A TON of money, if you use it correctly. This has got to be the most important lesson in the whole course, to be perfectly real with you. I can’t even believe how much good stuff he packed in there. Everything from how to do shower shows correctly, to how to use sex toys in a way that really builds up viewer arousal, to how to create “mysteries” that intrigue people into taking you private. I mean, you’ll be out of breath when you finish Lesson 5, and you’ll be unable to wait to try out all these tricks live.

But the most interesting part of the lesson is the section on “cam dances”. Wow, as someone who has no experience stripping, this was really EXTREMELY useful information. Buttler teaches you how to use the right kind of music to boost your viewers’ arousal to the point where they can’t help but start tipping or buy a show from you. He actually explains exactly WHY this method works so well, and it makes total sense. I guarantee you that you’ll be reading this part and saying “How could I have not figured this out myself?!” He even gives you a list songs that have proven to work best for cam dances, and as someone who has tried them out, I can confirm that they definitely do the job.


In Lesson 6, we get a nice education on how best to sell content and shows to our fans. I have absolutely no sales training at all, so most of this stuff was completely new to me. Buttler explains the whole concept of selling to customers who have already bought from you in the past, and how that’s 100 times easier than selling stuff to a totally new customer. If you’re a cam model who likes to make videos, you’re gonna love this lesson because it will show you exactly how to sell a whole lot more of them.

Finally, Lesson 7 is all about regulars and “cam whales”, which are the most important people in the world if you’re a camgirl. I can absolutely attest to the fact that regulars make a cam model’s world go round, so learning how to get them and keep them is one of the best things you can do for your camming business. Buttler teaches you how to go about attracting regulars and making sure they stay happy and into you. This one thing could literally make a camgirl’s career, in all honesty. Without regulars, you’re basically doomed to collect nothing but token scraps for flashes and random requests. This lesson makes you realize how important the relationship you have with a regular really is, and it shows you what you need to do to maintain it.

In the Cam Whales section, you’ll learn how you can improve your odds of attracting those big spender types who love to drop massive tips on models, sometimes for no apparent reason at all. It was really interesting to read why exactly they do that, and knowing definitely makes it easier to go about luring them into your camroom. Buttler shows you exactly what you can do to increase your visibility to whales so that they notice you. I’ve been tipped big a few times, and I can tell you that there’s no bigger thrill in the world! Every model needs to know how to get some whales in her following because it can actually magnify your earnings by A LOT.

So, to conclude, I just want to strongly recommend this course for new models and models who’ve been camming a while, but who just can’t get to the level they know they’re capable of achieving. It’s a super cool guide that’s LOADED with great tips and info that can really make a major difference in your webcam modeling career. It’s really fun to read too, which makes it super easy to get through.

I know this review was really long, but I just wanted to cover everything in the course, even though I wasn’t even really able to. There’s a LOT of material in there. Is it worth the price? Oh, yeah, it DEFINITELY is! This course could literally change your life if you use the methods it teaches. If you do decide to buy it, all I ask is that you please use the link below. That way, I get a commission for the sale and you’ll be helping to keep this blog around! I would really appreciate it!!

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Okay, love you guys, and keep reading my blog for more of my thoughts on the camming business! Also, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter! – XOXOXO, Aria